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Chris Burch Is An Entrepreneur Who Chooses To Learn A Lot From His Past Mistakes

As the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, Chris Burch has done plenty to help build and support a spread of different brands including Jawbone, Faena Hotel +Universe, Poppin, Tory Burch, and Voss Water. Chris Burch learned how to help these brands and others by practicing entrepreneurship successfully himself. He is also an investor and has been able to combine his entrepreneur abilities with his skills in investing. One instance of this was when he purchased Nihiwatu, on the island of Sumba, which he renovated and turned into one of the most well-known luxury resorts in the world. Travel + Leisure magazine has even called Nihiwatu the #1 Hotel in the World, read (

In the past, Chris Burch has worked with other well-known personalities and entrepreneurs to help them out with their business ideas or to form partnerships. One of these was with Ellen DeGeneres where he helped her to start up ED by Ellen DeGeneres. Today, he is working with Blink Health, Chubbies, BaubleBar, Little Duck Organics, and other companies and brands that are much appreciated of his guiding influence. He has served The Pierre Hotel Co-op Board as its president and also sat on the board of The Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation.

Chris Burch has always had the ability to read people in order to better understand them, learn more information on He has drawn on this ability to succeed in the many different endeavors he has taken part of. If he were to start over again in life, he would tell himself to be more confident in the pursuit of his dreams and to live a life that he wants to live. He believes that the best thing an entrepreneur can do is to listen, and he also feels that taking strategic risks is a must in the world of business.

In an interview, Chris Burch commented on some of his past failures and revealed that he has had many of them. When he does, he works to better understand what caused the failure and how to avoid something similar in the future. This has allowed him to continue to be creative and to be the fearless entrepreneur that most people know him as.

Sightsavers’ Mission: The Battle To Defeat Trachoma And Save Vision

It is one thing to have a disease with no treatment and watch people suffer. If it quite another to see an illness that is totally preventable destroy people’s lives through loss of eyesight due to the unavailability of the drugs that can cure the disease. Some people and their organizations recognize this problem and are committed to ending the tragedy of the loss of vision when treatment is available. One such organization is Sightsavers and the problem is trachoma.


Trachoma is a bacteria that causes damages by scarring the eyelids. If treated early, it can be totally cured. It just requires the administration of existing antibiotics. The problem is the cost of the drugs and the delivery mechanisms to get these drugs to the people who need them. The other major problem is that the disease exists in some of the poorest countries in the world. This disease may go under the radar of many people, but fortunately not the individuals working at Sightsavers, an organization dedicated to preventing blindness. Their focus is on organisms such as trachoma, a disease that is totally curable in its early stages.


Trachoma feeds on conditions such as unclean water, flying insects that spread the bacteria, and in general unsanitary living environments. These conditions exist in Africa in former countries of the British Empire that are now part of the Commonwealth. The government of the United Kingdom is committed to addressing the plague of trachoma and welcomes the support of Sightsavers. It takes a combined effort of government and private organizations to fight this problem.


The good news about trachoma is that the solution to the problem exists. That solution has been applied in the country of Malawi. The country has gone from millions of its citizens living with the risk of blindness to the virtual elimination of trachoma. All it takes is dedicated professionals like Sightsavers and the infusion of money from international donors. There is hope and there is the possibility that other countries can receive the same assistance as Malawi.


Zithromax is the cure, and Sightsavers delivers this drug even to countries like Yemen where war has all but destroyed the infrastructure of a civilized nation. Sightsavers will not be deterred from their mission. They will not rest until Trachoma is erased from the face of the earth. It is a noble cause and one worth supporting by governments and individuals alike.






Dr. Mark McKenna Was Born To Be An Entrepreneur

Dr. Mark McKenna believes his parents helped him become an entrepreneur. They were self-employed and they gave him their entrepreneurial spirit. Their career provided him with great examples of what an entrepreneur should be. His father is a professional surgeon that runs his own private practice and his mother owns a publishing company. Mark began his career as an entrepreneur and he cannot imagine working for anyone. He had no former training, business school degree, or internship.

He started his business ventures while he attended Tulane University. He saved up money through moonlighting at a local prison and performing medical examinations to invest in real estate. After other investments, he started McKenna Crescent Investments. He later started Universal Mortgage Lending and acquired Uptown Title. His business designed and built residential real estate properties, closed titles, and originated mortgage financing.

