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My experience with the Wen cleansing conditioner

Wen Hair By Chaz Dean is a Sweet Almond cleansing conditioner that leaves your hair shiny and better than before. You do not need ordinary shampoos and conditioners when you have it because it has very amazing qualities when it comes to cleansing your hair. Unlike other hair cleansing conditioners, Wen cleansing conditioner doesn’t lather but rather it strengthens and increases the moisture in the hair.

Wen hair by Chaz is the best bet if you want your hair to be more healthy-looking and shinier. There are many formulations of this haircare line but the good thing is that, it works with any type of hair. The Sephora Fig version is what appealed when I decided to use Wen By Chaz because it promised a huge return: shine, moisture and bounce in my hair.
I had just had a busy day jumping up and down on planes, trains and automobiles. By the time I got home my hair was so unruly. I couldn’t wait to get into the shower and I thought it was a good time to try out the much vaunted Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner. What struck me from the off is the sheer amount of the product that the brand recommends for use,10-16 pumps was massive by any standards for anyone with short hair.
I had my fears about this may impact my hair but I went ahead and applied ten pumps. I immediately felt the impact in my hair when I applied the conditioner; my hair felt thicker and heavier and unlike other shampoos I was accustomed to there were less strands falling in the shower. The end result was just like I had seen in the commercials, my hair was shinny and bouncy and I felt so clean.
It used the product later on after that first experience and I have learn that it is a great product for those who shower and clean their hair every morning but may not be a great idea for the lazy who can skip a day or two. Wen By Chaz is a go to product if you want an extra post shower shine, moisture and some bounce in your hair.
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