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Monitoring Inmate Activities with Securus Technologies

Working as a corrections officer in a packed jail is a challenge in every sense of the word. On any given day, the inmates are doing everything possible to try and game the system behind our backs. If we tell the inmates they can not have something, they will spend countless hours trying to make it happen. Listen to the inmates and they will tell you that they can access drugs and weapons more easily behind bars than they could if they were out on the streets.


To try and keep the inmates from getting out of line, we have to monitor the visitor center in full force. This usually is the biggest way the inmates get their hands on illegal contraband. Even with a huge police presence at the gates, they will pressure their visitors to come through those gates with something they need even if they are putting this person at risk of getting arrested. Our team does surprise cell inspections and even opens the mail to try and find anything the inmates should not have in their possession.


When Securus Technologies installed the inmate call system, we had no idea how instrumental this device would be at helping control the flow of contraband in the jail. I was brought up to speed on the LBS software and it was incredible how quickly we discovered things that were going on in the jail right under our noses. Now we were getting information right from the inmates without them knowing they were feeding us the information.


The inmates think they can talk in code to avoid us picking up key details, but thanks to Securus Technologies, we have been able to put a stop to a huge problem we have had for years. We put a dent in the flow of drugs and weapons, making the jail safer for visitors, inmates, and officers alike.


Getting Knowledge From Life Line Screening About Different Health Issues

One of the best ways to be healthy is to be knowledgeable. There are so many people who find themselves suffering from health issues because of lack of knowledge. They are also experiencing prolonged suffering and intense issues because of the lack of information they have on taking care of their health. Fortunately, they can find a lot of information on different health related topics which include their health on Life Line Screening. This health care facility offers a lot more for people than just screenings and treatment advice. They actually offer a lot of advice for people that are looking to take a more proactive step towards getting their health taken care of.

Life Line Screening’s website has a lot of information on their website on what they offer and the types of health issues they work with. However, one of the best services they offer is information on their blog. They make sure that there are a ton of tips available for people to look into so that they can have an easier time staying on top of their health. They could learn some very fun pieces of information that they could apply to their lives to not only prevent illness, but also take their health to a higher level.

Life Line Screening not only has advice for managing physical health but also has advice on mental health. One thing that is certain is that a lot of illnesses are caused by mental health issues. For instance, when one is under a lot of stress, then his body is releasing a lot of hormones that are causing an emergency response that could deplete the body of its resources if the response is prolonged. Fortunately, it is possible to recover in many cases without the need for a lot of medical help.

Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus offers Immediate Cancer Patient Data

In the year 2006, Eric and Liz Lefkofsky founded the ‘Lefkofsky Family Foundation’. The mission of this group is to “…advance high-impact programs, initiatives, and research that enhance quality of human life…” Major proportion of donations is provided to Chicago-based groups who concentrate on education, human rights, research in medicine, the arts, and cultural outreach.Eric worked his way through college as a carpet salesman. He attended the University of Michigan, studying law. After graduation, he and a friend partnered to create a clothing store which did not succeed, and found himself in years of lawsuits due to the failure. However, not all his ventures have been failures. He started Groupon, which is one of the highest successes in Internet IPOs, to date.

Motivation is key to most ventures. Lefkofsky was motivated to look into cancer treatment methods when his wife was delivered a breast cancer diagnosis. Though not a physician, he realized that care of a patient is more than giving them chemicals to fight the disease. Doctors and other healthcare professionals should have an immediate and efficient method of gathering data.Much of cancer treatment comes from research. Lefkofsky discovered, through his own investigations, that patient clinical data is not readily available from cancer treatment facilities. Facilities must endure bureaucratic red-tape in order to compile information on patients. This information includes, types of medications being given, dosages, and how often. They also should know other factors like age and sex of patient, as well as whether they have any other illnesses.

Understanding this lack of efficient patient data collecting, Tempus is aimed at streamlining the data collecting process. He is working to combine molecular data, such as a patient’s cancer, growth rate and efficacy of treatment, with personal data about the patients such as their age, their weight, living conditions, diet, and health.Lefkofsky’s question regarding why some patients respond to treatment while others do not prompted his concern and interest in helping to develop a method of immediately acquiring all data. If busy cancer research centers can obtain this data quickly, they will be more effective in compiling new data sets that will help them to evaluate drugs and effects more rapidly.

Who is Eric Lefkofsky?

Eric Lefkofsky is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist who is mostly known for starting five companies including Groupon. He grew up in Michigan and was the son of an engineer and teacher. He grew up in a Jewish family with two siblings. He went to Southfield-Lathrup High School and received his bachelor degree at the University of Michigan. He also studied law and received his Juris Doctor at Michigan. He started his career by purchasing an apparel company called Brandon Apparel. Then he created an internet company called Starbelly. Then he founded InnerWorkings and Echo Global Logistics.

After several ventures as an entrepreneur, Eric hit it big with Groupon and it became the fastest growing company in history. Groupon was the biggest IPO US web company since Google. After Groupon, he started Tempus, a technology company that enables physicians to deliver personal cancer care. It is building the world’s largest library of molecular and clinical data. It is also an operating system to make that data useful and accessible. As a philanthropist, Eric established the Lefkofsky Foundation.

It focus on helping children and has helped fund over 50 organizations. He also joined The Giving Pledge which was formed by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett and encourages the wealthy people to commit donating half of their money to a worthy cause. Eric is also heavily involved in teaching from his success. He goes to business schools like DePaul and Northwestern to teach about being an entrepreneur and building a technology business. He also wrote a book called Accelerated Disruption which teaches businesses to thrive in the world of technology. Eric Lefkofsky is a firm believer that becoming a success means also giving back to the community and is just as important and rewarding.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America Helps to Launch New Platform that will Help the World of Oncology Be More Effective

The world of oncology is dedicated to the study, research, and treatment of cancer. Cancer is a devastating disease that has affected the lives of millions of people and their families who must fight it every day. The fight to overcome cancer can feel like an uphill battle and many people feel like their treatment options are limited. Thanks to Cancer Treatment Centers of America partnering up with NantHealth and Allscripts, together they have been able to launch a new platform called Clinical Pathways.

Clinical Pathways will help to change the standard of care patients can expect when they seek out treatment. The idea behind the newly launched platform is to provide appropriate treatment options to patients to help eliminate the potential guesswork that is often done by clinicians. The new data and research that goes on in oncology will become more widely available and easy to access, allowing oncologists to specialize the treatment options for their patients.
Cancer Treatment Centers of America takes a similar approach with their patients, believing in personalized care to ensure they have the best treatment options available to them. The heart of CTCA stems from how it was founded originally in 1988 by Richard J. Stephenson. His mother passed away from cancer, but during her time with the disease, he wasn’t satisfied with the treatment options available to her. He went on to found the first CTCA at Midwestern Regional Medical Center in Zion, Illinois.
Ever since CTCA has been founded it has slowly begun to expand, with four more hospitals opening between 2005 to 2012. The organized since then has even become the first international patient concierge and information office. CTCA opened in Lomas de Chapultepec neighborhood in Mexico City on April 20, 2015. CTCA has continued to maintain an active presence in other areas of the world too like Latin America, the Middle East, and the Caribbean.

Renown Health Has Established A New Clinic in South Reno

Renown Health is the largest not-for-profit, locally owned health care network in the Northern Nevada region. The company recently announced a new location at in South Reno at the Summit Mall. This family practice clinic will provide primary care services as well as a lab and has future expansion plans in the works.

The Medical Director of Renown Medical Group, Dr. McCormack, said that the clinic was designed to be comfortable for patients, both those waiting and those being treated in rooms. He designed the front of the clinic to look like a large living room. The space the clinic occupies is also flexible in order to meet current and future needs such as featuring a conference room. Dr. McCormack said some decisions have to remain pending as the election of Donald Trump as President created an air of uncertainty in the field of healthcare. Until the promised appeal of Obamacare is sorted out, and what Republican’s plan to replace it with, makes being cautious the wisest decision.

With over 5,500 employees, Renown Health is one of the largest employers in the region it serves. It was originally founded in 1862 as Washoe Health System in reaction to a smallpox outbreak in Northern Nevada. It established the first hospital in the area in 1864 and opened the region’s first pediatric unit in 1949. Other accomplishments of Renown Health include the first cancer treatment facility in Northern Nevada, in the 1970’s, and the establishment the residency program of the University of Nevada – School of Medicine at their facilities in 1979.

Dr. Anthony Slonim is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Renown Health, which he joined in 2014. Soon after he earned his position, Renown Health was just the fourth hospital in the world to have a surgery performed with the Da Vinci Xi, a robotic surgical system that has proven highly successful in patient outcomes.

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How Julia Jackson Assumed the Family Business of Wine

Julia Jackson was born in San Francisco, California, in 1988, and is now proprietor of the Jackson Family Wines company, a business that was owned by her family many days before she decided to be a part of it.

