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Learn The Proper Techniques When Using Styling Tools From Donald Scott NYC

Professional hair-cutting shears and straight razors are a big part of the salon world. There are different techniques that come with using the shears and razors and hair salon products from Donald Scott NYC. It is important to learn the techniques if you plan to use these tools in your own salon.


The proper technique for using professional shears is to hold the shears in your dominant hand. Your thumb and ring finger should be placed through the holes of the handle, and your pinky finger should be placed on the finger rest. Use your thumb to move the cutting blades across the hair.


When using a straight razor, you want to hold it lightly in your dominant hand. You are going to carefully move your fingers and wrist to remove the hair. The amount of hair that is removed depends on the angle in which you hold the razor.


The Chop Stik Pro Razor and the Prep and Swivel Kit are just a few of the professional styling tools from Donald Scott NYC. You can use the Chop Stik Pro Razor to add texture, remove weight and soften the hair. The Prep and Swivel Kit includes the Prepare Liquid Tool Glide and Swivel Twist Razor, which can be used to add short shapes and texture to the hair.


You want to make sure you learn the proper techniques before using the shears and razors from Donald Scott NYC.