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Brian Bonar’s Bellamy’s One of the Best Places to Eat in San Diego County

Escondido has the distinction of being like a small home town in San Diego County, according to San Diego Magazines review on Brian Bonar. In a town where small businesses are still prevalent, one of the best chefs in the world resides and cooks at Bellamy’s, Patrick Ponsaty, also known as The Master of France. Patrick Ponsaty made his way to one of the top chefs in the country at the Rancho Bernardo Inn.

Brian Bonar seems to enjoy small town and out of the way secluded places. Labeled as one of the best places to eat in San Diego County by San Diego Magazine’s reviewer Troy Johnson, Bellamy’s is owned by Brian Bonar, a scottish entrepreneur.

Bonar searched for employees at the Rancho Bernardo Inn’s El Bizcocho. When the restaurant re-structured they lost many of their best employees to Bonar and Bellamy’s. Scottish born, Bonar had dreams of opening a luxury restaurant but also fitting into the new culture he now calls home.

Wanting to continue in the tradition of small town business naming, Brian Bonar chose Bellamy’s in a town where most businesses are named after those who own or started them. Gaining a reputation for excellence with Bellamy’s,

Brian Bonar is in the beginning stages of opening Ranch at Bandy Canyon. The Ranch will be a premier event space with a luxury restaurant in which Patrick Ponsaty will be the lead chef.

Reviewer, Tony Johnson was surprised by the initial look of Bellamy’s, which at first did not seem like a luxury bistro at all, but once the food began to arrive, he was blown away. With his only complaint being the halibut, which seemed mushy, the beet salad was expertly made with contrasting flavors and everything down to the desert was exquisite.

Detailing each dish, Johnson compliments his waiter for knowing the intricacies of the dishes without sounding pretentious. Although Ponsaty will be transitioning to the Ranch, he will still continue on the line at Bellamy’s from time to time.