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Dr. Rod Rohrich to Chair Two Plastic Surgery Symposiums

Internationally renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Rod Rohrich will be attending three symposiums in the early months of 2018; adding to the more than 100 he has chaired in the past and the many others he has attended and participated in. Currently a professor at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, he has also acted as a visiting professor to upwards of 150 societies on both national and international levels. Dr. Rod Rohrich will be presenting at all three events but will be chairing the latter two. These presentations will be added to the in excess of 1,500 he has already delivered throughout his long career as both a reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgeon.

Founded in 1967, the Baker Gordon Educational Symposium will feature Dr. Rod Rohrich moderating 2 panels over the subjects of body contouring and lower lid blepharoplasty as well as participating in others. The Baker Gordon Symposium is known for its live surgical procedures, of which Rohrich will be performing a rhinoplasty on a live patient. This event will take place from February 8th through the 10th in Miami, Florida.

From February 28th to March 3rd the two meetings in which Dr. Rod Rohrich is helping organize and chair will take place: the Dallas Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine Meeting and the Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting. The Cosmetic Meeting features surgeons covering a breadth of topics spanning cosmetic surgery both on a procedural and social level while the Rhinoplasty Meeting will exclusively cover that procedure and topics surrounding it including the latest techniques, specific concerns with different ethnicities receiving the procedures, common problems, and even procedures for deformities. These meetings will both feature hands on cadaver labs where those attending can get experience with the procedures being covered.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is certified and graduated the Baylor College of Medicine in Texas as part of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honors Society. He currently serves as a chair for several medical organizations and acted as professor for both plastic surgery educational associations in the United States. Rohrich Instagram

Dr. Mark Mofid: Implanting Happiness

Ever heard the phrase when you look good, you do good? That phrase can be applied to many aspects of life, but it seems especially relevant when discussing the topic of plastic surgery. It’s hard to argue the fact that when you look good, you do good – especially in places such as California where for many residents, looking good is your job.

Whether you’re an actress, model, fitness instructor, or internet personality – many folks’ occupation and livelihoods depend on their appearance. It can be easy to let the imperfections bother you and when it becomes too much, it can weigh on both your mental and physical health. Plastic surgery is not only a trend, but a necessity for some.

In California, it may seem that there are an incredible amount of options when it comes to plastic surgery but there is one option that vastly outweighs the rest, and that is Dr. Mark Mofid. Aside from incredible technical skill, Dr. Mark Mofid offers warmth and comfort. He holds his patients satisfaction, happiness, and well being on the top of his to-do list, and that’s what sets him apart from so many and his patients can tell.

Dr. Mark Mofid isn’t afraid to tell you if you’re going to far, as he draws a distinct line in the same about how surgically far he’s willing to go. Because he truly cares about the clients well being, he knows what is good for you and if you’re taking it too far.

Good doctors are few and far between, but patients can always tell who the doctors are who center their practice around the absolute satisfaction of their clients, and that drastically comes off in Dr. Mark Mofid’s online presence. Many patients boast of absolute satisfaction of both the outcome of the procedure and the staff. When considering plastic surgeons in the San Diego and La Jolla area, check out Dr. Mark Mofid.

Igor Cornelsen’s History to Success

When people look at Igor Cornelsen, one thing they are going to see is a successful businessman and investor. However, every success has had a beginning. Igor has worked his way to his success. While it can be easy for one to think that Igor has always been such a successful investor and is therefore inaccessible, he has a story that can inspire people because it shows that people can change their lives.

When Igor was younger, he has gone to engineering school. Then he has started working at an investment bank. During his experience, he has learned what it takes to be successful at investing. He has learned the different signs to look for when it comes to a successful business. One thing he has also learned is to make sure that the clients that come to him have thought through everything. After all, he is making a huge investment. He has to make sure that the businesses he invests in are going to give him a return on his investment. Check ireport.cnn about Igor Cornelsen’s methods.

Given that he has gained a lot of experience in the finance industry, he has a lot of information for people to look at when it comes to topics like saving money and setting up multiple streams of income. One type of income he urges people to start is passive income. This is the type of income that is going to be very valuable for people. The unfortunate truth is that people are not guaranteed to work until they are retired. There are plenty of issues that can come up and change someone’s ability to work. One thing that Igor Cornelsen is teaching people is to come up with multiple plans towards the same goal so that they will be able to live comfortably for the rest of their lives. Read more:


Best Ted Bauman Shortcuts To Maximize Tax Savings In 2018 – The Easy Way

Who learned from Ted Bauman, how to outsmart tax reform in 2018? Last year, Ted Bauman’s final piece submitted to Sovereign Investor Daily touched on some interesting tax strategies going into 2018. He particularly emphasized the need to maximize tax savings in anticipation of income tax reform. Taxpayers could easily enjoy reduced marginal rates for another decade based on the newly revised federal tax plan. Of course, every taxpayer wants to take advantage of any tax savings. However, those who failed to increase itemized deductions in 2017, probably missed out on getting a 2018 tax break.

Ted Bauman suggested prepaying for certain tax deductibles ahead of 2018. For example, medical (scheduled procedure), student loans (outstanding), mortgage interest, property taxes, etc. It probably made more sense to trade in or buy an automobile last year, and list it as an itemized deduction for 2017. From bonuses, retirement plan conversion, downsizing a company/business to real estate investing, Ted Bauman encouraged swift action in 2017. The new plan aims to cap SALT (State, Local and Property) taxes, scrap personal exemption and add a threshold to mortgage-interest deduction. This should see many high-tax states household paying more taxes. Meanwhile, low-income taxpayers could find a higher standard deduction vs. itemizing agreeable. Learn more on Seeking Alpha about Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman developed a passion to help citizens make smarter investment decisions. With an eventful professional life, he’s experienced the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia. He’s overseen numerous international housing development projects. His life experiences ultimately made him a wiser investor. He’s now sharing this knowledge with the readers of his journals, articles and free newsletter. Mr. Bauman shares constructive advice through a couple online channels, including The Sovereign Investor Daily. In addition to this free weekly newsletter, he’s Banyan Hill Publishing chief editor. Since he joined the investment research advisory in 2013, he’s tasked with managing its top three subscriptions: Alpha Stock Alert, Plan B Club, and The Bauman Letter.

As a strategist, Ted Bauman’s expertise centers on low-risk investing, international migration, asset protection, and privacy. He spent most of his young adult life abroad (South Africa). In fact, Bauman received two postgraduate degrees (History and Economics) from UCT (University of Cape Town). He later landed employment as a lead executive with prominent nonprofit investment companies across the country. The fund manager played a pivotal role in launching and nurturing Slum Dwellers International. It’s had success in 35 countries worldwide and has supported more than 14 million citizens globally. Visit:


Joao Pessoa’s Real Estate Icon, Robert Santiago.

It is impossible to talk of Joao Pessoa without the mention of the famous real estate investor Robert Santiago. He is the man behind business transformation in the State of Paraiba, in Brazil, through his magnificent malls Manaira and Mangabeira Shopping.

Santiago was born in 1958 in Joao Pessoa. He went for his studies at Pio X-Marist College, before joining University Center of Joao Pessoa for a Business Administration degree. For a start, Santiago was employed at Cafe Santa Rosa, a decorative products company. His passion for business, however, convicted him to start his own company, Cartonnage Company, where he started selling packaging cartons and later on other decorations to the surrounding population.

Santiago decided to venture into real estate, and in 1987 he bought a piece of land in Joao Pessoa, in which he erected a mall. After two years, Santiago launched Manaira Shopping Mall, which today is a monumental mall and a home for entertainment, family, and shopping. The mall is situated at Paraiba Capital on a land of 75,000-meter square. It offers different entertainment services to the people of Joao Pessoa as well as the population of vast Brazil. It has 280 stores which comprise of bowling alleys, restaurants, movie theaters, food courts, ballrooms, hyper-store, gaming area, a college, a gym, a bank, and shopping areas.

Nothing interests tourists and the visitors of Manaira mall more than the movie theaters, which are known all over Brazil. With there being 11 of them in the mall, 3 of them have been equipped with the modern 3D technology, with the rooftop theater having a capacity of 4,000 seats. The gaming station is fitted with 200 gaming machines, featuring a variety of games suitable for both kids and adults.

Since the construction of the Manaira Shopping Mall, several expansions and renovations have been done to achieve its current appearance. It is the first mall of its kind, has led to an enormous economic growth in Joao Pessoa. It has also been a source of employment for many residents of Joao Pessoa.