He had a great portfolio and his company had 55 employees until Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans. Many of his properties were destroyed. In response, his company rebuilt or refurbished damaged low-income housing. He moved on to another business venture before the real estate crash occurred. In 2014, he sold his company ShapeMed and earned his executive MBA. He got the degree to help him make his new venture, OVME, a success. ShapeMed was a medical clinic that offered healthcare treatments like Botox. It was bought by Life Time Fitness Inc. Dr. Mark McKenna stayed on as a director for a little while, but he was ready to move on.

OVME was founded in Atlanta as a retail medical aesthetic company. Dr. Mark McKenna plans to open more venues in other major cities, such as Las Vegas. It incorporates a unique direct-to-consumer mobile platform. It will combine modern convenience and the clinic’s high quality service. The company seeks to match professionals with customers to provide a service that is specialized. A venture capital firm gave the company $4 million in seed financing. Dr. Mark McKenna has laid out a five-year plan to take the company to new heights, while making innovations in elective healthcare.


Michael Terpin of the Terpin Brothers is one of the well known racing drivers in the world. Rally racing is one of the dangerous and cautious sports, Michel Turpin has been able to be in shape to compete in the competition. Michel Terpin was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil together with his brother.


Michael Terpin is famous in his country Brazil as one of the largest rallying racing driver. His father made the funding of his passion in being in the motorcycle profession. In 2004, he was the navigator to his brother Rodrigo Terpin. Afterward, they became partners, with his brother in that profession.


Michel Terpin is now the T-Rex Machine driver of a high model car designed by MEM Motorsport. It’s a car modified by Tree Planting Program which is ecologically friendly with carbon-free seals. His love for the welfare of the environment has also proved for the vehicle. Brazil has a great rally driver. For more details visit



Michel Terpins is a team that has successful careers in rally racing. They featured in the 22nd edition of the Sertões Rally that was hosted in July. They finished in 7th place in the Prototypes T1 as it was a test of skill and caution in which they completed. Terpins and Justo were the second prototypes in the T1 category on the T-Rex, which is developed by MEM Motorsport, for two years in a row. Their car was given a significant booster making it more potent in that race. The Sertões Rally is one of the competitive event done every year.


Michel Terpin completed his 10th participation on that year ever since he made his first appearance in 2002 of the motorcycle category. Rodrigo Terpin has a team where it includes his brother Rodrigo Terpins, his navigator from Taubaté and others. With this team of Rodrigo Terpins and Michel Terpins, they were able to form the Bull Sertões team Rally Team.


The two brothers are both drivers. They have experience in the T-Rex board for over four seasons. They also take part in the Brazilian Championship of Cross Country Rally.


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How Is OSI Group Sustaining Its Growth

In the food industry, time equals money. For those who own a business in this specific industry, then you know how important it is to receive your products on time. Though every company that specializes in logistics has a few hiccups here and there, consistent hiccups will surely go against the grain, especially when it comes to cost reduction. OSI Group is one of the top companies that provide top-of-the-line logistics. This company just so happens to specialize in food processing, and it must meet a large quota on a consistent basis. By possessing such a vast supply chain, OSI gives a food retailor the best shot for receiving its products on time.

OSI Group is an expert in the field of business thanks to its leaders. David McDonald and Sheldon Lavin has led this company straight to the top of its class via acquisitions. OSI has been able to successfully merge with other similar companies throughout the years to strengthen its foundation. In addition to that, the company has participated in a number of acquisitions with success. In 2016, OSI Group went on an acquisition bonanza to some degree. David McDonald, the company’s president, has played an important role in acquiring stake. OSI acquired two of Europe’s top food manufacturers in 2016. These food manufacturers were actually BAHO Food and Flagship Europe. By acquiring stake in these two juggernauts, OSI is now able to conduct business in many new markets throughout Europe.

The same process took place here in the US in 2016 as OSI acquired a 200,000-square-foot facility on Chicago’s South Side. This plant was formally owned by Tyson Foods, and OSI spent over $7 million for the purchase. Many of the management positions were retained as well as many of Tyson Foods’ employees. As you can see, this is just a few of the many ways that OSI Group is sustaining growth. The company also sustains itself by selling copious amounts of food products, and it sustains itself via custom-food solutions.

