Ara Chackerian Captures Opportunities

We live in amazing times. The confluence of knowledge and technologies catalyze innovation which creates a rate of improvement in the quality of our lives that is incredible. Nowhere is that truer than in medicine. As Managing Partner of ASC Capital Holdings, LLC, Ara Chackerian focuses on developing early-stage healthcare companies. Chackerian saw the opportunity in medical imaging years ago, the integration of digital imaging, big data, robotics, and artificial intelligence created a sea change in the practice of medicine and has become a tool box useful in many fields of medicine. You can his page for more.



Having developed a network of medical imaging centers in northern California, Chackerian looked for ways of applying these assets to other areas in healthcare. Chackerian is a co-founder and board member TMS Health Solutions. He worked with Dr. Richard Bermudas and Brad Hummel to develop the TMS business model. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, or TMS, uses non-invasive neurostimulation to address treatment resistant depression by activating specific areas of the brain involved in mood to test and treat depression which is not responsive to more traditional options. They had to overcome a systemic inertia to device based treatment of depression in the field of outpatient psychiatry where demand so outstripped supply that practitioners hadn’t developed a model to deal with the headaches of insurance processing. Applying the efficiencies and processes developed in other areas of healthcare to device based psychiatric treatment is just the kind of acumen Ara Chackerian bring to the table.


Corralling the challenging opportunity TMS presented was not his first rodeo. Ara Chackerian has spent decades nurturing health care technology companies. Through angel investing and shepherding companies like BMC Diagnostics, Embion/Provider Links, PipelineRx and TMS he has developed a full scope understanding of the health care industry from the innovation of new technologies and practices through pharmacy management and end user billing.

Chackerian is not a believer in the great man theory, and attributes some of his success to serendipity, though others might ascribe his successes to the intersection of preparation and hard work with opportunity rather than good luck. Balance in life is key and philanthropy levels his scales. As co-founder and president Limoapa Teak in Nicaragua he’s involved in sustainable harvesting of teak and providing jobs to the local workforce.



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