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Whitney Wolfe Herd, CEO of Bumble

Whitney Wolfe Herd is CEO and founder of Bumble, which is currently headquartered in Austin, Texas, and employs 70 employees, 85% of which are women. Bumble is an online dating application which primarily gives women, instead of both parties as is customary in other online dating applications, the power to initiate contact with prospective matches. This gives women control over their matches without all those unwanted messages and solicitations that occur in most online dating forums. This is why one of Bumble’s mantra’s is “Make the first move.” Of course, Bumble also has the solution to same-sex dating. In that situation, either person is allowed to initiate contact. But under both instances if the person contacted doesn’t reply in a given time frame, then the match disappears and the contact lost. Thanks to Bumble, women no longer need to wait for the man to ask them out. The proverbial ball is in their court now.

Whitney Wolfe Herd is only 28 years old and recently landed the December 2017 cover of Forbes magazine, landing her on the magazine’s seventh annual “30 Under 30” list, which highlights 600 young innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders in twenty industries who are industry game-changers and leaders who are on the path to achieving notoriety and fortune. Forbes magazine called her “The $1 Billion Queen Bee of Dating Apps.”

In addition to the dating apps, Bumble launched an application in 2016 called Bumble BFF. This application uses the same principles of the Bumble app, such as swiping and matching, but to help find friendship instead of romance. The launch of Bumble BFF has added 1.5 million users since January 2016 to the application.

If that is not enough entrepreneurship for one person, Ms. Herd’s Bumble launched the application, Bumble Bizz, to the all-encompassing “Beehive” of applications. Bumble Bizz is a professional networking and social network designed to follow their “women make the first move” concept. In a recent article on CNNTech, Ms. Herd stated that “a safe space is needed for women who are career networking, just as it is necessary for dating and that solicitation is a real thing that happens on LinkedIn to women.” (O’Brien, S., Oct. 2, 2017;; “Dating App Bumble Wants to Help You Network” 12-20-2017)

Ms. Herd is an amazing young and exceptionally bright young woman. Even from a young age she became a thinker with a business-oriented mindset. Whitney Wolfe Herd was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah and graduated from Southern Methodist University with a major in International Studies. She started her first business for apps at the age of 19 when she formed the Help Us Project making bamboo totes to help those affected by the BP oil spill. She recently wed Michael Herd, a restaurateur who also engages in the oil and gas business, in September 2017 in Positano, Italy and resides with her husband in Austin, Texas.

ClassDojo: The Star Pupil of Education Apps

ClassDojo is a communication platform that encourages communication between instructors and parents. It is an app that allows for immediate updates in the classroom instead of forcing parents and teachers to rely on semi-annual conferences. The app is currently used in two in three schools, mostly by instructors teaching kindergarten through grade eight. ClassDojo was founded by Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary in 2011 and has recently garnered twenty-one million dollars in funding. Don and Chaudhary plan on using this funding to bring in new employees and to further develop the app.

ClassDojo allows teachers and parents to communicate with each other quickly and on a regular schedule. If a student fails a test, the parent can be immediately informed. This allows the parent and the teacher plenty of time to help the student improve before one bad grade becomes a pattern. If a parent has a concern of any kind, they can contact the teacher easily without having to sit through a long and frustrating automated phone system before they reach their child’s teacher.

Traditional parent-teacher conferences are ineffective and obsolete. Unless something serious happens to a student, a teacher can’t schedule a conference right away. A conference requires parents and teachers to alter their busy schedules, which isn’t always feasible. ClassDojo allows teachers and parents to keep each other updated conveniently and easily. Instead of the parent just becoming another faceless entity the teacher has to sift through during conference week, they become an engaged party in their child’s learning experience. With the app, teachers can send parents a schedule of class activities, photos of assignments, and reminders of upcoming school events.

ClassDojo also goes to great efforts to include parents who struggle with English as a second language. The ClassDojo website advertises the option for users to translate a message in 35 languages. This option is available to both teachers and parents. This feature can help reduce feelings of embarrassment and isolation in students whose parents are unable to speak English fluently by keeping their parents involved in the classroom.

ClassDojo is facilitating swift and necessary changes in the school system. It’s a tool that will foster connection and empowerment in teachers, parents, and students. The app will facilitate some major changes in the parent-teacher relationship and in classroom dyanmics. If ClassDojo continues to develop, the app will do more than just improve parent-teacher communications. Creating a sense of community and a positive culture with classrooms and schools are two ideals that we can expect to see ClassDojo make a reality.


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SKOUT Admits Poland to Its Vibrant Community Idea

Poland has now officially joined in the league of the leading social network in the world. The Polish can now easily discover and chat with people sharing the same interests as them by simply shaking their mobile gadgets. Connecting with peers and engaging in fun with complete strangers has never gotten more interesting. This and much more is what SKOUT promises as it launches in Poland.

In a news release in PR Newswire, SKOUT is reported to have officially launched in Poland on June 20th. This is after SKOUT established that the number of SKOUT connections in Poland has risen by 40% over the last two years as more people warm up to the idea of using their mobile phones to meet new friends and expand their social circles.

The CEO and co-founder of SKOUT, Christian Wiklund expressed optimism in commitment of the company in finding new ways to enhance the experience of using the app to meet new people. He relayed the company’s excitement upon extending availability of the app in Polish in a bid to improve the existing experience of its Polish Community.

SKOUT is a new social networking sensation that enables its users to meet other people within their proximity with common interests as theirs. More to the connection, they can as well start a chat, send virtual gifts and stickers to friends. To the extreme, they can even virtually travel to meet friends in other cities.

The app is free to download for Android or iOS devices. Upon downloading, one is allowed to use either their Facebook or Google Plus credentials to open an account. For those not already on Facebook or Google Plus, they can go ahead and sign up afresh. The site itself is easy to use with an interface similar to that one of Facebook.

Since its launch in 2007, the SKOUT community has grown to mark its presence in over 180 countries around the globe. It is so far available in 22 languages ensuring everyone can use it with ease.

In an interview in the Huffington Post Portia Kirsten puts in perspective the focus for SKOUT saying they are out to bring people together, locally or around the globe to have a positive experience. And indeed from its review it has achieved in promoting a vibrant community with over 100 million downloads and boasting one of the most active social networks for mobile devices on Google Play.

Skout is a Friendly Resource

One of the big impacts from the brave new world of smart phones and apps in today’s society is the development of social media. Social media and phone apps are definitely impacting the way in which we make friends and pursue an active social life. Today, many people are working harder and harder and longer and longer, which can make pursuing a social life tough. One of the solutions to this problem is the advent of phone apps geared to connecting like-minded people. That’s where Skout comes in.

A story in Adweek covered this new social minded app and how it is being used to connect people to new friends. Skout can be downloaded for free from the App store, and its users can sign in using their Facebook profile or an email address.

Getting the Buzz

The main page of Skout shows a grid of the faces of people who are currently using the app. A “drawer” feature on the left side of the screen offers several different ways in which a user can browse around on the app. The “Buzz” feature offers a social feed that updates on what people are doing. A “Shake to Chat” feature randomly connects people for conversations, and after the connection is made, shows the users their profiles for review.

Using Points

One of the different features of Skout is the use of points, which are a kind of currency on the app. These points, which are purchased by the user, allow for a more intimate view of some of the site’s users, and also for letting another viewer see a bit more of the person’s “backstage” life. Points can also be used to allow for sending “winks” with the “Winkbomb” feature.

Skout is a fun to use app that will definitely go a long way towards making people a bit more connected and friendly online, and it looks to be a good addition to the user friendly social apps available now.