According to her, she has always been interested in the wine business since she was young and was constantly hearing about wines, as her family was deeply involved in it. While she was growing up, she realized that she liked it a lot, despite already being the business of the family; she wanted to be a part of it.

And she did.

During her youth, she was very close to the procedures of picking and sorting grapes, even under scalding sunny days. It was part of the process, and she is very grateful that she experienced the whole process of creating wine. “It’s not just waiting for the fermentation; there is a lot of hard work involved.”

She attended the Stanford Summer Institute of General Management and the Scripps College where she got a degree in Bachelor of Arts.

In 2014, Julia Jackson founded her startup called Cambria Seeds of Empowerment, where Julia and her team are consistently featuring women that have overcome challenges, preconceptions and are an inspiration to other women in the world. The group is always pulling cash that will be using as funding to non-profitable organizations that fight for equality, freedom of expression, cultural diversity, among other causes. They usually award $100,000 annually to these institutions.

Julia has a lot of knowledge about wines, something that she obtained by hearing the adults of her family talk about, as well as experience with her work in the business. When asked about the best wines in Sonoma, she said: “Sonoma has a reputation for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, but we believe it’s the best place for Cabernet.”

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Paul Mampilly’s Newsletter Attains Notable Achievement

Paul Mampilly is a former hedge manager who now operates a research service called Profits Unlimited. This newsletter attained a notable achievement recently when it surpassed 60,000 subscribers, making it one of the largest newsletters in the financial industry. Each monthly issue of Profits Unlimited features a new stock that Paul Mampilly shows is going to outperform. He also tracks some of his picks on his website that is associated with the newsletter, showing how the stock has performed.

In 2009, Paul Mampilly won the investment competition that was hosted by Templeton Foundation. This competition involved each investor managing $50 million and whoever ended up with the most won was declared the winner. Paul’s investments at the end of the competition totaled $88 million, making him by far the winner over the other investors.

When Paul Mampilly was a hedge fund manager, he was a portfolio manager for global banking firms such as Deutsche Bank, Bankers Trust, and ING. Today, he has dedicated his career to helping average, main street investors achieve their financial goals through investing. He started Profits Unlimited in 2016 and the subscribers who have taken his advice have achieved fantastic returns. His specialty lies in finding small companies that have the products and business model that are innovative and market disrupting.

Paul Mampilly has been a featured expert on cable financial shows for several years. Among the channels he has appeared on are Fox Business News, Bloomberg TV, CNBC, Reuters, and Fox News. Before retiring from managing hedge funds in his mid 40’s, over the course of his 25-year career Paul had developed the type of hands-on investing experience that is now being employed to help thousands of American’s save for their retirement and other financial goals.

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Sujit Choudhry’s Career in the Legal Field

Comparative law is one of the least known parts of the legal field but also among the most interesting. The study of comparative law consists of learning about legal systems of various countries and then comparing them. With the study and comparison of legal systems, one can learn about the advantages and disadvantages of a given legal system. Studying comparative law is one of the ideal things for scholars as they can gain a thorough understanding of how nations regulate their society. Using comparative law is also beneficial to legal professionals, businesses and also governments. The use of comparative law can help a number of these entities gain the knowledge they need in order to meet a number of objectives. These can often include developing a more favorable foreign policy, expansion into other nations and also practicing law in a different nation.


Based on, Sujit Choudhry is one of the top experts of comparative law and has used his knowledge to help students, government officials and foreign leaders. The first opportunity he had was working at the Canadian Supreme Court. When he was working at the court, he would learn more about constitutional law as well as helping the head of the Supreme Court interpret and pass various laws in Canada, see for more. After his stint at the Canadian Supreme Court, Sujit would then pursue opportunities in the legal field as an educator. He would begin serving as an associate professor at the law school of the University of Toronto. He would teach constitutional law at the school. Within a few years, Choudhry would then become the assistant dean of the law school as well. Hop over this site.


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While he experienced a lot of success in Canada, Sujit decided to move to the United States to continue his career as a legal educator. He got an opportunity as a professor at the University of California Berkeley. During his stint at this law school, he would again teach constitutional law for a number of years. Sujit Choudhry would eventually become the dean of the law school and help develop its curriculum. He would pursue other opportunities in the legal field at an international level. There were a number of nations in the world that were looking to develop a new constitution. Sujit would help the leaders of these nations draft a new constitution. Continue reading more related articles on


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