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Securus Strives For Excellence In Environment Ripe For Abuse

Politics have become hotly debated these days. It seems the country is split like never before. But for all the bluster and promises made by politicians, the real political battles are constantly taking place all over the country without a spotlight.


Conservatives would argue that our country was founded upon capitalism. But capitalism seems to be failing us in certain regards. Take the prison telecommunications industry, for example. Upon a quick look, it seems as though prisoners all over this country are being taken advantage of by predatory telecommunications companies.


If you are convicted of a crime, you can expect to be sentenced to prison. Once inside of that prison, you have no choices. This lack of choices also includes telephone services. The telephones inside of that prison are serviced by one company and one company alone. You cannot shop around for a better price or service. And the telecommunications company that provides those services is chosen by the prison. And there is very little regulation concerning how that telecommunications company is supposed to treat you.


Some of these telecommunications companies, including Global Tel-Link, charge astronomical rates for prison telephone calls. After all, the prisoners inside of the facility have no choice. There is no open market capitalism when it comes to prison telephone calls. This creates an environment ripe for abuse.


There is one telecommunications company that does incredible work. The Better Business Bureau recently accredited Securus Technologies, ranking the company on honesty, integrity and transparency. The BBB accreditation confirms that Securus accurately represents itself and its services. Positive customer reviews illuminate how the company provides a superior telephone call quality and internet communications protocols.


When open market capitalism fails a certain segment of the population, you must give credit to the companies that continue to strive for excellence when they do not have to.


Sam Tabar And The Ultimate New Year’s Resolution

A lot of people try to make resolutions for the new year. After all, a lot of people want to think about what they can do to make this year different from the previous year. Often times, resolutions are made because of an issue they see with themselves in the previous year. In many cases, resolutions are made from a place that is affected by a less than good year. Among the areas where people suffer the most is finances. Therefore, it is common for people to make a resolution for the next year in order to get themselves into a better financial position. One of the ways people decide to try to make money is by investing.

Being successful with investments requires people to gain information. This type of information can be slowly gathered from many sources, or it could be summed up by someone like Sam Tabar who has a lot of experience with finances. Sam Tabar does have a high net worth and he is very passionate about learning and growing. He has worked in various positions in finance and law. One of his recent experiences in the financial industry is that of a capital strategist.

Sam Tabar has learned a lot about the financial investment world and among the pieces of advice he would offer is that of diversification. This is a wise move that many successful investors take part in. However, there is another type of activity he is involved in. This activity is investing in private owned companies. This is one of the best ways to earn money. Other pieces of advice that Sam Tabar would give is to enter commodity trading with caution. For one thing, commodity trading can be very volatile. This could result in people losing money instead of making it. However, those that are more experienced in the market might have a better chance.


Highland capital management has for over the past 20 evolved to be among the largest and most reliable financial managers. In January 1990 the story of this incredible company was born. This was after its founders James Dondero, and Mark Okada partnered with Protective Life Insurance Corporation. The partnership targeted fixed income markets. Three years later, the ventured metamorphosed into Protective Life Management Company PAMCO.40% was owned by the founding partners whereas 60% was owned by SEC a registered investment advisor.


The company’s fortunes continued to soar higher so that in May of 1997, James Dondero and Mark Okada bought Protective Life’s stake in (PAMCO) and started Ranger Asset Management, and registered it as an independent advisor with SEC. A little over a year later, Ranger Asset Management got a new name, Highland Capital Management.


As the company continued to grow by lips and bounds under the leadership of Mark Okada and James Dondero, Highland gave out its first bank loan besides introducing an alternative investment 40 Act in the same year. In 2004, Highland continued in its growth by entering the mutual fund business and acquired from Columbia Asset Management two floating rate funds. The expansion continued in 2008 when then firm opened offices in Singapore and Seoul in 2011


With an experience that spans over 20 years, today Highland is an investment company that is independently owned. The company offers a variety of services and products to both retail and institutional investors. The firm has over 180 employees all over the world.


