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Whitney Wolfe Does Everything to Change the Dating Scene

A lot of people do not like the dating scene as it is. It is common that people have a lot to say about how unfair that the dating scene seems to be for certain people. While a lot of people turn their attention to dating apps, it seems to be an extreme version of the disadvantages they have faced with dating. However, there are some people that are empathetic towards the struggles of certain groups of people. Whitney Wolfe is one of the people that have looked at the dating industry and has looked for ways that she can change up dating activities. Her ideas have resulted in this new app called Bumble.

Bumble is one of the dating apps that makes it easier for people to get dates compared to the dating apps that are available. One thing that many people have seen is that a lot of the dating apps are filled with men who are messaging women to the point that they are not able to look through all of the messages. While some may think that this is a huge advantage for women, it can actually be overwhelming for all of the women users of dating apps. Therefore, Whitney Wolfe has taken the time to do something different for a dating app.

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Whitney Wolfe has kept all of the features that are common to dating apps which include the swipe feature. However, One thing that makes Bumble different from other apps is that there is a smaller likelihood that women will be overwhelmed with all of the messages they get from men. They will have an easier time finding their match and actually connecting with them so that they will get the type of date they want. Whitney Wolfe does what many people have been wanting one to do with dating apps.

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