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EOS is the New Lip Balm Craze That is as Popular as Contouring

Contouring palettes are all the rage in the beauty industry thanks to the Kardashians and the many beauty vloggers who make videos. Another beauty craze that the Kardashians and beauty vloggers have helped happen is the Evolution of Smooth spheres lip balm. The Kardashians have been spotted using the EOS spheres when they go out or have their makeup professionally done on their reality show. Beauty vloggers have reviewed the EOS spheres and placed the EOS lip balms into their makeup tutorials. The EOS craze has become so strong that the company is estimated to be worth $250 million. The EOS beauty products may even be more popular than contouring!

The EOS company started humbly. The creators didn’t immediately get the backing of the Kardashians and beauty vloggers. They had a rough time getting the product to be sold in stores at all! The hired a sales consultant to assist with the promotion of their product to store management. The big problem was the product did not appeal to male management. They said the product’s round appearance didn’t make sense and wouldn’t appeal to customers who were more interested in familiar lip balm products. A female worker at Walgreens headquarters said that she thought the product had a chance and was appealing to her. Being that women were the target customer of the EOS lip balm, it made sense that it finally broke through with the help of a woman. Walgreens had massive success with the EOS lip balm. It quickly caught on at Costco, Walmart, Target,, QVC and all other retail stores too. Online stores Ulta and Lucky Vitamin are EOS retailers too!

From that success the EOS company was able to ask the Kardashians and beauty vloggers to review the Evolution of Smooth products. This marketing strategy grew the brand even further. Beauty consumers can expect to see the EOS company expanding even further with their lip balm. They have recently added shimmer lip balm to their products. It’s likely they may expand to lip colors with the same hydration as their lip balms. They have also crafted other body care products lately as well. Their new body care products are shaving creams and body lotions. No doubt about it, EOS is the company to watch in the coming years.


JustFab Potential Blockbuster Expansion

The Wall Street Journal has reported that the fast growing company Just Fab has hired Todd Tappin as the finance chief and president. JustFab is the company behind several fashion subscription services that has over 4 million monthly subscribers. Learn more about JustFab: and

Tappin is known for guiding companies seeking to become public and expand across the market. JustFab Inc. is currently valued at $1 billion and is anticipated to have over $650 million in revenue this year. Although Tappin is known for helping companies become public he insists that JustFab is fine as a privately held company. Only time will tell what direction this growing company will take with Todd Tappin at the helm.

JustFab, a personalized clothing accessory service, is the main company to several subscription services. JustFab is the parent company to the following services: ShoeDazzle, focused on women’s shoes, fabkids, specializing in children clothes and shoes Fabletics, which specializes in activewear for women, FL2, activewear for men and recently launched P.S. JustFab that includes curated clothing services.

All are a subscription based where members begin by taking a style quiz and based on those results are sent items monthly that match their preferred style. VIP members are also allowed exclusive daily deals available for purchase along with their monthly package.

Members are allowed to skip months, with no charge to them, if the curated box is not needed. Having international stores also allows for global customers and curated boxes that match the style or needs of the particular country.

JustFab is well known for its quality clothing and accessory options at an affordable price. The company is also well known for its celebrity endorsements including a Kate Hudson curating Fabletics.

You can easily find any type of JustFab product in a celebrity magazine, from celebrity wearing their clothes or style suggestions in fashion magazines.

The main website provided all of the information listed as well as contact information for all of its subscription services.