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Dr. Mark McKenna Was Born To Be An Entrepreneur

Dr. Mark McKenna believes his parents helped him become an entrepreneur. They were self-employed and they gave him their entrepreneurial spirit. Their career provided him with great examples of what an entrepreneur should be. His father is a professional surgeon that runs his own private practice and his mother owns a publishing company. Mark began his career as an entrepreneur and he cannot imagine working for anyone. He had no former training, business school degree, or internship.

He started his business ventures while he attended Tulane University. He saved up money through moonlighting at a local prison and performing medical examinations to invest in real estate. After other investments, he started McKenna Crescent Investments. He later started Universal Mortgage Lending and acquired Uptown Title. His business designed and built residential real estate properties, closed titles, and originated mortgage financing.

He had a great portfolio and his company had 55 employees until Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans. Many of his properties were destroyed. In response, his company rebuilt or refurbished damaged low-income housing. He moved on to another business venture before the real estate crash occurred. In 2014, he sold his company ShapeMed and earned his executive MBA. He got the degree to help him make his new venture, OVME, a success. ShapeMed was a medical clinic that offered healthcare treatments like Botox. It was bought by Life Time Fitness Inc. Dr. Mark McKenna stayed on as a director for a little while, but he was ready to move on.

OVME was founded in Atlanta as a retail medical aesthetic company. Dr. Mark McKenna plans to open more venues in other major cities, such as Las Vegas. It incorporates a unique direct-to-consumer mobile platform. It will combine modern convenience and the clinic’s high quality service. The company seeks to match professionals with customers to provide a service that is specialized. A venture capital firm gave the company $4 million in seed financing. Dr. Mark McKenna has laid out a five-year plan to take the company to new heights, while making innovations in elective healthcare.

Jeunesse Global Product Promotes Natural utrients

Begun in 2009, Jeunesse is a global brand that has always focused on longevity and quality of life. In fact, the date that it was brought into being, September 9, 2009, holds significance because the number nine signifies long life. However, the founders of Jeunesse, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, have never wanted individuals only to live long but instead want individuals to thrive in every area their lives as they achieve their fullest potentials. With nine product lines offering a variety of products for the skin, brain and body, all Jeunesse products work together to build up, strengthen and preserve bodies while allowing people to enjoy youthful, vibrant living.

One of the best ways to help people thrive is to strengthen them mentally, allowing them to think, process and concentrate better and longer. With M1ND, people can experience better memory, focus and concentration. This product uses natural nutrients and extracts that have been clinically proven to work well in traditional Eastern medicine. Now, individuals around the world can enjoy the wonderful effects of CERA-Q, the number one ingredient in M1ND.

CERA-Q is made by silkworms and is found in their cocoons. Seven clinical studies have shown that CERA-Q improves memory and allows individuals to more quickly recall facts and names. M1ND is the only product in the world that includes this integral and life-changing substance.

M1ND also includes a variety of other brain-strengthening nutrients, including L-theanine, gamma-aminobutryic acid and L-tyrosine. These supplements help protect the brain from stress, help individuals work smarter and better and improve the overall aging process by decreasing mental fatigue and improving mental acuity. Tests have proven the efficacy of these products.

Despite being filled with these amazing nutrients, M1ND is still incredibly delicious. With a refreshing lemon meringue flavor, M1ND wakes up the tastebuds while enlivening the mind. It is sold in an easy packet that does not have to be refrigerated. Instead, it is easy to take on commutes, on vacations and in the car. A simple tear of the top opens the M1ND gel pack that hold 30 ml of life-giving nutrients.

Doe Deere: Innovation Meets Individuality

Doe Deere has begun to establish her ideology on beauty and cosmetics. The founder of Lime Crime, Doe Deere encourages individuality and uniqueness within her company and products as well. With each product as diverse as the person who chooses to wear them, the leading lady of Lime Crime continues establishing a brand of pure innovation.

