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Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the CEO of Bradesco, and What Great Things He has Done for the Bank

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the lead executive of Banco Bradesco, founded in 1934 by Amador Aguiar. Mr. Trabuco was born in 1951 in Marilia, coincidentally – or maybe Luiz Carlos Trabuco was destined to work for the bank – the place where Amador Aguiar settled into for his first installment of Bradesco.

Showing potential from a young age, Mr. Trabuco went to college at an age most kids don’t finish secondary school. He first attended the University of Sao Paulo, earning himself a Philosophy degree from the Faculty of Philosophy, Letters, and Human Sciences. The University of Sao Paulo has consistently been a leader in Brazil since its foundation over three-quarters of a century ago — it’s still the premier university to attend in Brazil. This wise choice by Luiz Carlos Trabuco propelled his young career, as postsecondary educational attainment in the mid- to late-1960s rarely crossed the proverbial line of bachelor’s degrees. Having anything more than a bachelor’s degree meant great things in their working career.

As such, Mr. Trabco applied to and was later accepted by the Foundation School of Sociology and Politics of Sao Paulo, a large post-secondary institution in Sao Paulo, not very far from his initial school of study. It was at the Foundation School when Luiz Carlos Trabuco earned a degree in Socio-Psychology, a hybrid degree that helped Mr. Trabuco interact with customers, associates, and others directly or indirectly, a skill that’s obviously useful, and is still used by Luiz Carlos Trabuco in his line of work each and every day.

After working towards obtaining these two degrees, Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco decided to move back about five hours to his home in Marilia to be closer to his family, as well as find work there, a place that was growing rapidly in relation to other nearby cities in that region of Brazil. Nearly instantaneously after moving back to Marilia, he found a job at Banco Bradesco as a bank teller. Two years after that lucky – not that it was difficult for the young Mr. Trabuco to find a job with those two degrees that very, very few people had at the time – he was offered a spot at the bank’s corporate offices in 1971.

In 1984, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was selected as the bank’s Director of Marketing. Arguably the biggest, best thing Mr. Trabuco did was improve how Bradesco targeted and segmented customers, improving return on investment in relations to marketing.

Amador Aguiar wanted the future employees of Bradesco to treat all customers the same, in all aspects. All employees – and the executives that oversaw them – were expected not to deviate in any way in treating them, even in the segmentation and targeting of customers in today’s modern era of marketing. Luiz Carlos Trabuco deviates from Amador Aguiar’s original views in the treatment of customers. While he maintained treating customers in the name of positive he didn’t market content to them in the same ways as before.

For example, in today’s Banco Bradesco, marketers first segment groups of customers based on various criteria. Next, they target groups of customers based on various criteria with unique marketing plans. One group might get drip campaigns for marketing emails, with others receiving triggered emails in response to various actions, rather than relying on emails set to be sent on a regular basis.

Mr. Trabuco has won several awards for his service to Bradesco throughout his nearly fifty years of service to the bank. Arguably the most popular is for his involvement in the acquisition of HSBC Brazil, completed in 2016.

Using The Internet and Mobile Networks Like Lori Senecal

One of the most convenient advantages that the internet brings is the ability to make money easily. The internet has brought forth plenty of cost effective methods for marketing. Before the internet, businesses had to pay for advertising spots and listings. This was pretty much the only viable way to make money. When the internet came, many new ways to reach out to potential customers have come too. This is especially the case with social media. Social media has brought forth something that is worthwhile for people who want to market their business. One of the best things about social media is that it is a way for people to gain an online presence.

According to Ad Week, among the people that put social media to good use for business is Lori Senecal. She is one of the people that have a lot of advice on how social media can be used in order to bring forth some great results for business owners. One of the best ways to bring customers to a business is by reaching out to them and interacting with them. This will build a following for business owners that they can use to their advantage when it comes to products.

Lori Senecal is also an advertiser. Therefore, she knows how to bring forth customers with the use of ads on social media. She also knows how to make it non-intrusive for the users. For one thing, she can use many different themes for her ad. One thing that she has suggested is to take either a comedic or emotional approach. When it comes to shopping, people are often led by their emotions. Therefore, an ad that captures the feelings of a customer is going to be one of the more successful ads when it comes to convincing someone to shop at a store.

Lori Senecal Helps Companies Promote Their Products With a Passion

One of the best ways to sell products is to show people passion towards the products. Of a company or business owner can convince people that he believes in the product, then there is going to be at least one customer that is on board. It does not matter the industry that the product is being sold in. It is important that a lot of passion is shown towards the product that is being promoted. The only thing is that the company needs to find the time to put together a good ad campaign to get people on board. Fortunately, there are advertisers that are willing to showcase products. For more details visit Adweek.

Among the advertisers that are available is Lori Senecal. She is someone who not only knows how to make the company seem excited about its new product but also knows the trends that are to be followed. Therefore, she is someone who is going to be able to bring about an effective ad campaign for her clients. Lori is also someone who is able to let the client know what else needs to be done in order to gain customers. One thing that she is aware of is the changes that are coming to social media.

One thing that is changing about social media is that businesses are going to have to come up with a new method of conducting business with customers. This method is going to involve actually interacting with them. Therefore, the old method of dropping ads and then walking away is no longer going to cut it. Customers are going to be more appreciative of business owners who interact with them. Also, a result of the interaction is that the customers will be more loyal and believe in the products they are buying with a passion that matches the company.

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Flavio Maluf’s Achievement as the President of Eucatex

In 1951, Eucatex Group of Companies was founded as a marketer and producer of insulation and liners made from eucalyptus. Currently, Eicatex is serving as the best furniture manufacturers in the country and abroad. It is one of the largest suppliers of industrial companies in the country. There are two main business segments in the enterprise.

The Furniture Industry: Eucatex is the largest producer of MDP, wood fiber plates, and Tamburato. While they use advanced technology, they manufacture their products using eucalyptus wood as one of an environmental friendly products.

The Construction Industry: In this section, the company engages in the production of modular portions, paints, doors, and laminate floors. There are many other smaller products produced by the corporation under this segment.

The current President of Eucatex Group of Companies is Flavio Maluf. In 1987, he joined the family business and started working from the bottom. During his trajectory, he gained enough experience to head a world-class company. For him, he engaged in developing solutions to problems associated with the company. His main vision was to have a smooth-running business free of leader intervention at every section of the company. He worked ta the trade section of the company for more than a decade before moving to the manufacturing industry. In 1996, his uncle invited him to serve as an Executive Board Member. Due to his innovative mind and business-solving skills, he was recommended by the board to become the next president of the company. For this reason, the family came together and decided to endorse him for President in 1998.

When he became president, Flavio Maluf started the process of modernizing the leadership style in the company. This was his main aim. A company that was independent of the leader is what he wanted to make. A company whose motivation is an achievement and not pushes is what he versioned. Flavio has also spearheaded numerous projects made by the company. For this reason, he introduced the largest efforts in the country in 2011. The company has grown significantly due to these exports to gather enough profit. In 2015, the company recorded a profit of more than $20.9 million which was an increase of 30 percent.