In addition to his first mall, Manaira, Santiago also owns another mall at the south of Joao Pessoa, called the Mangabeira (Mangeira) Shopping which was launched in 2014. This is the second largest and the most modern architectural design in the whole of Brazil. The ceiling, glass work, lighting system gives the interior of the mall a natural beauty and sophistication. Mangabeira Shopping has 212 stores and is build in a 112,000m² land.

Just like its sister mall, Manaira, Mangabeira is also a leisure and entertainment hive with a game station, 6 movie theaters, spacious food court, two playgrounds, a bowling alley and several shopping stores.

While his entrepreneurial expertise is evident through these two successful malls, Santiago is also a big fan of sports. He engages in motorsports during his leisure time and he has earned several trophies through them.


Rocketship Education And The Pressingg Problems Faced By Students In San Jose

One of the challenges of the educational system today is the fact that the educational programs offered may not match the demanding modern markets and jobs available now. This is a national problem that has to be addressed. For this reason, the people behind Rocketship Education are initiating programs that help address the inequality of the quality of education that students receive.

The American Dream Renewed

One example cited by Rocketship Foundation that suffered from the inequality of the educational system today is what is happening right now in San Jose. According to a study in Harvard in 2014, San Jose is facing a lot of educational challenges that render their students unable to find the jobs that they need, want or deserve. Because of socially poor students that immigrated from places like Canada and Denmark, there is more need for San Jose’s local government to get their hands together and remedy the issue.

What Rocketship Education Offers

Because of such issue, Rocketship Foundation might have made it their purpose to form a non-profit network of public charter schools that are linked with community organizations in making their standards of living grow. Excellent education is key to transforming low-income communities, and it’s this vision that fuels Rocketship Foundation to form a sort of ecosystem that promotes quality public spending in the right educational programs. Of course, there is such a thing as wrong education. This can be seen from over emphasis on books, theories and text, instead of tinkering around, the way the investors of the past did it.

Despite the excellent team of English language teachers that are put in place in San Jose from Rocketship Foundation, it’s still a big challenge for the teachers in the non-profit network to assist the low-income communities in San Jose’s surrounding areas. Despite that, because of the cooperation of various networks and concerned individuals, there are now more than 25 high-performing charter schools that have ingrained the vision and promise of Rocketship Foundation. This has been an enormous success and improvement since the project was launched in 2007. Truly, with the remarkable staff behind Rocketship, it is now easier to find the real solutions to the pressing problems of the low-quality educational system, at least in San Jose area.

Eric Lefkofsky Invites Technology To Beat Cancerr

Cancer is a life-threatening disease whose treatment is receiving technological assistance. A data-base driven platform can now collect and analyze customized care data to better help suffers of various cancer related diseases. This cancer defined platform data will give doctors and researchers succinct information on making real-time treatment plans, including the precise medication and treatments that can be customized for each patient.

This data consortium is called “Tempus.” Tempus data is now a new modus of delivering cancer treatments by analyzing a patient’s personal clinical and molecular data. After a tenuous journey, Tempus now operates by having developed analytical software which analyzes and tailors each patient’s personal medical data.

Tempus is under the aegis of Eric Lefkofsky who is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Lefkofsky has a personal reason to push the amazing Tempus data-driven platform and that would be because of his wife. His wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and while going through the process of cancer treatments, he discovered a lack of information in collecting his wife’s personal data.

Yes, doctor’s keep succinct notes, but that is not enough to exemplify and streamline all the information needed to make effective use of a customized cancer data. Now with Tempus, physician notes and other paper information can be transformed into structured data to be revamped into useful data to treat advanced cancer exploratory modules.

Eric Lefkofsky attended The University of Michigan Law School where he received a Juris Doctor. Eric believes that technology advancements like Tempus are what will help physicians pair cancer patients with the medical regiment that can be tailored to effectively treat their particular type of cancer, including how to ameliorate many other types of diseases.

Mr. Lefkofsky’s career has always included some form of technology, analytical predictions, data logistics and other forms of e-commerce solutions. This career background involved his management positions like being a co-founder of Groupon and working at Uptake Technologies, Mediaocean, Echo Global Logistics, and InnerWorkings.

Eric Lefkofsky and his wife have formed the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. Mr. Lefkofsky charitably works with the Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago, The Museum of Science and Industry and World Business, the Steppenwolf Theatre Company. Eric Lefkofsky is an adjunct professor at the Booth School of Business.