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Lovaganza Celebrates Diversity

The Lovaganza Foundation was founded by Genevieve Gagnon and J.F. Gagnon with the dream to start the mother of al foundations. Lovaganza’s mandate has been to bring a universal quality of life to all of humanity through the empowering, uniting as well as inspiring other organizations and foundations on the globe who want to achieve similar goals.

The first milestone of Lovaganza is to achieve a certain quality of life for all children on the face of the planet by the year 2035. The Lovaganza Foundation has a for profit branch in order to fund their projects. This for-profit branch is the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise which is responsible for the making of certain productions in order to provoke awareness and at the same time generate substantial funds to finance the Lovaganza foundation, campaigns, programs as well as research for the documentaries that are being made. The events that are launched are provided on an international platform in order to create awareness, fund, empower as well as provide guidance for other organizations and foundations who find themselves on a similar path.

One of the newest productions was a film shot in the town of Frigiliana in Spain. The film is known as Follow Your Sunshine and is based in the 1950’s. The movie is one of 2 others that are part of a trilogy which will be released in cinemas in September. The team shooting the film is the Lovaganza Foundation and is spear headed by J.F Gagnon and Genevieve who are also directing the movie. The team is made up of 50 staff as well as 25 extra’s that were chosen from a group of 500 local candidates.

The film evoked a sense of nostalgia as actors and actresses walked through the streets in their period costumes. Roads were closed to the public in order to make a success of the filming process. The head of tourism of the town, Maria Caravaca said that she saw a huge benefit to the town having the film shot here. She went on to state that their mission was to promote the town for it’s unique looks throughout the whole year but are very honored to have had the film based in their town. It is an important production which required the rental of several cars as well as interior spaces which saw a cash injection of Û33,000.

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