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Sightsavers’ Mission: The Battle To Defeat Trachoma And Save Vision

It is one thing to have a disease with no treatment and watch people suffer. If it quite another to see an illness that is totally preventable destroy people’s lives through loss of eyesight due to the unavailability of the drugs that can cure the disease. Some people and their organizations recognize this problem and are committed to ending the tragedy of the loss of vision when treatment is available. One such organization is Sightsavers and the problem is trachoma.


Trachoma is a bacteria that causes damages by scarring the eyelids. If treated early, it can be totally cured. It just requires the administration of existing antibiotics. The problem is the cost of the drugs and the delivery mechanisms to get these drugs to the people who need them. The other major problem is that the disease exists in some of the poorest countries in the world. This disease may go under the radar of many people, but fortunately not the individuals working at Sightsavers, an organization dedicated to preventing blindness. Their focus is on organisms such as trachoma, a disease that is totally curable in its early stages.


Trachoma feeds on conditions such as unclean water, flying insects that spread the bacteria, and in general unsanitary living environments. These conditions exist in Africa in former countries of the British Empire that are now part of the Commonwealth. The government of the United Kingdom is committed to addressing the plague of trachoma and welcomes the support of Sightsavers. It takes a combined effort of government and private organizations to fight this problem.


The good news about trachoma is that the solution to the problem exists. That solution has been applied in the country of Malawi. The country has gone from millions of its citizens living with the risk of blindness to the virtual elimination of trachoma. All it takes is dedicated professionals like Sightsavers and the infusion of money from international donors. There is hope and there is the possibility that other countries can receive the same assistance as Malawi.


Zithromax is the cure, and Sightsavers delivers this drug even to countries like Yemen where war has all but destroyed the infrastructure of a civilized nation. Sightsavers will not be deterred from their mission. They will not rest until Trachoma is erased from the face of the earth. It is a noble cause and one worth supporting by governments and individuals alike.






Sanjay Shah Shares His Advice

Sanjay Shah has recently attracted attention with a podcast interview. In the interview, Shah gave away a few of the ingredients to his success. Eric Dye was the interviewer and the podcast was the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio. The interview covered several topics, both Shah’s success in conventional business and investments and his success in the world of charities. In the interview Shah discussed how he had a true passion for what he was doing philanthropically. Autism Rocks is the charity that Shah founded several years ago in order to help raise money for autism research. He enjoys how he gets to combine his love for music and family with his talent for entrepreneurship in order to do something good for a lot of people.

A big question that was discussed in the interview was what guests should expect for the 2016 Autism Rocks charity concert. Shah shared that it will be a big family day with lots of activities for children. There will also be performances by some very famous acts like Tyga and Flo Rida. The interview then directed those who are interested to go to the non profit’s website. On the website, individuals can find out more about the disease and about the organization and what they have been able to achieve.

He was inspired to create the charity by a visit from Snoop Dogg. Shah was talking to Snoop Dogg about his son’s condition and that he has done everything he can and that is when he realized he could do more and that people like Snoop Dogg could help him.

He has now done the same thing with Autism Rocks, except that he is promoting musicians like Prince and various well known DJs. The charity had already managed to raise several hundred thousand dollars for autism research and expects that 2016 will be a good year for donations.