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The $18 Billion Contribution Saga of George Soros and the Worried Conservatives

George Soros has a prominent position in the philanthropic world with his Open Society Foundations and contributions to charity and liberal groups across the globe. Recently, he transferred a major share of his wealth, $18 Billion, to Open Society Foundations. When almost everyone appreciated the kind heart of George Soros, there was a set of people who were not happy with the attention Soros captured in the philanthropic world. It is none other than the conservative groups and their theorists. Considering the liberal campaigns of Soros and his opposition towards flawed conservative policies, the conservative sections consider him as an enemy to them.

The heavy contribution also made OSF the second largest philanthropic group, according to funds and operations, in America just behind the Gates Foundation. This has made the conservatives as well as the billionaires from conservative side upset. The theory group started working on fabricated stories to malign Soros as well as downsize his noble contribution that could help millions of people to change the direction of their life. It was not new that Soros was always drawn as someone who captured significant influence in the financial spectrum around the globe. Though he made his fortunes from risky currency trades, the markets around the world are huge that cannot be altered by a single person.

Plotting him as a philanthropic boogeyman by conservatives was showcasing the current political moment. It is understood that the ideological frustration of the conservative camps is paving ways for targeting the billionaires in the liberal end – an attempt to divert the attention from their internal fights and other core issues. However, the conservative groups often forget that if the liberal groups try to target the conservative billionaires like Koch brothers – who always have a shadow image in front of the ordinary people of America – conservatives may face bigger blows. Interestingly, the liberal stories about conservative billionaires would have more selling appeal as the conservative riches are perceived as dark money groups.

However, many people are upset with the fact that targeting philanthropists and their contributions may discourage the young philanthropists. The young philanthropists may think that every philanthropist might be targeted by various groups later. This can adversely affect the charitable donations and works in the society. George Soros is a proponent of open society ideologies and known for declaring that laissez-faire capitalism poses the biggest threat to open society ideas after the collapse of communism. Though Soros earned his fortunes from capital markets, he thinks that it is his duty to disclose his observations.

George Soros was born in Hungarian Jewish family in 1930 and moved to England in the year 1947. He secured his graduation from the famous London School of Economics. Hoping to test his insights about capital markets, Soros moved to the United States and became a stock trader at American stock markets, including the Wall Street. In the early 1970s, he established Soros Fund Management, a currency trade-focused hedge fund firm. His hard work and market insights made the company highly successful, and in the later years, Soros started founding Open Society Foundations across the globe.

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Whitney Wolfe Herd, CEO of Bumble

Whitney Wolfe Herd is CEO and founder of Bumble, which is currently headquartered in Austin, Texas, and employs 70 employees, 85% of which are women. Bumble is an online dating application which primarily gives women, instead of both parties as is customary in other online dating applications, the power to initiate contact with prospective matches. This gives women control over their matches without all those unwanted messages and solicitations that occur in most online dating forums. This is why one of Bumble’s mantra’s is “Make the first move.” Of course, Bumble also has the solution to same-sex dating. In that situation, either person is allowed to initiate contact. But under both instances if the person contacted doesn’t reply in a given time frame, then the match disappears and the contact lost. Thanks to Bumble, women no longer need to wait for the man to ask them out. The proverbial ball is in their court now.

Whitney Wolfe Herd is only 28 years old and recently landed the December 2017 cover of Forbes magazine, landing her on the magazine’s seventh annual “30 Under 30” list, which highlights 600 young innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders in twenty industries who are industry game-changers and leaders who are on the path to achieving notoriety and fortune. Forbes magazine called her “The $1 Billion Queen Bee of Dating Apps.”

In addition to the dating apps, Bumble launched an application in 2016 called Bumble BFF. This application uses the same principles of the Bumble app, such as swiping and matching, but to help find friendship instead of romance. The launch of Bumble BFF has added 1.5 million users since January 2016 to the application.

If that is not enough entrepreneurship for one person, Ms. Herd’s Bumble launched the application, Bumble Bizz, to the all-encompassing “Beehive” of applications. Bumble Bizz is a professional networking and social network designed to follow their “women make the first move” concept. In a recent article on CNNTech, Ms. Herd stated that “a safe space is needed for women who are career networking, just as it is necessary for dating and that solicitation is a real thing that happens on LinkedIn to women.” (O’Brien, S., Oct. 2, 2017;; “Dating App Bumble Wants to Help You Network” 12-20-2017)

Ms. Herd is an amazing young and exceptionally bright young woman. Even from a young age she became a thinker with a business-oriented mindset. Whitney Wolfe Herd was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah and graduated from Southern Methodist University with a major in International Studies. She started her first business for apps at the age of 19 when she formed the Help Us Project making bamboo totes to help those affected by the BP oil spill. She recently wed Michael Herd, a restaurateur who also engages in the oil and gas business, in September 2017 in Positano, Italy and resides with her husband in Austin, Texas.