Doe was born in Russia and raised in New York City. Exposed to diverse culture and self expression, Doe managed to incorporate distinctive elements into her very own cosmetic brand. According to her, beauty is what feels right in the moment. There is no standard of beauty or particular guidelines to follow.

The once small business quickly grew into an empire. Lime Crime was initially created as a DIY channel for Doe on Ebay. She showed users quick and easy tutorials for clever designs. She modeled all her own products. Originally with a heart for sewing, Doe Deere quickly turned to cosmetics after struggling to find diversifying colors.

Lime Crime was launched in 2008. The company was named after Doe’s favorite color. Also the struggle to find vibrant colors appeared to be “a crime” early on. Combining the two names, Doe birthed the company Lime Crime.

The cosmetic brand specializes in bold and vibrant colors. The crulty free products have grown to include vibrant versions of every cosmetic tool and item available. The once scarce colors are now readily available to consumers.

Doe maintains her same ideology. The entrepreneur and founder of Lime Crime usually dedicates time speaking with other small businesses. Offering advice and tips are just a few of Doe Deere’s daily activities.

Meetings and group talks keep Doe very busy. However, the close relationship with her staff allows for an easy and understanding operation. With all hands on deck, Lime Crime is powered by a group of members who all share the same view and perspective on the importance of distinctive designs.

Doe Deere encourages all entrepreneurs to trust their gut. She insists that following her intuition has lead her down a successful path. Her instinctive nature took years to develop but it is now the driving force behind many decision-making factors within her company .

As Doe Deere and Lime Crime continue down a path of success, she remains excited and optimistic about future endeavors. Driven by innovation, Doe is constantly pushing individuality. She believes make up should not cover flaws but it should express you as you are. Lime Crime was designed to do just that. Help others define their ideology of beauty.

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A Lip Balm Like No Other

If you haven’t heard of the cute little spheres of lip balm made by Evolution of Smooth then you have been missing out. Better known to most people as EOS lip balm, this company has created a lip balm that is like no other. Available in spheres and sticks, this lip balm comes in a variety of sweet flavors that is sure to win you over. There is a flavor for everyone, no matter your taste. If you want a little shimmer to your lips then you choose the shimmer sphere to add the shine you desire. If you more into organic products then they offer an organic line of spheres also.
You know you are getting a wonderful product with EOS because all of their products are dermatologist tested and contain ingredients that are hypoallergenic. These little spheres and sticks are loaded with vitamin E, Shea butter and jojoba oil which offer an antioxidant-rich way of moisturizing your lips and protecting them at the same time.

You can be certain that you have a product that hydrates your lips and one that is safe for you to use when you choose EOS lip balm. It stands alone in its design and its effectiveness. For more info, visit their Facebook page and the EOS company profile on Linked In. Check out their website:

The Wen By Chaz Difference

The Wen hair by Chaz difference has been covered by people around the Internet, and there was a review online of the shampoo by It is very nice for most people to just have one shampoo that they can use to wash their hair, and it is even more important for people to make sure that they are using something that will help them keep their hair thick. They are going to see the difference when they are using the right shampoo, and their hair can start to get thicker than it was before. It is very hard for people to take care of their hair unless they are able to use something like Wen by Chaz.

The TotalBeauty available shampoo is a great thing for all women who want to make their hair get thicker, and the review shows how everyone is supposed to use it. It makes a difference for people who are trying to look their best, and it will prevent all the shedding that has been going on in the past. Women need to get their hair as thick as they can, and then they need to be sure that they are washing as much as they can with this healthy shampoo.

The best part of this is that anyone who is trying to take care of their hair is going to be able to follow the plans for the shampoo when they read the review. They will learn all that they need to know about the shampoo when they get started, and then they will be able to make a change to the way that they are managing their hair. That means that styling can be done, and even the girl who did the review was able to show that her hair was much easier to style. For more info, visit

Wen hair FAQ page: