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Streamlining the Transportation Industry With Perry Madera

Perry Mandera has had over 30 years in the transportation industry. He used his expertise to form a unique business called The Custom Companies (BlogWebpedia). The purpose of this business is to streamline the transportation industry to work faster and with less errors. This company offers many things that are beneficial to their customers such as:


  1. Cheetah Dispatch- This software program allows drivers to access a lot of information including proof of delivery documents. It also allows companies to see pickup and delivery in real time thanks to GPS tracking on the trucker’s tablet.


  1. Warehouse Management Systems- This service offers to pick and pack fulfillment centers. This system allows customers to easily track their inventory. The customers can see the entire process from when the inventory was shipped, to when it was delivered.


  1. Dock Management- This completely paperless system relies on unique barcodes that are attributed to a particular shipment. This reduces errors and delays and allows freight to move more quickly.


The Custom Companies also offers an electronic version for a Bill of Lading or (BOL). BOLs are a vital part of the transportation industry. A BOL is essentially a contract between the shipper and the company that is hauling the freight. It can also act a receipt for when the goods arrive at the consignee. A BOL is considered a legal and binding document which can be used in court as evidence. Streamlining the BOL will allow for fewer errors and will make the delivery process faster (


Perry Mandera is a visionary when it comes to the future of the transportation industry. His passion is to bring high-quality services to the average business. Having all the information at your fingertips gives you the power to know when your shipment will arrive in real time as the software is tracking the driver’s movements. The electronic BOL makes paperwork a breeze and allows the driver to quickly get onto his next delivery. Perry understands what businesses need in this fast-paced, deadline-driven world.