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The Underlying Propeller for the Success of the Fortress Investment Group

The humble beginnings of Fortress Investment Group date back to 1998 when it was founded by a group of 5 people including the famous Wes Edens and Pete Bridger. The company has seen enormous growth over the years and by 2006 it was traded publicly and caught the attention of many. By this, it became the first and largest corporation which was owned privately to be traded publicly in the United States. The Group has become one of the leading and highly diversified investment manager globally $43.6 billion worth of asset under its management by the closing of the year 2017.Fortress Investment Group has been put to the task of managing assets in form of credit, real estates, equities, and capital investment of more than 1,750 institutions and private investors. The aim of the Group is to provide their customers and clients with risk-adjusted returns hence investment performance is the backbone of their operations. The employees in the Group are always satisfied with the facilities and benefits provided and this could be the reason why the staff population keeps on increasing.

By December 2017, they had over 1000 qualified asset managers and investment professionals.The core competencies that have been the cornerstone of the success of Fortress Investment Group include their knowledge of the industry they operate in, investing on asset-based where they are great experts in owning assets, financing the assets, pricing them and managing them, knowledge of the capital markets and corporate mergers and acquisitions. In 2015, the Group launched Fortress Credit Opportunities Fund IV, Fortress Japan Opportunity Fund III, and Fortress Real Estate Opportunities Fund II and also offered its IPO on the NYSE. In 2014, the corporation launched Fortress Equity Partners and Liquid Markets Affiliated Manager Platform.The leadership at Fortress Investment Group is steered at maintaining good corporate governance practices and initiatives. The firm has a well laid out strategies and procedures for ensuring that every business operation is carried out with the highest level of accountability and transparency.

The 3 main leaders at the top in the organization include Pete L. Briger who is the Principal and Co-CEO at San Francisco, Wesley R. Edens who is the Co-Founder, Principal, and Co-CEO at New York and Randal A. Nardone who is the Co-Founder and Principal at New York. Softbank Group Corp finalized the acquisition procedures of Fortress Investment Group for around $3.3 billion however the leadership of the Group is to continue with their functions. As a result of the merger, the Fortress stock was delisted from the New York Stock Exchange. Nevertheless, the Group will continue functioning independently with all its management and staffs because its success has impressed the Softbank Group.The Group has been of the help of various organizations in sponsoring events. In 2010, the firm had promised to give $875 million for the development of the Olympic athlete’s village in Vancouver, Columbia. This is where the 2010 Winter Olympics were to be held. It has been recognized as a hedge fund manager of the year 2014 in the investment magazine and also various investment companies have recognized it putting it in the limelight of possible acquisitions.

How Michael Hagele Expanded His Horizons to Reach the Silicon Valley

Michael Hagele saw the need to expand his horizons while, as a young man, he found himself working at a car wash in Chicago during the coldest time of the year. He has since reached well over the horizon, today providing legal services to a number of high-tech companies.

A graduate of the University of Iowa, Michael Hagele subsequently received his law degree from the University of California, Berkley. Early in his legal career, he was employed in the licensing and online commerce division of the Fenwick & West law firm, which has its headquarters in California. He later worked as an in-house attorney, providing legal services to numerous internet firms. In his role as general counsel to these companies, he extended his expertise to such areas as corporate governance, employment issues, intellectual property rights and merger activity. Visit to learn more.

Understanding the principle that smaller companies can more efficiently serve their clients, Michael Hagele decided to open his own legal practice. He currently serves in the role of outside counsel for various technology firms, including those associated with the fields of aerospace, biotechnology and national defense. In this role, he directs his attention to developing, distributing, drafting, licensing and negotiating articles relative to the internet, hardware, software and telecommunications in general. His experience also extends to commercial agreements within the technology field. His background enables him to conduct promotional and marketing services, to handle the purchase and sale of intellectual property and to analyze portfolios as they relate to financing and transactions.

Outside of his legal work, Michael Hagele is known for the founding and funding of businesses in the restaurant and hospitality industries. In his current status as a legal adviser, he is particularly excited about the rising trend in artificial intelligence, which he sees as having many applications. He attributes his success to simple tenacity and to his adherence to the philosophy that the customer always comes first. Having established his base of operations in the Silicon Valley along San Francisco Bay, his high-tech customers are never very far away. Learn more:


The Untold Facet of the Prolific Ronald Fowlkes

Being a leader in every career that he has done has enabled Ronnie to be a great role model in the life of many and consequently has made him focus on the success of his endeavors. In what people may call analog, he has been using his paper and pencil to jot down his main activities in his journal which he follows consistently. This is a character many should embrace especially in our generation where everyone has been carried by the digital wave which even makes some to miss their schedules. Pen and paper still remain the primary activity planners.

