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Igor Cornelsen’s Investing Advice Is Widely Sought After

Heavy investing is tough for new investors and this becomes even truer every year as markets continue to expand and become more volatile around the world. Igor Cornelsen is one of the leading financial advisors on making good investments for the long and short term, though he is mostly retired today. That doesn’t mean his work is over though since he regularly gives out advice today and manages his client’s profiles.

Igor has been majorly involved in the investment industry all over Brazil and the United States and has even built a name for himself around the world. The great success Igor has achieved and the many milestones he has set in the industry have built masses of young entrepreneurs that seek out his expert tips. See more of Igor Cornelsen at

According to Igor Cornelsen, every new investor should be wary when first investing into the stock market, as it can be quite risky. In the grand scheme of things, there are many more failures than successes when it comes to investments. A high level of understanding of different markets and there fluctuations is needed before making any commitments. Igor has personally written several different books that can go a long way in improving anyone’s investments strategies.

Probably the most important tip Igor has for anyone looking to be financially independent as an investor is to get started right away, which is good advice in almost all aspects of life. The quicker one starts investing, the quicker they start learning and the more successes they will find among their failures. Diversification is also key says Igor, since it minimizes the total risks and increases the likelihood of making profits. Igor has such good insight into the markets and how they work that even worldwide major corporations such as Burger King have sought out his extraordinary mind. View for more info.

Although Igor still gives out advice and helps manages his client’s information, he is enjoying his retirement. He spends his time split up between his homes in Brazil and Florida, where he always finds time for his passion for golf. More info can be found at


Jeff Yastine’s Take on the Top Competitors for Amazon.Com

The retail giant Amazon has cultivated such a looming online presence that many believe there are no competitors that could adequately go up against them, but financial journalists to Jeff Yastine believes that there are quite a few companies that could team up to virtually stir the pot. In his article “3 Threats to Amazon You Must Own Today” he discusses some of the alternatives that his readers have when it comes to their investment opportunities, Amazon isn’t going to be the only show in town for very much longer. The three-minute-long article is a perfect snippet of information for any investor wanting to gain new insight into potential mergers and acquisitions. Read more about Jeff Yastine at Bloomberg.

In fact, Jeff Yastine believes that in 2018 some of the biggest returns on investment are going to be seen because of mergers and acquisitions. He has focused on Amazon because he foresees significant changes in the retail market. Amazon has been on top for a very long time, but other retailers have taken notice and put mechanisms in place to launch their own brands. Yastine thinks that some of the major competitors for Amazon are going to be W. W. Grainger Inc., Kroger, and even eBay.

Yastine believes that Kroger, in particular, has been severely underestimated when it comes to their potential returns. With Amazon starting to sell groceries, with delivery as an option, they have stepped into Kroger’s wheelhouse. This puts them in direct competition with the grocery giant and signifies a need for change. He believes that companies like Ka roger will seek out collaboration with peers who are equally affected by Amazon to give themselves a better chance at competing. Jeff Yastine knows that Kroger is not down for the count and that even though their stock has fallen by 35% since last year, they are poised for a significant comeback. In fact, since the stock is so low at this time, Yastine urges his readers to consider purchasing it. Read this article at to know more about Jeff Yastine

Jeff Yastine has been a significant presence in the financial investment community for years. His original claim to fame came when he hosted his own financial report news program for PBS. It touched many people, both nationally and internationally. It even gained a reputation as one of the most watched financial programs in the world. Nowadays, Yastine writes financial publications in his current position as Editorial Director of Banyan Hill Publishing. Anyone interested in learning more about his work may find articles he is written there were all in Learn more:


Ted Bauman Explains The Problems With Implanting Chips In Your Body

Ted Bauman has been helping regular people and nonprofits throughout his life when it comes to money. Ted was born and raised in America but went to South Africa to get his college education. After this he stayed in South Africa where he became a part of the nonprofit industry. For over two decades he helped nonprofits when it came to efficiently managing their funds and helping as many people as possible. He was an executive in the world of nonprofits who specialized in helping get low-income families into homes. Read more on Talk Markets

About five years ago Ted Bauman moved back to America and started a writing career at Banyan Hills Publishing. He puts out three financial publications a month including The Bauman Report. His goal is to help people safely invest their money and grow their personal net worth. He also wants to help people protect their privacy, both from the government as well as an ever-increasing number of companies who make money buying and selling the personal information of people.

