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Academy of Art University addressing inclusive design

The Academy of Art University recently held a fashion that was attended by a panel moderated by School of Fashion Assistant Director of Fashion and Styling Flore Morton. Morton and the panel posed a challenge to students and attendees of the function to do something about the idea of “good design.” The panel was of the opinion that there need to be designs that address the clothing needs of people with different disabilities.

The panel held that good design should not only be for the few who can afford and it should be for all groups of people, those with disabilities included.

For the normal person with no disability, the type of clothing to wear may not be a bother at all, but for those with disabilities, it is a struggle they have to face daily. People who have their well-being intact can easily adjust their clothing to fit their needs, but this cannot be said of the disabled who spend life in wheelchairs. Such people may never be able to adjust clothes once they have them on. Since they spend most of the time sitting down, they are likely to be distracted by simple designs such as zippers and studs.

These are some of the challenges that the panelists at the Academy Arty University sought to address. Inclusive fashion design is something that they all agreed to as a way of making the industry more inclusive to all people.

The conference delved into the topic of inclusive design with a primary focus on the needs of the disabled. Moderator Flore Morton expressed confidence of improvements in the industry. Designers are supposed to take up the opportunities which are presented by human needs.

About the Academy of Art University

Stephanie Thomas started the Academy of Art University. She was born with a disability, whereby she had missing toes and a thumb. The disability meant that she would never have an opportunity to work or dance. However, she was determined to lead another life, different from what others thought. She did not only learn how to walk but was a dancer and cheerleader of the Chicago Bulls.

Orange Coast College Offers Great Rowing Programs For Both Men and Women

A fascinating article on the OC Register website shines a light on the top-rate men’s crew program that is offered at Orange Coast College. The author of this article accompanied the assistant coach of the men’s crew team to an early-morning practice session in Newport Beach, California, where he witnessed firsthand the precision timing and sense of unity that this team brings to every competition.


The men’s crew program at Orange Coast College maintains an impressive history that includes 11 national rowing titles. Through the years, team members have furthered their rowing careers at larger colleges, and some have competed in the Olympics and other worldwide competitions.


Rowing is taken very seriously at Orange Coast College, and a large, fully equipped boathouse is on the premises of the school. Filled with stacks of high quality boats and national title flags, the boathouse is the hub of activity for the crew program. A well-respected women’s crew program is also in place at this community college.


With an average enrollment of 25,000 students each year, Orange Coast College is one of the largest community colleges in America. The men’s crew program is just one of the many amenities and programs that the school provides to its students.


Orange Coast College was established in 1947, and a high percentage of its students further their education by transferring to other educational institutions. Covering more than 160 acres, Orange Coast College features an attractive, modern campus, and has a Starbucks coffee shop on the grounds. Learn more: