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History behind the success of the JHSF

JHSF is among the leading real estates in Brazil. The company has network its operation in various areas to expand its potential in the market. The primary areas that HSF deals with are commercial acquisition and management of shops, property development, and residential market. The firm traces its history way back in 1972 where it was only concentrating on the business activities of the future businesses. The company then exploited its potential in areas of innovation and quality service delivery in the provision of the solution in the Brazilian market. This move placed the firm at a vantage position over its competitors and gave it a chance of priority by the clients as compared to other companies providing the same service.

JHSF has an excellent record of successful management of various projects in the Brazilian market. The consolidation of its activities in the major cities gives it a better way of handling the primary challenges that are associated with the operation. The company runs its operation in stages by using four main units of hotel and restaurant, incorporations airport projects and malls. This has channeled the top management of the JHSF to deal majorly on the income earning services that are consistent. This has also made the company employ different strategies in the market with the intention of winning the confidence of the clients. The major factor that is valued by JHSF is the quality that is believed to be attached to the competent staff. The fact of valuing quality in service delivery has significantly made the company generate a lot of revenues used in expanding the business.

Jose Neto has been running the company for the post of chief executive Officer from the year 2003. He is known be the one behind the introduction of the service department in the enterprise. Additionally, he created another parking lot management firm as one of his achievement in the year 1997. On his development of the shopping center department within the company, he was granted permission to develop Santa Cruz shopping mall. His pragmatic skills in leadership made him the potent person to lead the company.

JHSF as a company has achieved a lot in various sectors that are within the niche of its management.

Information about Greg Secker

Greg Secker was born in February 1975. He has emerged to be a great entrepreneur with pragmatic skills regarding idea formulation and implementation. Additionally, Greg is a master trader and philanthropist. In the year 2003, he came up with an idea of Action Group which encompasses several companies which include the Smart Chart Software and Learn to Trade. The primary aim of the Greg Secker setting up these businesses was to teach people on how to trade to improve their lives.

Greg Secker’s heart of philanthropism has been motivated by the humble roots. He set up his own business called The Virtual Trading Desk after moving from Thomas Cook Financial services. This was the first platform that he put in place to offer the online trading system for forex. The system has a good program that enables the traders to extract quotes that are essential for the foreign exchange transaction. He then became Vice president of the Mellon Financial Corporation.

Greg Secker success in the field of Forex has been seen in his abilities to run the trading programmes that are associated with the private investors at traders university. Furthermore, he made a move of introducing free seminar session on how to master the trading by setting the undervalued stocks that are yet to rocket. He also teaches how to exit reduce the risk drastically through best timing.

What has made Greg Secker remain in the active muscles of the financial field of Forex is the belief that trading is the primary route to success. He course in teaching the Forex skills is informative and can make one generate the significant amount of money easily.

The most satisfying moment in Greg line of action is when he started to gain the knowledge on how to operate. He was the great move since it has brought resources together with the purpose of helping people who are in need. The primary factor that has built the foundation of Greg’s success is the support from the family and close friends.

Greg Secker is a great entrepreneur who has made the impact in the field of Forex by teaching the beginners on how to be a successful trader.


Porfirio Sánchez Galindo’s Exemplary Managerial Skills

Porfirio Sánchez is a distinguished business person and is particularly renowned for his fundamental role in planning and implementing various strategies. Porfirio was born in 1975 in Mexico and studied at Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico and later earned a degree in Applied Math in 1998. Porfirio also attended Stanford Graduate School where he concentrated in Executive education. Moreover, Porfirio attended Carnegie Mellon University, a reputable institution in software studies.

Additionally, Porfirio Sanchez enrolled for further studies in several other Mexican institutions. This vast level of knowledge enabled him to gain relevant skills in business practices that include strategy development and planning. Further, he holds exceptional brilliance in several disciplines that include sound character and ethic in his line of work.

Porfirio’s career has been distinctly recognized in several platforms and earned him several awards while serving in different capacities. A case in point is his role as the chief of staff at Mexican finance Ministry, a position he served for over six years until 2006. For the record, Porfirio actively served as a member of Doctors without border/Medicins San Frontiers an organization that is based in the United States of America.

The fore mentioned group competently managed to offer emergence response services globally together with other medical practitioners. The group of Doctors without border was also focused on giving urgent medical solutions in cases of an epidemic outbreak. However, the group was primarily interested in providing medical aid to various marginalized groups across the world.

Porfirio now works at Editorial Televisa where he serves as the chief executive officer. Porfirio resumed this role in 2016 on the merit of his outstanding skills. The need to restore high standards of performance at Editorial Televisa saw Porfirio Sanchez as a suitable candidate for the role. Porfirio’s skills in technological practices also contributed to his suitability for the post.

In summary, Porfirio Sanchez is a determined editor and publisher with precision in his thoughts and decisions. His industrious trait has greatly contributed to his exemplary portfolio. Finally, Porfirio Sanchez published several materials that include Young living, Men’s health Mexico, Fitness Magazine, Runner’s weekly, attention media, and Caress among others.


Louis Chenevert encourages innovation through creating a competitive environment

Louis R. Chenevert was Chairman and CEO of the United Technologies Corporation. He was elected as CEO in 2008 and Chairman in January 2010. Before joining United Technologies Corporation (UTC), he was the President at Pratt & Whitney for almost 7 years. Louis R. Chenevert had also served as a Production General Manager at General Motors for 14 years before joining Pratt & Whitney.

Louis chairs the Tax and Fiscal Policy Committee for the Business Roundtable and the Yale Cancer Centre Advisory Board. In 2005, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics instated him as a Fellow.

Louis R. Chenevert has a production management bachelor of commerce degree from the Université de Montréal. With a background, he has earned himself a position, he chairs the HEC Montreal International Advisory Board.

During the time Louis worked at UTC, he believed in leaving the company better than he found it. His main focus was to invest in innovation and people. Using technology to better process supports the economy and manufacturing departments in the United States. For innovation purposes, UTC was planning on hiring 25 thousand people, 5000 among them would be focused on developing innovation platforms. Innovation grows businesses but also suppliers who, in turn, create a better and bigger client base.

UTC is a company that deals with building industries, commercial airspace and defense and is a renowned innovative company around the world. It has investments all over the world and fosters a strong competitive advantage. Louis pushed for a competitive environment in business as it guaranteed growth and an energetic economy through innovation during his time at UTC. Louis R. Chenevert believed that investing in people was investing in the growth of a business, through the innovation they came up with.

UTC encourages its employees to learn more life-long programs. This is encouraged so as to increase the urge and ability for people to be innovative within the company. UTC came up with an Employee Scholar Program which gives employees a chance to earn a degree in a field of their choice. UTC pays for these degrees. This is a great employee motivation program within the company, as employees are constantly looking into advancing themselves as they expand their innovative skills. UTC has paid for over 39 thousand degrees and they acknowledge, that the 1 billion dollars spent on the degrees, is the best investment they have ever made as a company.

Oncotarget: enhancing research in Cancer Management

Oncotarget is a weekly multidisciplinary traditional free-access medical journal. Founded in 2010, the journal is published by Impact Journals, with a publication one every week and the possibility of an individual book under demand. The editors in chief of the journal are Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov, formerly of Roswell Park Cancer Institute.Although a multidisciplinary journal, Oncotarget majors mostly on oncological solutions to cancer prevention, management, and treatment. Oncology posts a three tiered approach to cancer control. The first part of the approach involves treatment, where individuals are called upon to take extensive measures to avoid factors that may end with them getting cancer such as avoiding the use of cigarettes and alcohol.

The second step involves early diagnosis where individuals are encouraged to take regular health screenings to ensure that the disease is caught in its infancy should one have cancer. People are also invited to remain vigilant and stay aware of the signs and symptoms of cancer, so that they may seek medical attention in the earliest stages of the disease when it is easier to manage and put under control. Finally, this cancer treatment method proposes a multimodal treatment method once the illness has been diagnosed, taking many different measures collaboratively to manage and control disease and avoid heightened mortality rates associated with cancer.

The journal’s mission is to make medical and scientific research quickly and widely available in the quickest manner possible. It hopes to bridge the gap between specialties and disciplines in the different fields of scientific study in the sharing and access of information and data. Exceptional discoveries can be shared widely and quickly through the journal and an extensive peer review process enhanced through its robust peer review policy. Different fields of biomedical science are linked through the journal and the applications of basic and clinical science increased in the prevention and treatment of disease. More importantly, however, Oncotarget provides an avenue where researchers and scientists can publish their work and have it peer reviewed, receiving positive criticism and meaningful discussions in different areas of scientific research and medicine.


Penelope Kokkinides: Brilliant Leadership Qualities

What’s makes a good leader? In truth, that question can only be answered based on what’s being led. So, to more specific; what makes a good healthcare management company leader? The best answer: someone like Penelope Kokkinides, current Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare Health, Inc.

Penelope Kokkinides holds three master’s degrees and one bachelor’s degree in biological sciences and classical languages. Two of her master’s degrees came from Columbia University School of Public Health. After graduation, she joined the managed care industry. She’s worked in managed care for over 20 years, specializing in working with government programs.

As InnovaCare’s current Chief Administrative Officer, she’s able to manage many of InnovaCare’s health care processes. She’s an expert at developing more sustainable clinical programs and many of her techniques improve the company’s overall efficiency and organizational infrastructure. It’s one of the many reasons that InnovaCare wanted her as a team member.

Improving the life of their patients is InnovaCare’s top priority. Having people like Penelope Kokkinides leading the company is the best way to achieve their mission of redefining the entire healthcare management industry. Today’s healthcare environment isn’t patient-friendly, to say the least.

Companies like InnovaCare Health are trying to change that. InnovaCare, in particular, wants quality medical care to be available to everyone who needs it. That’s why they’re focused on building stronger patient-provider relationships. Stronger patient-provider relationships increase the chances of having healthier outcomes for their patients.

Penelope focuses more the organizational infrastructure; Dr. Richard Shinto, current President and CEO of the company, focuses more patient health. They both contribute to InnovaCare’s success, but Dr. Rick Shinto has more experience dealing with the ins and outs of the actual medical care.

Unlike Penelope Kokkinides, Dr. Shinto has a medical degree. He’s also a practicing internist and pulmonologist. He has medical tenure in Southern California, and he’s written dozens of healthcare and clinical medicine articles that were published by numerous medicine-related publications. Dr. Shinto’s 20-plus-year career specializes in clinical and operational healthcare. It’s all of those things that make Dr. Shinto’s contributions equal to, yet different from Penelope Kokkinides’s. One accomplishment Dr. Shinto earned on his own was making InnovaCare Puerto Rico’s number one provider of managed care, earning himself another CEO-related promotion.