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“Dr. Saad Saad: Leavig a Legacy of Excellence in the Medical Surgical Fields!”

The Medical science industry has demonstrated countless times throughout history that when the proper and most optimum resources are granted in any circumstance that all kinds of infirmity, disease and maladies can absolutely be remedied. This includes medical professionals who have been afforded the naturally occurring high acumen it takes to operate and serve the community in a medical capacity. While there is no shortage of doctors and scientists, there are a select few that really stand out and have contributed to great lengths in overcoming medical conditions and understanding how they arise. One such astounding contributor is Dr. Saad Saad who was born in the Palestine and spent his youth coming up in Kuwait.


Despite growing up somewhat underprivileged with eight siblings, Dr. Saad’s determination, hard work and great intellect served himself and family well in attaining a well-established medical and surgical practice. He is also quite respected and honored for his philanthropic works including eight generous medical missions to Jerusalem to operate without cost on severe pediatric and older youth’s medical conditions. In the early 1970’s Dr. Saad achieved his medical degree with high merits, having ranked second among all of his class peers. Dr. Saad has worked in many countries, including England where he performed his internship and after completion immigrated to America.


Dr. Saad practiced medicine here in the United States for well-over forty years and has even seen great success with two inventions in regard to operating apparatuses during surgical procedures. He has had a long and lucrative career performing many honorable positions throughout his vocation. One such position was the acting Pediatric Chief Surgeon and Co-medical director at the renown Hovnanian Children’s Hospital in Neptune, New Jersey. Dr. Saad recently shared his enlightening advice and experience with readers during a recent interview about the time he has spent serving mankind in various medical capacities.


When asked when Dr. Saad was completely sure about his decision to become a medical surgeon and work in the healthcare and medical industries, he asserted that it was as early as high school. Having experienced extreme heat temperatures in Kuwait that can easily reach over 110 degrees, was a contributing factor to wanting an occupation that he could perform in comfortable atmospheric conditions such as highly controlled operating rooms. Engineering was his first consideration, but he quickly caveated to the medical field after working in other performances outdoors as aforementioned. Learn more:


Dr. Saad is a firm believer in steadfast determination and believes that anyone who really puts their mind, will and emotions towards the pursuit of their dreams will succeed greatly. After all, if a poor immigrant can become a renown surgeon there’s hope for everyone despite, ethnicity or circumstance.

Ricardo Tostos, Effective Attorney Pro Bono!

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is an outstanding legal professional at the law company of Milk, Tosto, and Barros. This company is quite specialized in litigation of high cost cases. They have served many clients and assisted with settlements that are valuable and profitable. Their global clients have rated them one of the quality law firms and might propose them to be first in any litigation process. Ricardo Tosto is seen as a market leader and is distinctly legitimate with many clients of the sector. He has specialized in mass litigation that results in huge sums for the customers. He has spent his existence in perfecting the craft of litigation and the legal process. Ricardo Tosto serves his customers with the maximum admiration viable and treats them like his circle of relatives. He strives to make all feel cozy inside his workplace surroundings. The more at ease his clients feel the better chances they have of cultivating a lasting relationship. The workplace is one of the best in the economic sector and has a recognition of being an enterprise merchandise and asset firm. Many clients that select to provide business to Ricardo Tosto and his firm do not ever want to work with anyone else. They experience the level of understanding and top notch service that Ricardo Tosto gives.

In a recent development, Ricardo Tosto assisted with the litigation between a wife and husband who had been keeping part of their commercial enterprise. It’s important to observe that the wife did now not acquire any of the commercial enterprise interests for the duration of the time period of marriage. This put courts in a double bond position. Ricardo Tosto assisted with the settlement. In the case of white collar crimes Ricardo Tosto has shown excessive knowledge. The office of his regulation company has been nationally recognized due to their strict code of compliance. They have been assisted with environmental cases in major affairs. The numerous instances which have been tried and litigated correctly through Ricardo Tosto are very impressive. He has presented his services pro bono on a normal basis for specific causes that are notably essential and impact mass society.

