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Imran Haque Is A Caring Internal Medicine Doctor

There are some doctors who specialize in a very specific area and who complete a very particular type of work. Imran Haque is not one of those doctors, as he takes on all kinds of health issues and illnesses. This doctor is someone who dedicates his life to his patients and their needs, and he does that by helping them with all of the problems that they face. Imran Haque gives services to those who are looking to have a physical examination take place, and he helps those who are dealing with diabetes and in need of help managing that. He is someone who works with a variety of people and helps them past a mix of problems through his work at Horizon Internal Medicine. He is one of the most well-respected internists in the state of North Carolina.

Imran Haque is someone who found his calling while he was in school. He was studying at the University of Virginia in the Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem Program when he realized that internal medicine was the area that he wanted to be part of. He knew that this area was the one that he wanted to tackle. He wanted to provide patients with a good doctor who truly cared about them and who would take on all of their needs.

There is a lot of work that goes into the start of a new practice, and Imran Haque knows all about that. He knows that it takes a lot of effort to be successful in the medical world, and he is willing to put in the effort that he needs to so that he can make it. He believes in treating others in the same way that he would like to be treated, and he does that even as he is working hard and pushing on toward success and more

Equities First Holdings Provides the Apporpriate Loans for Each Customer

Equities First Holdings knows how to help people who need better loans, and they will give a number of loans to people who are hoping to take on a little more cash because they need it instantly. The purpose of these loans is to give businesses and individuals something that will be easy for them to understand and pay back. They get results that are very good for their wallets, and they realize that they can use these loans to make their financial lives a little bit easier.

The company does not ask for much on their applications because they know that that will be too much for them to do in some cases. They only ask for enough to underwrite the loan, and they work out payment terms with their clients that are good for them. Each clients can come into the office, and they can get instant access to an associate.

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The Steps Followed By American Institute Of Architects To Support Architectural Work

American Institute of Architects is the top professional organization for the future professionals, certified architects, and allied partners. Its headquarters is in Washington DC. The body has an average of two hundred workers and about three hundred local chapters. American Institute of Architects offers services such as the redevelopment of the community, education, public outreach and government advocacy among others. All these services are geared to enhance the public image and most importantly to support architectural work. The firm has also collaborated with other bodies to design and develop a team to assist in managing the building industry.

Every year American Institute of Architects carries a noble task that helps the architects and the public. For instance, the company lays out its principles in the contract documents which have more than one hundred forms and contracts that get used in the construction and design industry. The company also provides unlimited Web-related resources for the upcoming architecture experts. AIA also carries out market surveys and analyses the economic features that affect the architecture industry. More to that, the company still campaigns for the future of the architects by improving how the public value the design and also serves as the architecture profession advocate.

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Currently, the chief executive officer of AIA is Robert Ivy. Robert was born in Columbus in Mississippi. He obtained his bachelor’s and master’s degree in architecture from Sewanee University and Tulane University respectively. Robert has supervised the publication of thirty-three journals in digital and print editions in the capacity of the vice president and Editorial Director of the McGraw-Hill Construction. In 2009, Robert got awarded the G.D Crain Award for the excellent lifetime support to editorial excellence in business. In 2010, Alpha Rho Chi named him the ‘Master Architect.’

AIA contains over ninety thousand certified architects and related experts. All these professionals abide by the professional conduct and code of ethics that assures the public and customers of the AIA commitment to the high standards of professional exercise. There usually are five categories of membership in American Institute of Architects. These fellowships are; Associate membership, Architect membership, International associate membership, Emeritus membership and Allied membership. To accommodate the students who may have a desire in AIA, AIA has set many state and local chapters where students can join. AIA also recognizes people and groups that support the architecture profession. For instance, the AIA Gold and Architecture Firm Award programs that acknowledge such people.

