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College Betting: The Art of the Spread

Betting on sports goes hand in hand with actually watching the different games. Sure, people are passionate about the games but they are also passionate about winning money as well. As far as passionate fans go, college football pretty much takes the case. Today we are going to talk about how you can bet on college football, make the games more exciting, and get more involved every Saturday afternoon. There are no guarantees in sports betting but it’ll be a ton of fun!

The first thing that you need to understand about betting on college football is the spread. When you talk about the spread you are talking about the point differential between the favorite and how much they are projected to win over the underdog. Let’s say that Alabama is -17 against Tennessee. That number means that Alabama is the 17 point favorite against Tennessee. When you bet AGAINST the spread you are betting that the number is going to be different than the 17. This is the kind of bet that most people make. You can get all of the information that you need regarding the spread at a website like

Just understanding the spread doesn’t mean that you are going to suddenly be great at sports betting. You still have to go ahead and get more information before making your final bet. Again, referencing a website like will be a great way to stack yourself with the kind of knowledge that you are going to need. You will see the spread information, how often teams perform well against the spread, and other minor gambling details. Along with this information you can actually go ahead and place your bets, as well. When you are ready to place your bet that is when we move onto the next step.

Okay, so you finally have enough information at your side and now you are ready to make your bet. You can’t jump straight into laying down your money. First you need to establish some good housekeeping habits. Before you lay down a bet you will want to reference any sort of breaking information that might be dropping. Use Twitter feeds and other ‘breaking’ social media outlets in order to get the latest news. If a star player is sick and suddenly pulled from the game you are going to want to be aware of it. Follow this info up until the last moment before locking your bet.