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Guilherme Paulus: Becoming The Newest Brazilian Billionaire

The tourism industry in Brazil is growing, and many foreign tourists are coming into the country to witness its beauty, cultures, and traditions. Entrepreneurs who managed to invest in the tourism sector are now experiencing the fruits of their labor, and they never expected that millions of people are now coming into their country. Last year, the tourism department of Brazil recorded more than six million foreign tourists, and they expect the number to increase further.

Guilherme Paulus, a Brazilian entrepreneur who invested in tour operator services, hotels, and restaurants, is one of those who is reaping the benefits of a strong tourism industry. He is now the country’s newest billionaire, and Forbes magazine confirmed his net worth to be well over $1 billion. Guilherme Paulus never realized that he would become a billionaire someday, and now that it happened, he could not hide his joy and gratefulness to everyone who helped him reach the top.

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Starting his career as an intern for IBM, Guilherme Paulus decided to create his own business after he learned a lot from the internship program. He sent an invitation to a lot of prominent figures in Brazil, hoping to get a reply. A local politician told him that he is interested in the business, and they soon became business partners. Through his hard work and dedication, his company became the largest tour operator services firm in the Latin American region. His business partner had to leave him years after the business was established, due to personal reasons. He managed the business alone, but he never felt any pressure from being a sole owner.

Guilherme Paulus never stopped venturing into new industries. He opened up a chain of hotels and resorts in 2005, placing it outside the airports and seaports which is considered by the experts as strategic. The recent games centered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil boosted the performance of the tourism industry. Today, the Brazilian government is serious in drawing more tourists to the vibrant and lively country filled with adventures like Brazil.

OSI Group: Food Production on a Global Scale

It is almost unfathomable to consider the exponential growth of OSI Group since its humble beginning as a neighborhood butcher shop in the outskirts of Chicago, IL. Since the early part of the twentieth century, this amazing company has defied the odds and changed the way food is processed and distributed in practically every corner of the globe.

A significant event that contributed to the wholesale evolution of this company; was ushered in via a new business model in the restaurant industry. In the mid-1950’s, OSI Group was still known under its original name – Otto & Sons – and the new restaurant was named McDonald’s. After Otto & Sons struck a deal with this fast-growing restaurant chain to be its exclusive beef supplier; this food processing company from Chicago quickly became known as a major player in the food production industry.

By the late 1970’s, OSI Group had expanded its market base to select areas in Europe, and in the 1980’s this company began to reach distribution points in South America. At this juncture, there was no doubt that this small business from the Midwest was now a legitimate multinational food processing giant.

In recent years, OSI has focused its resources towards the southern areas of the European Union. The company is building new processing plants to meet an increasing demand for food production. This expansion plan increases the company’s ability to distribute a variety of meat products to areas that have a pressing need to meet the requirements of an ever-expanding population base.

For example, in Spain OSI has recently spent millions of dollars to build a gigantic food processing facility to provide its customers with fresh food that can be distributed to retail outlets throughout southern Europe.

OSI Group has proven itself on the world stage by producing food products in almost any country around the globe, and as population centers continue to grow; OSI will be there to meet the needs of countries around the world both now and in the future.


Randal Nardone, steering Fortress Investments to success with each wake

At the realm of Fortress Investment group’s success, sits a man by the name Randal Nardone. He has been the cornerstone of its operations ever since its inception, and as the director, CEO and also one of the main principals of the firm, he has contributed immensely to its success.

Even though he had what it takes to establish and run a business on his own, Nardone understood the essence of teamwork, and he knew that by joining hands with other skilled investors, he would achieve twice what he could on his own. In respect to this, he went ahead to join hands with Wes Edens and Rob Kauffman in 1998 to establish Fortress and later Peter Briger. All the leaders boasted impressive career backdrops thereby helping him steer the company towards its objectives.

Having been in the finance arena all his life, Randal Nardone boasts top of the shelf experience as a professional financialist, a factor which makes him the cornerstone of Fortress Investment group. All his hard work and efforts to shape Fortress into one of the most significant asset management firm’s have also brought him a great deal of benefits. For instance, he is now ranked among self-made billionaires and was even listed on the Forbes Billionaire list as he has a net worth of over $1.8 billion.