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Bruno Fagali Offers Advice in Administrative Law

It is by default that each and every one requires a highly experienced and an exposed lawyer in handling a sophisticated legal issue. You need a lawyer who can zealously fight to safeguard you. You also need a lawyer who works towards getting the best possible results in your case. For instance, you need to hire a personal injury lawyer soonest possible in case you have been injured as a result of your careless action or due to the negligence of another person. A business or a corporate lawyer can play a big role in helping resolve the matter to do with a business dispute. You will also be required to consult a lawyer who is conversant with the business law as well. Fortunately, you can easily find a reliable injury lawyer for a case evaluation. Learn more on Bruno Fagali reports research that reveals that Brazilian companies are more concerned about adopting anti-corruption mechanisms in 2017:

If you happen to deal with administrative or regulatory law issues, you will definitely require speaking to a lawyer who is destined to deal with such cases in the field of law. There are a good number of lawyer out there who are set to take clients through cases that incorporate regulatory as well as administrative law. All you need is to ensure is that you hire a super smart and competent lawyer. Bruno Fagali is a prominent lawyer with tremendous experience in the field of law. He has been on the field for years and hence he has extensive experience resulting from tremendous practice. He is termed as one of the brightest minds in his field of specialization.

Bruno Fagali has a great and credible academic and professional background. This background identifies him from many other lawyers in this similar filed. He is highly honored by his clients as well as his partners due to his credible performance. He is a well-known corporate integrity manager at the top-rated advertising agency that he established. Bruno Fagali pursued administrative Law at the University of Sao Paulo. After he earned his Bachelor’s Degree, he proceeded to pursue Master’s degree program and completed his studies in Law. Bruno Fagali operates his own law firm in Brazil and represents his clients in anti-corruption law, regulatory laws, administrative laws, Federal Civic actions in conjunction with other related matters. Visit:

Whitney Wolfe the Matchmaker

She is an American entrepreneur, the founder, and CEO of Bumble, a dating app that was established in 2014. She was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and attended Southern Methodist University where she took International Studies. At 19, she launched a non-profit organization in partnership with a celebrity stylist, Patrick. The profit-free firm was intended to help areas affected by an oil spill. She later moved to Southern Asia after her graduating to work with orphanages.

Whitney, the young and talented matchmaker, was married to Michael Herd, an oil heir, in 2017; her wedding was held at Villa Tre Ville Positano along the Almafi Coast in Campania, Italy. The couple had gone there to celebrate their anniversary, and she had loved it for her wedding destination. She was named as one of the 30 Important Women Under 30 In Technology in 2014 and as one of Forbes 30 under 30 in 2017.

Bumble is among the fastest growing mobile apps all over the world with almost 10 million registered users in only two years of its operation. Her vision was to better the way people connect online. Bumble provides a female-first atmosphere for people who want to socialize. The conversation has to start within the first 24 hours or else it disappears. Whitney saw how online connections were dominated by bullying and abuse; she wanted to create a solution. Her online app is committed to having a healthy and meaningful association with its members or individuals. To achieve this, the woman has to make the first move in Bumble. It has had more than 100 million first step made by a woman, and the company celebrated achievement.

At one year, Bumble had over fifteen million conversations and 80 million matches. Bumble has grown to over 22 million registered users and has a more than 70% year after year growth. Its sales will exceed 100 million by the end of 2017 and might even double in 2018. Bumbles headquartered in Austin, Texas. Recently, Bumble BFF was introduced to the people looking for meaningful friendships. It is Bumble’s new vertical alongside BumbleBIZZ. BumbleBFF now has over 3 million users and has around 500,000 conversations.

Women hold power in Bumble. And as much as it does not rule out bullying, it has been minimized considerably. This App is growing steadily and has subscriptions for some of its members who choose to pay a 9.99-dollar fee. Bumble is valued at over a billion dollars.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America; Affordable Care for Cancer Patients

When his mother died of cancer, Richard J Stephenson was not satisfied with the care and treatment that the health institutions offered her and so he sought to come up with a better cancer facility to aid cancer patients. He founded Cancer Treatment Centre of America with its first hospital being opened in Zion, Illinois in 1988.

Cancer Treatment Centre of America has since grown across the United States with five facilities serving residents in Oklahoma, Illinois, Georgia, Arizona and Pennsylvania. With state of the art technology machines, experts in cancer related matters and professional staff, Cancer Treatment Centre of America is indeed a top-tier cancer treatment center. Recently it has taken to create awareness of the dangers of prostate cancer. They have partnered with the National Football League Alumni Association and LabCorp to increase the number of men who go for prostate cancer screening by increasing screening centers and also educating men on preventing and managing cancer if they are affected by it.