One example of this is an article that Ted Bauman recently wrote on the website. He said that people, even some of his colleagues, have no problem having a computer chip embedded in them if it leads to greater efficiency in their lives. So, they would trade swiping a credit card, or sticking it in the machine to read a chip, and instead wave their arm in the air near an electronic device to complete a transaction or other tasks. Ted Bauman says this is crazy. Learn more at about Ted Bauman

The debate about embedded chips began when a Wisconsin-based company started putting implants in their own employees. This was sold to them as a way to make their lives easier so that they could easily buy snacks at work, use their computer, open doors, and other things. This really is the camel’s nose under the tent Ted Bauman says. This technology is sold as a way to make life easier but really it’s a way for companies, and inevitably the government, to keep track of where you go, what you do, and who you associate with. He says that this technology will inevitably be used to abuse the rights of citizens. We live in an era where government and big business no longer answer to anybody and they will exploit this technology for all it is worth in their own best interests, not that of the citizens of their nation.

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Matt Badiali’s Mission and Motivations as Finance Guy

Matt Badiali provides expertise within the finance sector that has taken him global-wide with a hands-on approach. Through his international research, Badiali has developed the methodology of keeping an investment accurate and safe through seeing it first-hand and remaining hands-on in every aspect of it. What differentiates Badiali’s expertise in investments is his speciality in geology. Having earned a B.S. in Earth Sciences and Masters in Geology, Badiali has made connections and found opportunities for investments within that industry. Badiali’s mission as a financial advisor is to provide helpful and engaging advice for the average citizen regarding investments.

Badiali shared his thoughts, motivations, and experience in an exclusive interview with Ideamensch. Badiali shares that his typical day starts early with dropping his daughters off to school and watching the news. He finds that he is the most productive in the first few hours of a day in which he dedicates that time to writing. After phone calls, meetings, and keeping up to date with industry trends, Badiali makes a point to read every day.

Matt Badiali continues to share how he brings his ideas to life. He refers to real past experiences to make his writing more relatable and ultimately engage his readers. The current change in energy consumption is the trend that excited Badiali the most. He believes there is a leap that needs to occur and with technology rapidly advancing, the revelation of a new power source is inevitable. To consistently meet deadlines and remain productive, Badiali shares that he does not multitask in order to block out distractions. Visit Matt Badiali at to know more.

Badiali discloses that the worst job he ever had was collecting dirty samples in the worst parts of cities as an environmental geologist. Through this dangerous and dirty work, Badiali had moved on to graduate school that validated the financial sector was the right career path for him. Badiali says if he were to rewind time, he’d utilize the resource of internships when he was younger. That way he could have had the option to explore and network for free.

Badiali continues to give the advice of reading daily. The importance of gathering information, ideas, and strategies all starts and ends with reading. He also shares that his success is from over delivery to his clients and consumers by exceeding the amount of value that is expected. Visit:



Igor Cornelsen’s History to Success

When people look at Igor Cornelsen, one thing they are going to see is a successful businessman and investor. However, every success has had a beginning. Igor has worked his way to his success. While it can be easy for one to think that Igor has always been such a successful investor and is therefore inaccessible, he has a story that can inspire people because it shows that people can change their lives.

When Igor was younger, he has gone to engineering school. Then he has started working at an investment bank. During his experience, he has learned what it takes to be successful at investing. He has learned the different signs to look for when it comes to a successful business. One thing he has also learned is to make sure that the clients that come to him have thought through everything. After all, he is making a huge investment. He has to make sure that the businesses he invests in are going to give him a return on his investment. Check ireport.cnn about Igor Cornelsen’s methods.

Given that he has gained a lot of experience in the finance industry, he has a lot of information for people to look at when it comes to topics like saving money and setting up multiple streams of income. One type of income he urges people to start is passive income. This is the type of income that is going to be very valuable for people. The unfortunate truth is that people are not guaranteed to work until they are retired. There are plenty of issues that can come up and change someone’s ability to work. One thing that Igor Cornelsen is teaching people is to come up with multiple plans towards the same goal so that they will be able to live comfortably for the rest of their lives. Read more:


Ted Bauman Isn’t Completely Sold on Bitcoin

While many have invested in bitcoin praising it as the currency of the future financial expert Ted Bauman continues to warn of the dangers of cryptocurrency. As flawless as bitcoin is, he knows every kind of currency comes with risks. Recently, he exposed what could be bitcoin’s biggest problem. This problem could potentially hinder the overall expansion of bitcoin. What’s the big problem? Scalability. Bitcoin isn’t very adept at processing large numbers of transactions quickly and efficiently. If this weakness isn’t worked out bitcoin’s popularity will inevitably die out.

Ted Bauman is a member of Banyan Hill Publishing and serves as the editor of The Bauman Letter. The letter is a monthly publication where Ted shares his financial insights and expertise. In it he alluded to the fact that while bitcoin has won favor with the public its popularity could be costly in the long run.

