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The Benefits of Being a Member of a Professional Association

Professional societies and associations have sprouted in the United States to a tune of 92,000. Some people could question their importance but one thing stands out, they are an important part of America’s education and work system. While schools strive to provide students with knowledge and skills that will enable them thrive in their workplaces, professional associations have huge roles in career development. America Institute of America is one of the professional associations led by Robert Ivy that is creating a path for others to follow. Whether you’re an architect, Doctor or teacher, there is an association for you where you will be exposed to educational programs that will see you prosper in your career. Usually, associations have webinars, newsletters and websites that could give you updates on various trends and news in your field. A professional body could also provide data and tools that you could easily access and use them to advance your knowledge and skills. Read more on

The most valued benefit of being a member of a professional member is the networking opportunity. Like-minded people come together from all over the country or even abroad in a conference to discuss various agendas set out by the concerned association. This comes along with a great networking opportunity where you could establish professional ties and important relationships. The professional ties and relationships could see to it that you get better offers or even learn about job openings. The events can open more doors for you than you could have anticipated. Furthermore, the associations can make effort to provide career assistance to members who are still struggling with their careers. They organize job fairs and any other job hunter-focused endeavors.

According to Robert Ivy, although architects are few in the United States, their voice is being heard. When people combine efforts, great things happen. Robert Ivy is the Vice President and CEO of AIA. Another benefit that is accrued to being a member of a professional body is credibility building. Each association stands for a certain values and principles. Their members are required to adhere to formulated code of conduct. According to Robert Ivy, AIA have a certain set of values that its members adhere to. Each member is held accountable. Robert Ivy is a graduate from the University of the South and a post-graduate from Tulane University.


The Steps Followed By American Institute Of Architects To Support Architectural Work

American Institute of Architects is the top professional organization for the future professionals, certified architects, and allied partners. Its headquarters is in Washington DC. The body has an average of two hundred workers and about three hundred local chapters. American Institute of Architects offers services such as the redevelopment of the community, education, public outreach and government advocacy among others. All these services are geared to enhance the public image and most importantly to support architectural work. The firm has also collaborated with other bodies to design and develop a team to assist in managing the building industry.

Every year American Institute of Architects carries a noble task that helps the architects and the public. For instance, the company lays out its principles in the contract documents which have more than one hundred forms and contracts that get used in the construction and design industry. The company also provides unlimited Web-related resources for the upcoming architecture experts. AIA also carries out market surveys and analyses the economic features that affect the architecture industry. More to that, the company still campaigns for the future of the architects by improving how the public value the design and also serves as the architecture profession advocate.

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Currently, the chief executive officer of AIA is Robert Ivy. Robert was born in Columbus in Mississippi. He obtained his bachelor’s and master’s degree in architecture from Sewanee University and Tulane University respectively. Robert has supervised the publication of thirty-three journals in digital and print editions in the capacity of the vice president and Editorial Director of the McGraw-Hill Construction. In 2009, Robert got awarded the G.D Crain Award for the excellent lifetime support to editorial excellence in business. In 2010, Alpha Rho Chi named him the ‘Master Architect.’

AIA contains over ninety thousand certified architects and related experts. All these professionals abide by the professional conduct and code of ethics that assures the public and customers of the AIA commitment to the high standards of professional exercise. There usually are five categories of membership in American Institute of Architects. These fellowships are; Associate membership, Architect membership, International associate membership, Emeritus membership and Allied membership. To accommodate the students who may have a desire in AIA, AIA has set many state and local chapters where students can join. AIA also recognizes people and groups that support the architecture profession. For instance, the AIA Gold and Architecture Firm Award programs that acknowledge such people.

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