Statistics show that one in every seven men will get prostate cancer in their lifetime and has made it the most common type of cancer that affects men. The number of men diagnosed prostate cancer is set to increase to over 161,360 new cases in 2017 according to the American Cancer Society estimates.

Prostate cancer is caused by race and family history with African-American men having 70% higher chance of being diagnosed with prostate cancer. Getting yourself screened is the first defense against prostate cancer according to the Cancer Treatment Center of America, and since they understand that each person is affected by it differently, that is why they offer individualized care plan. Their treatment methods include immune therapy, chemotherapy and surgery and they manage side effects of cancer treatment through in-house therapy treatment making its facilities as comfortable for their clients as they can.

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The Amazing; Investor Igor Cornelsen

The financial sector of the Brazil nation has grown and is in a perfect position to attract investors to the country. The economy has posted positive results in relation to its economy while on the other hand, the turmoil that had surrounded the economic system has ended. Shina has been able to produce a lot of stuff to the Brazil economy.

Igor Cornelsen has helped in explaining to individuals the repercussions that will face them if they plan to invest in the property in Brazil. Igor has outlined the various strategies that could be of help to individuals planning to invest in a foreign country. He further helps them maximize the gains they have invested in the investment without taking risky paths.

Igor Cornelsen advises individuals to familiarize themselves with the currency of the Brazilian country. The country has strict rules that govern their currency such that individuals from foreign countries need to get authorized banks to exchange their currency before starting any investment. The rates of exchanging the currency are different depending on the type of the transactions.

Cornelsen advises individuals to come in contact with the natives. The country is full of businessmen and entrepreneurs hence networking with the natives will enable an individual to have knowledge of the type of investment he would want to achieve. The natives are generally cordial hence new ideas can be sprout by the individual from the conversations.

An individual has to prepare for the red tape since the country is very strict on its regulations. Igor advises individuals to research earlier on the regulations before being caught up with them. Cornelsen has an investment firm that helps investors to pass through the economic water which involves rocky areas and this initiative has placed a smile on the investors.

Igor Cornelsen insists that all foreign investors should be in touch with the Brazilian investors so that they can get wind of the economy in that country. There is a commercial rate of exchange in the country but Igor advises investors that the Central Bank of Brazil can change the rate at any time and the individuals will end up being frustrated. Igor gives investors hope of creating money in Brazil but if only they follow his instructions.

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Securus Technologies Earns BBB Accreditation for Its Role in Crime Solving and Prevention

Securus Technologies is a leading provider of technology solutions used in solving and preventing crimes not only for the general public, but also in correctional facilities. The company’s customers have over the years praised the firm for revolutionizing the correctional facility environment while improving public safety at the same time.


Customer Satisfaction


Many customers have written in via email and letters giving feedback on how technology solutions from Securus Technologies have helped them arrest corrupt staff members engaging in contraband trade within correctional facilities. In another instance, a customer praised the firm’s technologies saying reporting data has boosted the facility’s monitoring efforts using reporting data, which has helped in deterring the incidence of contraband within the facility. Using the company’s covert alert feature, another client was able to take a suspect into custody while in another, LBS software helped in seizing millions of dollars in illegal assets, drugs, and cash money. In cases of harassment and potential threat, Securus Technologies solutions have helped in conducting investigations critical in upholding safety within various facilities and the community at large. Many of the firm’s customers have heaped praise on technology solutions offered by the company saying it offers evolutionary investigative tools which intertwine with their own aggressive investigative mindset.


About Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies was founded in 1986 and has been providing civil and criminal justice technology solutions since then. Given that innovation is one of the key pillars of the company, Securus Technologies owns hundreds of patents and a team of engineers, designers, and technologists solely dedicated to coming up with innovative technology solutions for enhancing public safety, and modernizing the incarceration experience. Consequently, the firm provides thousands of law enforcement, public safety and corrections agencies with simple but powerful tech solutions which help them in executing their duties. Thanks to its success in the field, Securus Technologies has been a BBB-accredited business since 2016 after meeting the necessary criteria for such accreditation.