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Get Your Wiki Shares A Laugh At Surprising, Hilarious Congressional Wikipedia Edits

Professional Get Your Wiki writers specialize in creating and curating Wikipedia pages as informational hubs and reputation-management tools that serve clients ranging from individuals to multinational corporations. For a multitude of reasons, such a one-stop instant encyclopedia of vital information can prove invaluable to controlling an online conversation. Wikipedia’s open-source editing allows for quick on-the-fly Wiki edits whenever developing events call for instant updates or misinformation demands a concise clarification by way of a widely trusted resource. Just as importantly, entries contain annotations noting when certain dubious statements require sourcing and verifiable claims directly to an updated citation directory at the bottom of each page. It’s an easy resource that’s as quickly accessible to Wikipedia editors as it is to a curious information-seeker.

Of course, that’s the consequence of an informational database that anybody can alter: everyone is a potential editor. If the repository Twitter account @congressedits can’t prove the folly of too much trust in strangers on the Internet, it’s hard to say what will. For several years, software developer Ed Summers has used a cleverly written script to ping Twitter whenever Wikipedia’s public tracking traces any time someone will update a Wikipedia page from a congressional computer. For all the alterations reflecting logistical updates, such as documenting reelection or retirement from office, the account has also chronicled such hilariously bizarre changes as adding slain Cincinnati Zoo gorilla Haramabe to a list of assassinated politicians believed to have been targets of vast conspiracies. The account has gained enough of a following to spawn international offshoots from South America to Europe, all dedicated to greater government transparency.

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Why A Company Needs To Hire A Good Wikipedia Writer

A Wikipedia writer has a special job that helps everyone who wants to have a better Internet presence. A Wikipedia page is usually the default that people go to when they want information on a person, a company or an object. People look up things from songs to movies and companies on Wikipedia, and the Wikipedia page needs to be written the right way. Everyone who needs help can go to assistance, and they can talk to a writer who will work on the article.

The Wikipedia experts for hire who do this every day at Get Your Wiki are prepared to include any information the client wants. They will start molding the article to fit the needs of the client, and the client will review what has been written before it goes live. The clients usually do not know all the rules that have to be followed just to get an article to get published, but Get Your Wiki knows exactly how to do this. They will edit a Wikipedia page to make sure it is perfect, and they will let the client know when it gets published.

Changing Wikipedia articles happens all the time, but working with Get Your Wiki makes it a lot easier to get edits done. The Wiki writers will check the page every so often to make sure it is in good order, and they will alter anything that a miscreant might have changed. The page will look good all the time, and extra pages or content can be added when needed. The writers at Get Your Wiki make it easy to get the page done, and then they watch over the page so the client does not have to. Clients get all the benefits of a Wikipedia page without any of the hassle of trying to write it alone.