Ronald Fowlkes specializes in commercial products and consequently involved in law enforcement. He offers quality education and training to sales personnel which are more 150 and also enabling them to carry out appropriate product sale and development. He is a well-recognized Development Manager in Eagle Industries Unlimited Inc. (ATK) which basically deals with distributing sporting gears. The company under the leadership of Ronald has been operating for more than three decades and has not ceased in providing quality products to various professionals in the shooting, law enforcement, military and even in the tactical market.

A branch of ATK, Eagles Industries Limited, is specialized in dealing with all manner of reloading gears and shooting accessories. As a development manager for the companies, Mr. Ronald Fowlkes properly fits into this position because of the vast professional experience that he has. For around 4 years, he served in the United States Marine Corp, where he raised in various ranks. He is a veteran of the Gulf War. He has been well trained in various training like in Advanced Navy-Marine Corps, Marine combat, United States Parachute School, and even Naval Special Warfare Foundation (NSWF).

His experience in the military he was once deployed in Iraq by the United States military to work with Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization where he was involved in infantry operations. He has risen to work with the US military in hostage rescue operations, tactical operations, post-blast examination and analysis and his qualification in Law Enforcement have made him be one of the evidence collectors from detainees.

Out of his love for hockey, Ronnie has been mentoring young kids in the skills he knows. He always feels good sharing his stories with these children who are inspired by him. One thing that Ronald knows is exercises that can keep one fit which he learned in his days in the military. During their mentorship program, Ronnie has realized that, when the kids find someone they can trust, they open up and become honest. The most inspiring thing about his efforts in hockey mentorship program is that his team has been ranked 27th nationally for its exceptional performance in various tournaments.


Eric Lefkofsky Tempus Unicorn Funding

Tempus Unicorn is a Chicago-based technology company founded in the year 2015, with the world’s most extensive library of molecular and clinical data. With the high rise in technology, the company uses an operating system to make the data useful and accessible. It also employs specialized doctors to deliver personalized cancer care for patients through analytical and machine learning platform.

Tempus has made much progress within a short time because of Lefkofsky’s risky effort and ambition. As a result of delivering reliable equipment and services from the Unicorn, the Company has then attracted a lot of interest in Chicago tech community and confirmed that Tempus had assembled one of the most massive cancer databases around the globe.

In March 2018, the co-founder Eric Lefkofsky received charity funds amounting to $80 million from a group of new and existing investors with the motive of aiding the campaign in the fight against chronic diseases. The organizations that funded included New Investors Trust Co., Revolution Growth and New Enterprise Associates.

Cancer treatment in Tempus is increasingly at its intersection of computer technology and medicine. The core objective is for each patient to benefit from the treatment of others whose data have been captured by the physicians.

The action plan for dealing with cancer eradication is a technical process since the data is taken out of electronic medical records systems where it is structured using technology and expertise taskforce. Through the operation, rich molecular data is generated then a sequence of their DNA and RNA follows. The team places all the data in one centralized place for execution to ease the process of data analysis.

Tempus is one of the unique medical organizations providing sequencing tests and collecting clinical data about how patients respond to the treatment. Generally, in health care organization, dealing with data-sets can be tedious because of its size and sometimes disorganized. Therefore, Tempus built a series of data to collect, sort and analyze to usher in the age of precision medicine. These data pipelines are essential on a different range of clinical and research applications to move clinical decision support and powering academic research.

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Ted Bauman Breaks Down Investing During Changing Times

Since 1998, Banyan Hill Publishing, then known as The Sovereign Society, has helped to provide independent investment strategies to a growing client base – one that now consists of over 400,000 readers unique readers each day. The team at Banyan Hill Publishing consists of an expert panel of knowledgeable specialists, each helping to provide their takes on upcoming investment opportunities dealing with commodities, income-producing investments, natural resources, and a variety of other sectors. Originally, the Banyan Hill Publishing website aimed to give its audience advice regarding things such as offshore banking, foreign citizenship and residency, and private foundations, but, in its rebranding, decided to focus on areas such as investing, asset protection, and entrepreneurship. Today, Banyan Hill Publishing is recognized as one of the premier organizations in the United States that focuses on investment organization and asset protection through the lens of sovereignty and self-reliance.

Financial uncertainty and volatility are common themes when dealing with the stock market and other forms of investing, but in recent times, the climate has been relatively serene, so one should expect future downturns if the past is an accurate predictor. Generally, after financial booms, major busts tend to follow, making accurate advice a necessity for success in investing. Financial advisors often provide generic information to their clients, while those looking to begin their foray in investing alone, are often overmatched by the intricacies of the market. Attaining the services of the experts at Banyan Hill Publishing could be the better option, as their track record of helping to grow and protect wealth by implementing unique solutions and investments is stellar.