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Boraie Development: The New and Glamorous Atlantic City Residential Tower

Atlantic City is now a contender in the high-end, glamorous residential market. The resort town has made a groundbreaking announcement for its first posh 250 unit apartment complex called the Beach at South Inlet. It is an $81 million dollar project engineered by innovative development company Boraie Development LLC. The company was founded 30 years ago in New Brunswick by native Egyptian, Omar Boraie. Mr. Boraie, President of Boraie Development LLC, struck out to embark on New Brunswick to follow his dream of studying chemistry, however, his career made a detour when he decided to pursue his passion for real estate instead. The brilliant businessman created quite a successful business in property development, with the partnership of skillful architects, diligent contractors, and stable lending institutions. Mr. Boraie developed a niche in swiftly acquiring untapped or underdeveloped markets, then resurfacing their architectural landscaping. The developer keenly keys in on the hotel, retail, residential, student housing, and mixed-use assets for future projects. His vision remains affixed to crafting tasteful, high-end properties with exclusive amenities. You can visit their website



The properties his company has rendered have been known to be inclusive of ample office, retail, and recreational space. Furthermore, living areas are massively decked out with designer kitchen and bath features, high-tech gymnasiums, state of the art pools, fully equipped sky decks, bodacious outdoor terraces, social lounges, and 27/7 doorman services. Another modest luxury characteristic is their digital concierge system, where tenants can opt to make rental payments online, collect delivery and visitor messages, receive community information or updates regarding new restaurants, and local theater shows. Boraie Development deliberately positions their properties in the center of enjoyable nightlife, dining, and entertainment venues, offering tenants an authentic luxury experience. These elite properties typically attract stable, successful tenant candidates. Over 60 percent of Atlantic City’s population is over the age of 40. Vice President and son of Omar Boraie declares that the company will not target any specific demographic for The Beach at South Inlet..instead, he and his leadership team are striving to create a diverse economy in the New Jersey community.



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OSI Group Acquires Tyson Foods, Baho Food

The OSI Group is the leader in the whole world of value-added food products. The company leads the world in the provider of food services for retail food companies. It is one of the biggest privately held companies in the entire world. OSI Group provides a variety of quality foods including meats, produce and ingredients. OSI Group is truly unparalleled in its resources and provides the leading customer service in the business.

OSI Group employs over 20,000 people and has headquarters in nearly twenty countries throughout the world. These headquarters contain more than sixty five entities. OSI Group is highly dedicated to helping its entities grow and expand and has a strong leadership team of industry experts that is solely dedicated to providing the best experience. It is truly the foremost company that provides value-added foods.

OSI’s capabilities also include the creation and distribution of custom foods. The OSI Group can even support the supply chain from processing to final distribution. The OSI Group recent made the acquisition of the well-known Tyson Foods. Tyson Foods are headquartered in Chicago and is a household name for the provision of chicken, sausage and more. Tyson produced a substantial amount of meat consumed in the United States. In fact one out of every five pounds of pork, beef and chicken consumed by people in the United States is made by chicken. That ensures that Tyson is the top provider in the United States, as well as the market leader.

Tyson Foods has over 100,000 employees and includes brands that are household names. These names include a variety of household names including Jimmy Dean, Ball Park, State Fair and Hillshire Farm. In addition to the consumers eating Tyson products at home, the company also provides the majority of meat to restaurant chains around the country. These restaurants very wildly in nature, from fine dining down to quick service and drive through chains. In addition to providing meat for restaurants and for at-home consumption, Tyson also provides food to several large retail chains. These include restaurants and upscale retailers. The OSI Group acquired Tyson Foods for $7.4 million.

In addition to Tyson Foods, OSI Group also recently bought Baho Foods. The company is based in the Netherlands, where it is a household name. Baho produces snacks, cheese and beef that are distributed to more than twenty countries throughout Europe. Baho Foods has a sixty-year track record of producing these foods. This acquisition is a major move for OSI Group.

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Matt Badiali Sees A Fortune In Zinc

Banyan Hill Publishing senior editor Matt Badiali is no stranger to the special metals for investors world. He graduated with his Masters degree in Geology from Florida Atlantic U after completing his undergraduate Bachelor of Science from Penn State University where he studied Earth Sciences. After college he began his career by merging the science of geology with investing, primarily special metals. One of his favorites precious metal investments is Zinc. Learn more on for more info.

After years of traveling the globe analyzing companies, geological data, mines and companies that resource geological assets. Being a hands on approach scientist and investor he believes you have to see it to believe it. Through years of experience this one of Badiali’s strong suits is his ability to spot a red flag that you could only see in person and never on a pile of papers full of data.

