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Luxury Meets Beauty: Wen by Chaz

Chaz Dean has taken the world of beauty by storm. Blending natural ingredients and lavish elements together, Chaz created a brand of hair care products that are unmatched. With a wide range of products, Wen has established a reputation of luxury and healthy hair items.

Wen hair offers a healthy alternative for hair cleansing. With hopes of eradicating harsh chemical treatments for hair cleaning, Wen products were designed to be gentle but active. Standard shampoo products strips your hair of natural oils and vitamins needed for healthy hair growth. Wen offers cleansers that act as a shampoo,conditioner, moisturizer and shine product, all in one.

The assortment of natural fruits used in the Wen’s cleansers are vital in assisting this healthy cleanser. The cleanser gently removes excessive hair oils while conditioning and shining the hair. Packed with the necessary elements of healthy hair essential, Wen products replace the need for extra hair products.

Chaz established his products with the general purpose of creating and maintaining healthy hair care. The New Jersey native was inspired early on by his grandmother’s love for fabric. Determined to capture the same beauty he witnessed growing from a child, Chaz established products which can be used to create the same sense of beauty. Chaz sells his products exclusively on eBay and Guthy-Renker online.

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Wen By Chaz Not Just For Some Celebrities

It is a product that is shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment all packaged into one gigantic bottle. Each 3 in 1 formula can meet the needs of different types of hair types and textures.
Wen Hair uses natural ingredients and that what sets it apart. He actually created the system after becoming frustrated with all the chemicals being used in hair care products and it has literally been a hit ever since.

Bustle reporter Emily McClure tried WEN Hair and decided to blog about it every step of the way.  Not only did Emily blog about her results but she included pictures to show fans just what it would be like for a non celebrity to give it a try.

After reading Emily’s report I would love to give WEN hair a try. I am often afraid to try new products but after reading Emily’s review and seeing her pictures I have confidence that my hair will experience wonders too.