Ted Bauman is an editor with Banyan Hill Publishing, having joined the team in 2013, after a 25-year career in South Africa. Ted Bauman was born in Maryland, but as a young man, relocated to South Africa, attending the University of Cape Town, where he garnered several postgraduate degrees. The majority of Ted Bauman’s time in South Africa was spent as an executive, operating in the nonprofit sector where he helped to secure adequate housing for underdeveloped urban areas. Today, Ted Bauman is the editor of the Alpha Stock Alert, Plan B Club, and the Bauman Letter, where he provides advice to his audience of investors regarding issues involving international migration, asset protection, and low-risk investment strategies. Ted Bauman recently co-authored a book alongside his father and he currently resides in Atlanta, Ga, with his wife and daughter. View:


Randal Nardone: A Leading Investor and Financial Expert

Randal Nardone is a co-founder and chief executive officer at Fortress Investment Group, LLC. He has also served as the Fortress Credit Corporation principal. Randal holds many leadership positions in the company and within other organizations that partner with Fortress Investment Group. Under his involvement, Fortress Investment Group begins to operate within SoftBank though as independent entities. This was followed by the completion of the acquisition by the SoftBank Company. The acquisition cost SoftBank $3.3 billion cash. The completion of the acquisition was followed by the agreement and satisfaction of all the condition to bring down the transaction. For example, there was a need for approval from the Fortress Investment Group shareholders that was completed in July 2017 and the approval by various responsible regulatory offices.

Following the merger, the outstanding shares for Fortress Class A were converted to receive $8.08 over every share in form of cash. The merger agreement was as well incorporated in the right manner and since then, the Fortress Investment Group will operate within the system of SoftBank though as an independent business based in New York. The leadership positions are not affected as well since their executives continue to operate in their capacities just like before.Fortress Investment Group is known for the expertise in credit funds and private equity funds management. It is a well-known investment firm with lots of diversities in the investment sector. The company manages assets for over 1,750 institutions and private investors as well as firms that range from real estate, credit, private equity investments, and permanent capital among other investment strategies.

Randal Nardone has a BA from the University of Connecticut and a JD from Boston University School of Law. His service has been felt and experienced under broad categories and committees in various institutions and organizations. Since 2011, Randal continues to serve as the director of Springleaf REIT Inc. At the same time, he has earnestly shown his support and service as the director of Springleaf Finance Inc. since 2010. Other capacities that he continues to serve include non-executive director for Alea Group Holdings Bermuda Ltd, director for Eurocastle Investment Limited, principal, co-founder & director for Fortress Investment Group LLC, president & chairman for Springleaf Financial Holdings LLC, and as the director & principal of Fortress Credit Corporation. Apart from his leadership, he has several affiliations to other firms due to his great expertise in investment matters. Through his leadership at Fortress, the company is expected to continue making great steps especially in investment and financial matters.

Louis Chenevert as a role model to other entrepreneurs

Louis Chenevert is a successful business entrepreneur who has a bachelor’s degree in Commerce production management. He is now the Chief Executive Officer at United Technologies Corporation. Louis Chenevert went through other minor positions in other companies, for example, his very first job was a first line supervisor at an assembly plant where he found it as a quite hard task. But, as a focused entrepreneur, he could make observations about how the employees were being treated and their behavior. He came out with definite ideas on how he would manage the employees and involve them in decision making in the case he to have his own company or become a senior member of any company.

The idea of United Technologies Corporation came in to his mind when he was working as a CEO at a Multinational global company where he got ideas on to be innovative, how to consider consumer tastes, preferences, and their changes with technology in production.

Louis Chenevert has the characters of any typical entrepreneurship that has the urge to succeed in business. The values should serve as a guiding example to all entrepreneurs whether existing, new or prospective entrepreneurs in business.

One of the factors that lead to success as an entrepreneur is the kind of people you connect and relate. It is good to associate with successful people because they will give you ideas on what they did to become successful and they will also have some positive influence in what you do.

Another key to success in business is the ability to manage time and make sound plans for your business operation. A good business plan will enable you to cope with challenges such as risks and uncertainties in business and also eliminate the factors that can lead to failure or low production in business.

Louis Chenevert considers severe and more supervision of how work is done as a significant action in production to keep updated on the work’s progress and make the necessary changes if any, and to make sure that resources are efficiently used with time being one of the resources to maximize production.

Talkspace The Best Way Out of Mental Health Problems

The healthy mental state is essential for a happy and stresses free life. Most of the people are so busy these days that they end up ignoring the essentials of life, like taking care of their health, eating and sleeping on time, and not stressing too much about work and life. Such a lifestyle is causing many different issues in the lives of the people, and it is potentially harming their health as well as mental well-being. People who are looking for a healthy and fulfilling life need to take care of their physical and psychological health equally, and the best way to do that is to live a stable and organized life.