One of the positive aspects the mining, energy and agriculture expert likes most about investing in Zinc is its tendency to have longevity and sustainability when it comes to growth and price stability. He points out that the last bear market on zinc which began in 2011 remained for 5 years and has since maintained a healthy rise in the current market. Over the last couple of years zinc prices have rewarded investors with a 120% gain. All though looks like a huge gain it is not uncommon. When you go back to a 2 year period between 2008 and 2010 prior to entering into a bear market the precious metal had gained at 154% over that period.

Matt Badiali is hot on zinc right now and predicting it to reach $3.96 per pound and the early investors would certainly love for him to be right again.

Matt also touts “Freedom Checks” via Banyan Hill Publishing. A Freedom Check is a dividend that’s paid by one of two companies. Either a Master Limited Partnership or a Royalty Trust. Both companies use a tax loophole to pass on most of their revenue to investors, which is a great system and good for investors but the problem is there are an abundance of these companies out there and some are better than others. So Badiali’s “Real Wealth Strategist Newsletter” is a resource you can use to help you figure out who the best companies are for you to buy from both a safety standpoint and from an income standpoint. Freedom Checks trade just like stocks and can be moved on any stock platform. Read more on Talk Markets:

Bernardo Chua: Introducing Ganoderma Mushroom’s Benefits To The Western World

Organo Gold is a network marketing company founded by Bernardo Chua in 2008 that is now growing by leaps and bounds. Chua had been introduced to the network marketing industry when he was hired a few years before by Gano Excel. He proved to be a natural when it came to recruiting clients and was able to expand Gano Excel’s customer base from strictly being based in the Philippines to having a large number of customers in Hong Kong as well as North America. It was after moving to the U.S. and having tremendous success recruiting new customers that Chua decided to go out on his own.

When he founded Organo Gold, Chua worked with top organic farmers to ensure he had the best quality ganoderma mushrooms to use in his coffees, teas and other products. He also invested a great deal of time and money into educating clients about all the health benefits ganoderma mushroom had, based on what he had learned from Chinese medical practices. Chua also reduced the prices of the products he provided to his marketing network. This enabled them to enjoy an even larger profit margin. Within a few years of its founding Organo Gold had become one of the network marketing industry’s fastest growing companies. Read:

With about a million marketing agents in a network that is spread over 50 countries, Organo Gold is a truly global enterprise. The company offers a wide array of excellent nutrient rich products to its customers and great money-making opportunities to its network marketing team. Bernardo Chua and Organo Gold also support many charitable organizations in the markets where they do business. The company’s OG Cares Foundation has created and supports a number of programs designed to provide educational help and social engagement opportunities for youth.

When he was a child, Bernardo Chua’s Chinese grandparents had told him about the many health benefits ingesting the ganoderma mushroom offered. Ever since then, he always wanted to introduce people in the Western World to the wonders of this nutritious mushroom. Through his Organo Gold products, Bernardo Chua is doing just that.

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Ted Bauman Points Out Some Key Factors Regarding The New Tax Plan

Ted Bauman

Bauman received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management Information Systems from the State University of New York at Albany. He earned his Master of Business Administration degree in Finance from Georgia State University – J. Mack Robin College of Business. He earned postgraduate degrees in History and Economics from the University of Cape Town.

Factor number one

Companies that are limited liability corporations, S corporations, and partnerships, otherwise known as pass-through entities will see a drop in income taxes. Business owners of these companies will only have to pay federal income taxes on 80 perfect of their profit. This could save companies a lot of money.

Number two

There is the potential to make money within the new plan no matter what you do for a living. For those who work for someone else, now may be the time to become a consultant in your field. Your tax attorney will explain how it can benefit you. For professionals, like doctors and lawyers, it now may be the time to separate your business into individual parts in order to save money on taxes. For those who are self-employed, have an LLC, or a small scale partnership, it may be beneficial to not use the profits to pay your salary. In return, this will increase profits and increases the amount of tax-free money that can be deducted from your taxes. Read more at for more info.

Number three

The new tax plan has eliminated some deductions that families relied on to help save them money. Only $10,000 in state and local income along with property taxes can be deducted from federal income taxes. Even though the standard deduction will be doubled, many people will still see their tax bill rise.

Number four

There are steps to take to reduce the taxes being paid on any retirement income. The first step is to open a Roth IRA. This IRA will become the only shareholder in your C Corporation that is suggested that you start.

These are only four factors that people should be made aware of under the new tax plan. Before implementing any of these tips, seek the advice of your tax lawyer. Read more on Talk Markets: