Alex Pall And His Spirit Of Independence: His Illustrious Career With The Chainsmokers

Alex Pall is one of those individuals that has humongous, infectious energy with just about everything he does. During his career as a D.J., those who worked with him almost immediately recognized him as someone with immense enthusiasm. Now that he is doing front man duties with the dance band The Chainsmokers, those in the music industry are noticing the exact same thing. He also shares this spirit of independence with his band mate and good friend, Andrew Taggart.

About to head to Thailand and start a pirate Ship thing and wear this hat again.

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When Alex met his friend Andrew, he remembers being very pleased about the fact that Andrew was actually into dance music way longer before many others were. In a word, he was into dance music “before it was cool.” Alex and Andrew have transferred that same independence to their musical act.

Interestingly enough, most dance musical acts do not write the lyrics to their own songs. Pall, Taggart, and the rest of the Chainsmokers are the exception to that rule. At present, they are celebrating the release of their new single, Closer. In this song, Pall details a story where he hooks up with an old girlfriend and starts feeling all the old feelings he had with her, but then realizing later why he broke up with her in the first place.

Another great thing that expresses Pall and Taggart’s individuality would be the fact that Closer was a collaborative piece with the new artist “Halsey”. Taggart and Pall have been angling for years to try to work with this artist for a number of reasons. First of all, they like the idea that she has such a strong voice. Secondly, they also like the idea that she is unapologetically “her” and does not put on any false pretenses.

These two facets illustrate one of the many reasons why Pall and Taggart have carved out a niche in the dance music scene in New York City. They realize that just copycatting other groups is simply not going to work. This is truly one of the reasons why they continue to grow their fan base, and why people continue to come back for more and more of their work.

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