Even though he is a skilled financialist now, this has not always been the case as he initially studied law at Boston University and also graduated with a Juris doctor. However, his interactions with various finance figures while working at Thacher Proffitt & Wood saw him shift his gears to finance and even left Thacher for a finance company dubbed Blackrock Financial management. Here, Randal Nardone served quite a senior role as the principal, but he soon left for Union Bank of Switzerland where he was appointed the managing director.

If most people were to trade places with him, then they would get comfortable, because not many would be willing to give up all the benefits that come with being the MD of a renowned Swiss bank. However, Randal Nardone aimed at something more significant, that is becoming his own boss, and in respect to that, he only worked at UBS for twelve months and later left to establish a venture of his own, which he did with two others that were mentioned earlier.

Under his wing, Fortress Investment has marked significant milestones. For instance, the firm was honored as the Hedge fund manager of the year and also named Management firm of the year among many other awards. Randal Nardone also led Fortress Investment group towards the deal with Softbank and believes that FIG’s acquisition by Softbank will further help their firm achieve its objectives as it now has all the support it needs from a far more established company.


Jason Hope Sees the Future

Jason Hope, an entrepreneur from Scottsdale, Arizona, is passionate about the latest trends in technology, and specifically about the Internet of Things. He often shares his knowledge and research in articles, but most recently has written an e-book, and is considered to be one of the leading authorities on the subject. Hope believes the Internet of Things will become the biggest technological advancement ever seen in the industry, and will completely change not only the way business is done, but the way ordinary people complete daily activities.

Basically, the Internet of Things will allow devices used in daily life to connect and communicate with each other, and collect and share data, which will also be available to the human user. The ultimate goal is to make all appliances and devices more efficient and to reduce the waste of resources. This, in turn, will make the management of life’s tasks easier for everyone. Read more about Jason Hope at

Jason Hope reminds everyone to think beyond just cell phones and computers, but to imagine the possibilities of communication between cars, fitness trackers, home appliances, smart devices, and other gadgets. For example, appliances can be controlled and monitored from remote locations. This should result in energy savings as it will be easy to make sure lights are other devices are off.

As with any technology, Jason Hope is quick to point out that there are always security concerns. Personal data and privacy issues will need to be constantly addressed and updated to keep pace with the changing technology. Having all data connected means that if a hacker can get into one thing, they then have access to everything. Successful companies will need to make sure their products provide the security consumers will require.

As the Internet of Things continues to expand, Jason Hope believes that management apps will be an area for development companies to plan to spend a lot of time on, as consumers will demand useful, convenient apps that allow easy engagement and organization. He expects a competitive and rapidly changing market as businesses and individuals realize the life changing reality of the Internet of Things.

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OSI Group: How business growth happened

OSI Group is one of the companies that have a very rich history. For a company that was started over 100 years ago to be the largest producer of food products is an achievement that cannot be underestimated. The company has gone through various phases of growth under different leaders, but one thing has remained consistent-rapid growth.

OSI Industries was created from a family owned business known as Otto &Sons. Otto & Sons came from the founder of the business who was named Otto Kolschowsky and his two sons-Arthur and Harry who helped him to grow the business. The three built this business from a butcher shop into a prominent regional supplier. The company has headquarters in Aurora, Illinois.

Otto &Sons made a breakthrough in the 1950s when the McDonald’s restaurants were established. The sons of Otto established a good friendship with the managing director if the first outlet which was opened in Illinois. The friendship led to a business contract that Otto & Sons landed to supply hamburgers to the restaurant in Illinois. Luckily, the restaurants started multiplying. Many of them were opened in Illinois and other states. Business for Otto & Sons picked such that they were forced to split their business into two. One side remained with the name Otto & Sons and concentrated with supplying the McDonald’s only.

The demand that was coming from the McDonald’s was so much that they had to develop a food production plant to process food products for the McDonald’s. In the 1970s, the company developed interests to expand its operations to more places in the United States following the steps laid by the McDonald’s. It changed its name to OSI Industries to take up a new title of a company and not a family owned business. They at the same time added another partner in the business known as Sheldon Lavin who is the current CEO.

The leadership

OSI Industries has been doing magnificently well since Sheldon Lavin joined its leadership ranks. Under his leadership, the company has become a multinational that no longer depends on the McDonald’s for its growth. As the chairman and CEO of the company, there is a lot that he has contributed to the company. He has led a revolution of business operations such that OSI Industries is not only a leading business in the food industry but also a leading private business in the United States with a net worth of $6.1 billion.