Boraie Development: The New and Glamorous Atlantic City Residential Tower

Atlantic City is now a contender in the high-end, glamorous residential market. The resort town has made a groundbreaking announcement for its first posh 250 unit apartment complex called the Beach at South Inlet. It is an $81 million dollar project engineered by innovative development company Boraie Development LLC. The company was founded 30 years ago in New Brunswick by native Egyptian, Omar Boraie. Mr. Boraie, President of Boraie Development LLC, struck out to embark on New Brunswick to follow his dream of studying chemistry, however, his career made a detour when he decided to pursue his passion for real estate instead. The brilliant businessman created quite a successful business in property development, with the partnership of skillful architects, diligent contractors, and stable lending institutions. Mr. Boraie developed a niche in swiftly acquiring untapped or underdeveloped markets, then resurfacing their architectural landscaping. The developer keenly keys in on the hotel, retail, residential, student housing, and mixed-use assets for future projects. His vision remains affixed to crafting tasteful, high-end properties with exclusive amenities. You can visit their website



The properties his company has rendered have been known to be inclusive of ample office, retail, and recreational space. Furthermore, living areas are massively decked out with designer kitchen and bath features, high-tech gymnasiums, state of the art pools, fully equipped sky decks, bodacious outdoor terraces, social lounges, and 27/7 doorman services. Another modest luxury characteristic is their digital concierge system, where tenants can opt to make rental payments online, collect delivery and visitor messages, receive community information or updates regarding new restaurants, and local theater shows. Boraie Development deliberately positions their properties in the center of enjoyable nightlife, dining, and entertainment venues, offering tenants an authentic luxury experience. These elite properties typically attract stable, successful tenant candidates. Over 60 percent of Atlantic City’s population is over the age of 40. Vice President and son of Omar Boraie declares that the company will not target any specific demographic for The Beach at South Inlet..instead, he and his leadership team are striving to create a diverse economy in the New Jersey community.



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