Matt Badiali Sees a Huge Rebound for Platinum

Mining and energy expert, Matt Badiali, recently announced his interest in, what he predicts to be, a precious metal with a very good chance of rebounding in the near future. According to Mr. Matt Badiali, over the last few years there has been a sharp decline in the mining market, and while in 2017, some of the world’s most precious metals saw their value return to near normality, some remain at historic lows. In order for the price of a metal to rise, there needs to be a demand that is greater than the ability for adequate supply. Between 2011 and 2016, Matt Badaiali’s choice for the metal that will see the greatest improvement, platinum, saw a decline from year to year. He believes that the reason for platinum’s chance at a successful rebound is the fact that the demand will continue to exceed the supply, as the supply and demand number reached a point where it was nearly even in 2017. While there will still be a small deficit at the end of the year, the supply is expected to jump by two percent next year, while the supply will fall. Read this article at to know more about Matt Badiali.

Today, the prices of platinum are low when compared to recent years, and due to the fact that platinum wasn’t expected to sell, it didn’t. While the prices of platinum have fallen, the truth of the matter is that the world’s supply of platinum is far lower than other valued metals, such as zinc or copper. Because of the fact that the need of platinum can be directly linked to the need for catalytic converters, a staple of diesel engines, combined with the high demand for diesel throughout Europe, the demand is almost sure to increase. Mr. Matt Badiali predicts that the price for platinum may rise upwards of twenty-five percent over the next year. More info at Talk Markets

Matt Badiali is an expert in the field of energy, having personally owned oil wells, and been actively involved in many other areas of mining and natural resources. His intimate knowledge of energy and agriculture has led to hold teaching positions at both Duke University, and The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill regarding geology. Today Matt Badiali is the Senior Editor at Banyan Hill Publishing and has enjoyed a very successful and lucrative career as a geologist and investor. He cites his ability to unearth rare investment opportunities as one of his greatest passions involving his career.


How Can You Invest In Other Countries Like Brazil? Ask Igor Cornelsen

There’s a lot of different ways you can have success investing, and sometimes you just need a fresh perspective on how to do it. But the best way to get to your financial goals through investing is to go at for the long-term as opposed to trying to just land one or two big trades in order to get rich. Helping people understand this aspect of investing is what former bank manager Igor Cornelsen does. Cornelsen has years of experience in both stock trading and investing as well as alternative funds and foreign exchange trading. He sometimes gives tips to news networks on what investors should rely on to be successful. Some of them include looking for new stocks or finding damaged stocks from reputable companies. Read more at to know more about Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is from Brazil and formerly worked for several big banks down there and maximized returns on many client portfolios. He also served as special counsel for the Brazilian government and helped former presidential administrations manage fiscal policy. He’s now retired and most of the time he’s enjoying personal activities. But he does sometimes do consulting as a hobby for American companies. But he also is happy to fill investors in on how they can invest in foreign countries including Brazil.

Igor Cornelsen says since the departure of former President Dilma Rousef and the policies of Finance Minister Joaqim Levy have taken hold, the opportunity is looking better for people to invest in Brazilian securities. But there will be government regulations they have to look out for that could affect investments. Cornelsen says investors need to familiarize themselves with Brazil’s banks and their policies to get an idea of what investing will look like.

Some other tips Igor Cornelsen offers include making new friends with Brazilian locals who can tell you things about investing down there. He also says look out for the value of the real which has been overvalued recently and is slowly stabilizing. And then investors should look at Brazil’s trade partners and competitors because their activities can also affect your investments.

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Troy McQuagge: The Winner of One Planet Awards 2016

Troy McQuagge, the Chief Executive Officer of USHEALTH Group, won the 2016 One Planet Award for professional and business excellence. It should be noted that the reputed business award is given to business leaders who could make a change in the industry through professionalism and integrity. Interestingly, it honors thoughtful leaders in every industry across the world, and organizations, non-profit groups, start-ups, and more can submit their nominations for the awards. The Award committee observed that McQuagge led the firm to offer highly competitive and unique insurance services that helped it to grab the title of high-value insurance solutions provider.

Troy McQuagge acknowledged that it was a great honor for being named to the prestigious Award recognizing his hard work and attributing his efforts in the industry. He further added that every employee of USHEALTH Group has contributed to this recognition and should be dedicated to them. McQuagge also said that it also recognizes the firm’s commitment to providing affordable healthcare solutions by offering innovating coverage considering the varied needs of the customers. It should be noted that One Planet Awards recognizes various categories include executives, PR, teams, marketing, new products and services, corporate communications, and more of organizations around the world. Learn more at

Troy McQuagge has more than three decades of exposure to the insurance industry and has a better understanding of customer priorities including the changing needs as he predominantly worked in sales departments of various insurance firms. He has delivered excellent results by working with different insurance companies from start-ups to high-growth companies. McQuagge is also credited for his problem-solving skills and considered as a visionary leader with a clear focus on a sustained future.