Bitcoin’s slow processing speed could lead to users having to wait a considerable amount of time for a transaction to complete. For example, Bitcoin’s ability to process transactions is still miles behind major credit card companies like Visa. In fact, most credit card transactions go through instantaneously. Bitcoin is going to have to improve its scalability a lot to compete.

Bitcoin miners are actively trying to process transactions at a faster rate. The solution is integrating SegWit2x, a technology specifically designed to improve the scalability of bitcoin by decreasing data. However, this idea was not well received by the bitcoin community due to concerns about the security of the new system. Leaders in the community opted to try and find another solution.

Bitcoin cash was launched as an alternative to the original. While the new cryptocurrency shows promise Ted is still skeptical. he still remains cautious about the prospect of cryptocurrency.

About Ted Bauman

Ted bauman is a master investor and credible financial consultant. He has rare experience providing innovative solutions to challenges in international business and finance. Ted Bauman attended the University of Cape Town in South Africa and possesses postgraduate degrees in economics and history. He elected to stay in South Africa after graduating and has forged quite the career.

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Matt Badiali Is A Talented And Educated Man

Matt Badiali began his career by working as a scientist, and he went on to do other things with his life. He is someone who is currently helping those who are interesting in natural resource stock, and he makes recommendations to such people. He has a newsletter that allows people to learn through him. He has a loyal following of readers who are eager to see what he has to say about stocks and the world around him. This man thinks of his father as he does the work that he does, remembering the way that the man struggled with investing.

Those who have successful lives often live out their days in a way that is similar to everyone else, and Matt Badiali is one of those people who does that. He has shared that he spends time in the morning being with his daughters and that he has coffee and catches up on the latest headlines after that. He spends time writing and keeping up with the news, then he answers emails and takes a lunch break. This man was very open in sharing how his typical day looks, and a typical day for him is similar to the typical day of the average individual. Visit Matt Badiali at to know more.

Matt Badiali was questioned about how he takes ideas and brings them to life, and he shared that he likes to share stories to help others understand what he is sharing with them. He uses stories from his real life to bring to life all of the ideas that he is sharing in his writing. He uses the experience that he has to make the writing that he does interesting and special. When he was questioned about how he makes himself be productive, he shared that he focuses on a single task at a time. He blocks out everything else until that task is completed. Follow Matt Badiali at

There are things that people wish that they could change about their pasts and the way that they lived. When Matt Badiali was questioned about the things that he would change if he could turn back time, he shared that he wishes that he had taken the time to intern at those businesses that were of interest to him so that he could learn more about them. Learn more:


Matt Badiali Sees a Huge Rebound for Platinum

Mining and energy expert, Matt Badiali, recently announced his interest in, what he predicts to be, a precious metal with a very good chance of rebounding in the near future. According to Mr. Matt Badiali, over the last few years there has been a sharp decline in the mining market, and while in 2017, some of the world’s most precious metals saw their value return to near normality, some remain at historic lows. In order for the price of a metal to rise, there needs to be a demand that is greater than the ability for adequate supply. Between 2011 and 2016, Matt Badaiali’s choice for the metal that will see the greatest improvement, platinum, saw a decline from year to year. He believes that the reason for platinum’s chance at a successful rebound is the fact that the demand will continue to exceed the supply, as the supply and demand number reached a point where it was nearly even in 2017. While there will still be a small deficit at the end of the year, the supply is expected to jump by two percent next year, while the supply will fall. Read this article at to know more about Matt Badiali.

Today, the prices of platinum are low when compared to recent years, and due to the fact that platinum wasn’t expected to sell, it didn’t. While the prices of platinum have fallen, the truth of the matter is that the world’s supply of platinum is far lower than other valued metals, such as zinc or copper. Because of the fact that the need of platinum can be directly linked to the need for catalytic converters, a staple of diesel engines, combined with the high demand for diesel throughout Europe, the demand is almost sure to increase. Mr. Matt Badiali predicts that the price for platinum may rise upwards of twenty-five percent over the next year. More info at Talk Markets

Matt Badiali is an expert in the field of energy, having personally owned oil wells, and been actively involved in many other areas of mining and natural resources. His intimate knowledge of energy and agriculture has led to hold teaching positions at both Duke University, and The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill regarding geology. Today Matt Badiali is the Senior Editor at Banyan Hill Publishing and has enjoyed a very successful and lucrative career as a geologist and investor. He cites his ability to unearth rare investment opportunities as one of his greatest passions involving his career.