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Bernrdo Chua: Background and Product Information

The founder of company Organo Gold is Bernardo Chua, or his nickname Bernie. He was considered to be one of the biggest names in the industry of direct sales. He has been placing his efforts in the ten years on commonplace products like teas and coffees. These are utilized to get people around the world introduced to ganoderma. A vital part was played by Chau was in two companies of success. They are current company Organo Gold, as well as Gano Excel. Beginning in the location of the Philippians Chau has been playing an essential part in transferring ganoderma to the profitable market of North America.

When Bernardo Chua establishes a model of business he is viewing the many pros of doing work in direct sales. That way he could in a fast pace increase the business in the Philippines. He could also start the momentum in the industry to make the company go global. Chau has stood on the fact that the best method to go in his business line is direct sales. Visit SlideShare to know more about Chua.

An accomplishment that Bernardo Chua has to do with a product he and his company Organo Gold marketed which is ganoderma. The company is the biggest producer of that product which is a polypore mushroom genius. It grows on wood and other food products. The dedication Chau has in guaranteeing Ganderma isn’t just held in Asia, Canada, and North America, but other continents too. That’s seen him join forces with a variety of research institutes. This is in order to form new breakthroughs or inventions in the industry of ganoderma. On top of that Chau has an enthusiasm in the things he does. As an outcome that’s gotten him different awards like the “National Shoppers Choice Award for food Supplements” to name one.



Bernardo Chua: Introducing Ganoderma Mushroom’s Benefits To The Western World

Organo Gold is a network marketing company founded by Bernardo Chua in 2008 that is now growing by leaps and bounds. Chua had been introduced to the network marketing industry when he was hired a few years before by Gano Excel. He proved to be a natural when it came to recruiting clients and was able to expand Gano Excel’s customer base from strictly being based in the Philippines to having a large number of customers in Hong Kong as well as North America. It was after moving to the U.S. and having tremendous success recruiting new customers that Chua decided to go out on his own.

When he founded Organo Gold, Chua worked with top organic farmers to ensure he had the best quality ganoderma mushrooms to use in his coffees, teas and other products. He also invested a great deal of time and money into educating clients about all the health benefits ganoderma mushroom had, based on what he had learned from Chinese medical practices. Chua also reduced the prices of the products he provided to his marketing network. This enabled them to enjoy an even larger profit margin. Within a few years of its founding Organo Gold had become one of the network marketing industry’s fastest growing companies. Read:

With about a million marketing agents in a network that is spread over 50 countries, Organo Gold is a truly global enterprise. The company offers a wide array of excellent nutrient rich products to its customers and great money-making opportunities to its network marketing team. Bernardo Chua and Organo Gold also support many charitable organizations in the markets where they do business. The company’s OG Cares Foundation has created and supports a number of programs designed to provide educational help and social engagement opportunities for youth.

When he was a child, Bernardo Chua’s Chinese grandparents had told him about the many health benefits ingesting the ganoderma mushroom offered. Ever since then, he always wanted to introduce people in the Western World to the wonders of this nutritious mushroom. Through his Organo Gold products, Bernardo Chua is doing just that.

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