If you are finding it difficult to cope with the professional and personal lives and have reasons that are causing depression and anxiety in you, confiding in someone and talking elaborately about it is highly recommended. Most people are not able to do that as much as they need, and this is where the help of professional help is needed. Talking to a professional therapist can help people get the relief they need and also the medical assistance they potentially need. However, if you are unable to consult a professional therapist at their office, then consulting over the phone or chat via Talkspace is a good idea. It is a mobile app that acts as a platform for the people with mental health issues and professional therapists.

Talkspace was launched in the year 2012 and since then has grown at an original pace. Many people who were earlier not sure of consulting a therapist are now doing so without having to come out of their comfort zone. The members don’t even have to reveal their true identity if they wish to and the plans for consulting with the therapists are very affordable, and even teenagers can afford it.

Michael Hagele’s Successful Business Exploits

Michael Hagele works as an external general counsel for a group of technological companies involved in the biotechnology industries, defense, internet, and aerospace. Michael is similarly engage in early start-up technology companies. He is also the investor and founder of numerous companies within the hospitality and restaurant businesses.

Michael has a wide knowledge and familiarity in developing agreements, licensing distribution, drafting and closing technology as well as negotiating. He implements the said skills in hardware fields, software, telecommunications and internet arenas. Michaels know-ho in commercial agreements is quite expansive especially if they are related to the marketing and promotional arrangements of companies involved in the technology industry. He is also well-versed in the analysis, sales, and purchases of a range of intellectual property rights relevant to M&A transactions and corporate financing. Learn more about Michael at Crunchbase.

Before his current occupation, Michael was a general advisor of various capital-backed internet company ventures where he is responsible for the overall legal affairs as well as in the administration of merger and acquisition deals, stock option plan management, employment disputes, corporate governance, and intellectual property strategy.

And before all of the above, Michael Hagele was with the Fenwick and West LLP Silicon Valley Offices’ Licensing and Online Commerce Group. He has a Jurisprudence Degree from the California University located at Berkeley, and he completed his Bachelor of Arts at the Iowa University.

Michael revealed that the specific trend that really excites him is Artificial Intelligence and its numerous applications that includes programming in genetics. He explains that he is an advisor and investor in a company that has started an app being utilized by non-profit entities to categorize the best productive means of funding. He states that he and the companies he is affiliated with are using learning algorithm machines to seek out obscured and patterned relationships in data bare facts and awareness on overlooked, unknown and unclear facets on the effects of a certain program.

According to Michael Hagele the worst job he ever had was when he was employed with during winter at a Chicago car wash where he can still feel the numbness and pain in his hands. The incident taught him to value his education to be able to find something more significant to work on. Visit:

Clay Siegall Leads the Way in Resarching Antibodies for Cancer Treatments

Seattle Genetics has been featured often in the news lately, with many articles detailing the biotech company’s ongoing efforts to expand into the larger pharmaceutical market. Seattle Genetics was founded in 1998 by Clay Siegall and has centered its research and development efforts into studying antibodies for cancer treatment strategies. Adcetris is one of the many drugs developed by Seattle Genetics and is used to treat Hodgkin lymphoma, which is a cancer that forms in the lymph nodes and can spread to other organs.

Seattle Genetics is looking to enlarge its horizons by moving into the marketing arena with its own drugs and also drugs from future acquired companies. Clay Siegall, the CEO, President and Chairman of Seattle Genetics, has stated that Seattle Genetics is an emerging oncology company and is poised to take its drugs into the global markets. Clay Siegall believes that four of the 11 drugs currently held by Seattle Genetics have a great possibility for immediate sales. One of these four drugs is number 33A and targets myeloid leukemia (AML), which currently has an unfavorable outlook.

Clay Siegall has a Ph.D. in Genetics from George Washington University and a B.S. in Zoology from the University of Maryland. Since acquiring his Ph.D., Clay Siegall has earned a long list of accomplishments. After beginning his career as a Senior Research Investigator with Bristol-Myers, Clay Siegall was promoted to Principal Scientist, then became a Staff Fellow and Biotechnology Fellow at the National Cancer Institute. After this appointment, Clay Siegall launched Seattle Genetics.

As the top executive leader and founder of Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall has built Seattle Genetics into a leading developer of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) that are used to treat cancers. Currently, Seattle Genetics has license agreements with companies like GlaxoSmithKline, Genentech, Pfizer and AbbVie that has resulted in over $300 million being generated. Clay Siegall has worked diligently to raise capital for these developments and has garnered more than $675 million by public and private funding. Not just a leader in new drug therapies, Clay Siegall has published extensively on the research being conducted at Seattle Genetics. He has published over 70 scientific articles and also holds editorial board positions for three scientific journals.

No matter what direction Seattle Genetics ultimately takes in its quest to enlarge its footprint in the area of cancer drug development, it is certain that Clay Siegall will continue to research new therapies and share the results.