Highland Capital management’s main offices are in Dallas Texas. The company’s offices are also found in New York City, Sao Paulo, Singapore, and Seoul. The firm has diverse clients i.e. pension plans, financial institution, governments, etc.


Highland Capital management’s primary aim is to ensure investors get their value through offering exclusive products, grasping new opportunities and highly protecting investors’ funds

Getting to Know Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker is the chairperson and CEO of Zinio LCC. For some time, he has been a private investor in real estate and technology. Becker has been able to find valuable investment opportunities. His involvement in the real estate industry has earned him the title of one of the best investors in New York.

At the Sullivan Street, Arthur Becker has recently fastened a worthwhile investment. He now prides himself on being the owner of three great and strategically positioned townhouses in Soho on Sullivan Street. The houses are adjacent to each other. He initially took the ownership of these townhouses while they were incomplete. Arthur Becker said that after the completion of the townhouses, he would take up one of himself. The other two houses, Becker will choose to either sell them or lease them.

The townhouses are some of the four homes developed by Madison Equities and the Property Markets Group. Seemingly, Arthur Becker by agreeing to take the possession of the townhouses in trade for his stake in the recent development that the condominium is involved in got the better part of the deal. Since these houses are strategically placed, it is thus said that once they are complete, they will increase in value. The condominium is a boat-shaped building and is about 16-story, situated in a neighboring region of the townhouses.

The houses are 6500 square foot and have a cost of about $29.4 million. The two homes that Becker will either sell or lease are likely to have a higher value because they have a yard that is both spacious and large. Becker is said to have invested about $15 million in equity and another $5 million mortgage for the continuation of the project.

Arthur Becker’s career has for a long time been identified with the technology industry and has been his primary source of income. He has however also invested around $500 million to the New York Real Estate. He has made an investment with Property Market Group and AmBase Corp not forgetting to mention JDS Development Group. He is currently the manager of Atlantic Investment Company, the company that boasted his real estate investment.

To learn more about Arthur Becker, visit his Linked In bio.
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Dr. Jennifer Walden Practice in Cosmetic Surgery and Her Achievements

Doctor Jennifer Walden is a trained plastic surgeon. She is doubtlessly one of the most famous surgeons in Austin Texas due to her regular appearances on the media. She has vast experience in conducting cosmetic surgeries. Therefore, she is constantly sought by the media to shed light on latest development in cosmetic surgery.



Walden is a registered medical practitioner and is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This gives her a license to practice her skills and expertise anywhere in the world. She also plays an active role as a member of America Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery as well as American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Besides, she is a former student of the American College of Surgeons.


Before relocating to Texas, Jennifer Walden was conducting her practice in New York City. While in this city, she worked in various hospitals that include Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat as well as in Lenox Hill Hospitals. Additionally, Dr. Walden was lecturing at New York University as an instructor of cosmetic surgery.



Currently, she lives in Texas and runs her surgery center. She has employed other people to help her with the daily operations of the business. You can find her surgery center in Westlake. Dr. Walden mission is to offer quality, safe and up to standard services to people in need of plastic surgery.



Several Medias have appreciated Jennifer prowess and professionalism in her career. The Harper’s Bazaar Magazine selected her among the 24 beauty surgeons across the United States. Besides, the Texas Monthly recognizes her as the Texas Super Doctor. Dr. Walden was also recognized by the America association of plastic surgeons by inviting her to join the board of directors. Notably, she is the first woman ever to get a membership with this prestigious organization.



Walden has also featured in several publications famous in the US. Apart from appearing in Harper’s Bazaar Magazines, she has also featured in Teen Vogue, Vogue, Self-Shape, Bridal Guide, Absolute and New York Magazines among others. Besides, she has appeared on Fox News, NBC, CBS, KVUE television channels and many more.