He started working with USHEALTH Group in 2010 and initially took the responsibility of USHEALTH Advisors, the advisor department of the firm, as its Chief Executive Officer. McQuagge devised plans to improve the performance of the division with support services, training, mentoring, and more. Interestingly, the group started delivering greater results with the improved customer experience and long-term customer relationship.

The performance of USHEALTH Advisors helped McQuagge to be promoted as the Chief Executive of USHEALTH Group in 2014. In the role, he started focusing on the profitability of the company along with strategic growth. His efforts helped the firm to achieve record results in the last three consecutive years. McQuagge started his career when he joined the Allstate Insurance Company as a Sales Professional in the year 1983. After a decade of service, he joined United Insurance Companies Inc or UICI in its Student Insurance Section. McQuagge was chosen as the President of UGA, a division of UICI, in 1997. He helped the firm to set many single-year sales records. McQuagge earned his graduation in Legal Studies from the University of Central Florida.

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Rick Smith is a Brilliant Man

There’s a lot about the tech industry that confuses people. People are only interested in finding out what’s the latest gadget they’ll be able to buy. Something few people ever think about is the technology that goes into offering prison systems the essentials for inside-outside communication.

One of the fastest growing companies supplying prison systems is Securus Technologies. Recently, Securus acquired JPay Inc. JPay is one of the largest providers of electronic payments, email, and entertainment and educational apps for correction facilities. They have deals with over 30 states to supply their prison systems with tech-communication.

Now that Securus owns JPay, it’s in the spotlight, and everyone’s expecting it to maintain the high standards set by JPay. CEO Rick Smith Securus is excited to take on this grand challenge. He understands what a great opportunity his company’s been afforded. He hopes to move forward as soon as possible and begin supplying correction agencies with whatever they need, in the way of technology. Read more on

He also talked about why his company acquired JPay. Both companies were performing fine separately, but Smith felt it was time to combine teams. By combining expertise, they can now offer the best products at the best prices.

According to Ryan Shapiro, CEO of JPay, his team’s excited about the acquisition as well. Not many of these corporate acquisitions go over so peacefully. Both companies seem to be solely focused on providing better products and moving forward as a joint venture. Read more on about Rick Smith Securus.

Even though Securus just acquired JPay, JPay will operate as a subsidiary of Securus Technologies. This allows the company to continue operations as normal while offering them the expansive resources of a large corporation like Securus. That kind of trust-based partnership is what makes this acquisition the best choice for both companies.

Richard A. Smith is the exact kind of businessman that seems. He’s a strong-willed, brilliant man who’s always looking to better his company’s position. He’s proud of everything his company’s accomplished over the years and is always looking forward to what it’ll accomplish in the future. He’s most proud of his company’s deep connection with law enforcement.

Since Securus became one of the largest providers of technology services to correction facilities, they’ve gotten thousands of letters from all types of people thanking them for their service. Securus Technologies is about safety.


Stream Energy And The Future of Its MLM Business

There are so many loquacious authors today that want to tell you more information than you need. There’s more noise than you can listen to today than there is time for you to read them. In the case of Stream Energy Services, you may be able to find so many information about what they’re doing right now that you could get enervated in doing so.

We will try to address that by only giving you a set of information that will not cause you to break. We will give you the information right now that’s updated, and that’s the latest thing that ever happened with Stream. Shall we start? Follow Stream Energy on Linkedin.

The Delaware Project

Last December 5, 2017, it was stated by Stream Energy’s official press release that it has now been able to offer its direct selling projects to different people all over the globe. Its list of services is able to offer Wireless Protective Home programs in Delaware that improve the lives of the residents. Stream has maintained to be one of the leading energy companies in the world and with its expansion from its Illinois market last September, it’s easy to see the potential of Stream to improve the lives of so many people.

It may be interesting for you also to know that Delaware is the eight state that’s being added to the list of areas being serviced by Stream’s ever-expanding energy services venture. Visit to know more about Stream Energy.

About Stream

Strem Energy is one of the leading providers today who are able to assemble a series of wireless and protective programs for various homes. Comparatively speaking, Stream leads in its ability to offer various natural gas and electricity firms that can withstand the test of time.

The good thing about Stream Energy is that it’s able to offer various programs for the people using the Multi-Level Marketing Approach. With its primary sales channel, many people are able to experience the series of great programs that Stream offers.

That said, it’s easy to see why Stream Servies has a lot of market and demands. With its programs that have expanded to areas like Delaware, many people would want to be part of what he offers.