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Perry Mandera, a Transportation Expert

Perry Mandera is a professional executive in the transportation industry. He has an experience of over 30 years through which it he has been able to found The Custom Companies Inc. in Illinois, the Northlake area (

In addition to his transportation career, Perry Mandera works with a nonprofit organization, Illinois State Crime Commission (ISCC) to reduce juvenile law breaking and crime. The organization has held several seminars to educate on a variety of topics. It has also offered martial arts, firearms, event security and management and hand-to-hand combat training through seminars to Chicago area police officers.

The ISCC has awarded Perry the Bishop Sheil Award and Citizen of the Year Award in 2010 and 2011 respectively. This was as a result of his contribution towards the success of the organization and the society.

He serves as a board member of Illinois Trucking Association (ITA) which actively lobbies for bills that benefit the transportation industry in the political arena. ITA reacted in support of the Illinois Senate bill 662. The Bill repealed the commercial fee for trucks in the transportation industry which was a cost to it since the money was never used to benefit the industry whatsoever.

As a responsible leader, Perry has taken several initiatives to protect the environment. Such initiatives include adhering to the SmartWay program by the Environmental protection Agency. The program provides solutions to companies at no cost and provides them with tools that enable these companies to operate with minimal pollution.

Perry Mandera is an active philanthropist who contributes generously towards the community charities. He has been able to donate transportation, food, clothing, and money to be able to reach the needy in areas where he cannot reach. Perry has also founded his own charitable organization called Custom Cares Charities Inc. which he uses to reach out to people who have different types of needs.

Sports are a darling to Perry Mandera and he is active on them (AliveNewspaper). He loves football, baseball, and basketball. He has been able to train the youth on these games which have seen them competing at the Olympic level. He believes in nurturing talents, being guided by discipline and passion to get accomplished.

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