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Todd Lubar Thrives In The Real Estate Industry

One thing that could be said about the real estate industry is that it attracts a lot of entrepreneurs. For one thing, it provides people with a lot of earning opportunities. The real estate industry is a very lucrative industry. However, entrepreneur Todd Lubar isn’t in it for himself. He has also worked with other people to help them succeed in their goals. This is one of the reasons that he is someone that is worth looking up to. At the same time, he has managed to build his career in different industries. Therefore, he has managed to have a career of variety.

Among the careers that Todd Lubar has held are careers in the entertainment industry, mortgage banking and construction. This shows that he is very willing to try new things. This is something that is very admirable in a person that has a lot of responsibility about him. He also has a lot of knowledge about the different industries that he works in. This is why he is able to thrive in different industries including real estate. Todd Lubar has managed to gain high rankings on crunchbase with other mortgage originators. This is something to be proud of. Part of the reason that he is so effective in what he is doing is that he has a lot of passion towards what he does.

According to, one thing that Todd Lubar says about being an entrepreneur is that where there is a will, there is a way. One has to be willing to work on his ideas in order to bring it to life. One thing that he has come to understand is that one can have even the most practical idea. If he is not willing to put in the necessary work, then his ideas are not going to come to pass.

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Online Reputation Management Essentials

Are there times when you have gone to an online platform only to find material with rather negative impact on your personality or brand? In this era of hard work of building a brand can be destroyed in the wink of an eye by a single post or image.

This is detrimental and can potentially cause irreparable damage to any brand or person.

Online Reputation Management is taking control over the information that the public can access about you or your brand on the internet. ORM helps you to ensure that only the right and positive material is found when people search online for you.

Importance of a positive online reputation

In this digital era, you already know that having a positive online outlook is vital in various aspects of your life. This include:

  • Employment. Potential employers may look you up before inviting you for an interview and therefore it is vital that content found does not damage your character or reputation
  • Relationships. Sometimes a person that is interested in dating you may search online about you in an effort to know you better.
  • A landlord may look you up to see if you are a viable renter.

Most times, negative results come up from various search engines due to lack of different content. It is therefore important that you keep tabs on what is being passed around. Studies conducted by, have said that about 88% consumers base their purchasing decisions on online reviews.

While you may not have complete power over what people may say about you or your brand, there some easy steps to take to create a good online impression.

  • Search yourself or your brand to see whether you have a positive representation.
  • Join social sites that will expose you or your brand to the online community.
  • Choose a reputable PR agency or professional to handle your online presence.
  • Constantly keep tabs on online reviews to ensure that you do not get unfair representation.
  • Choose carefully what you can or cannot respond to.

These steps will give you an upper hand in controlling what internet users find online about you.

Achievements Of Brad Reifler In The Financial Sector

Brad Reifler is a renowned entrepreneur who has invested huge amount of funds in the financial and capital industry. He is the founder of Forefront Capital, where he works as the CEO. Before founding Forefront Capital, Reifler was a co-founder of Pali Capital, an international financial firm where he served as the chairman and CEO.

Before establishing Pali Capital, he was a top entrepreneur at Refco, where he operated a venture called Reifler Trading Company, which was later acquired by Refco.

After joining the financial industry on fulltime basis, Brad Reifler began to specialize in investment strategies that yield high rate ROI. In addition, he partnered with other investors, and helped them to achieve their investment goals.

Recently, Forefront Capital started a new investment program, aiming to bring on board non-accredited investors. Over the years, the investor has been mainly focusing on accredited investors, but he wants to change that notion and work on a strategy that would accommodate more investors.

Brad Reifler’s Strategy

After Reifler conducted thorough market research and analysis, he decided to form Forefront Income Trust, a platform aimed at targeting middle level investors who want to diversify their investment opportunities. This fund is supposed to offer investment options from as low as $2,500 to non-accredited investors. The strategy of Reifler is to help investors diversify, and at the same time mitigate risks.

Investors and clients are offered a return of 8 percent, according to the CEO of Forefront Capital. After the global financial crisis of 2008, a large number of non-accredited investors lack the courage to invest in stocks and trusts.

According to PR Newswire, Brad Reifler, who is a financial expert, believes that such investors lack requisite knowledge about the financial sector.

Brad Reifler believes it is his responsibility to inform and motivate potential investors in order to ensure there is trust between them and lenders.

With the help of his team, they have ensured investors’ fears are eliminated, and the potential investors are able to enjoy alternative investment opportunities. Reifler and his firm aim at ensuring that the wide gap existing between the wealthy and middle class has been bridged.

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End Citizens United Pushes For A Constitutional Amendment

In 2010, the Supreme Court made a ruling in the favor of Citizens United. Over the years, several organizations have come out attempting to revert the court’s ruling. However, none of these entities has made much impact on the United State’s politics like the new political action committee that was recently formed, End Citizens United. This organization is planning to take action through a different approach. They seek to push for a constitutional amendment. The PAC plans to achieve this objective by sponsoring Democratic Candidates running for both the House and Senate positions.

Within one month of its formation, End Citizens United managed to raise over $2 million from small donors. According to the body’s communication director, Richard Carbo, the group targeted to raise over $25 million before the general elections. The amount would be used to sponsor liberal candidates and support the company’s activities. In its first month of operation, End Citizens United managed to register over 325,000 members. The members appended their signatures to the group’s petition to overturn the 2010 ruling, which allowed for the rise of super PACs and the flow of dark money into politics. Richard said that the body would partner with other liberal causes such as ‘Ready for Hillary’ to expand the number of Americans supporting the petition. He believes that by using ‘Ready for Hillary’s contact list, the group will have over 4 million members.

Cardo believes that other PACs pushing for campaign finance reform have not been able to explore all possible options. End Citizens United is going to change this status quo by exploring the possibility of funding candidates to both Houses. The elected leaders would help the group to push for a constitutional amendment. Presently, the body is already sponsoring 11 candidates. Some of the notable individual’s in the list are Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado and former Sen. Russ Feingold of Wisconsin. As the donations increase, the PAC is expected to support more candidates. This information was originally published on MSNBC.

In addition, End Citizens United upholds accountability and transparency. It seeks to show how the money received would be expended. Recently, the PAC announced that it would be setting up an independent expenditure arm. This department will handle all the expenditures of the group, including sponsoring Democratic candidates, television ads, direct mailers and polling. However, the main goal of this institution is to amend the country’s constitution. The last constitutional amendment in the United States took place in 1992, setting the bar too high for the PAC. However, its leaders are not discouraged by the high odds against them. The team believes that the amendment is a possibility that must be explored.

About End Citizens United

End Citizens United was founded in 2015. The PAC’s main objective is to deliver campaign finance reform through a constitutional amendment. It aims to achieve this objective through relying on liberal politicians in both the House and the Senate. Since its formation, the group has garnered vast grassroots support that has served to enhance the entity’s agenda across the United States. The average donation made to the group is $14.86.