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David Osio’s Real Estate Group Finds New Ways To Serve Clients Through New App


In an official statement made in the summer of 2016, Davos Real Estate Group (REG) addressed the launch of a brand new mobile app for its respected clients. The “Davos CAP Calculator” app would be used by clients to estimate possible returns on real estate investments that they would be interested in.



Davos REG is one of the subsidiary companies of the Davos Financial Group, a leader in the Latin American financial market for over 20 years. The Davos Financial Group specializes in offering their clients comprehensive financial advice by creating investment strategies through their high quality services to fit the needs of every client.



The Executive Director of Davos REG, Gerard Gonzalez spent six entire months working closely on the development and design of the company’s new mobile app with the technology company, Tecknolution. The mobile app, which can estimate investment property gains after expenses are considered, uses the most innovative technology platforms.



The app is available on both Android and iPhone devices and is only the first app planned for a series of apps that will have the capabilities to identify properties and allow clients to forward real estate reports to their Davos agent through an interactive chat service. Another benefit of these future apps will be the “Mortgage Calculator” that will allow clients to estimate their mortgage costs based on real information like bank projections, rates of interest, and possible funding periods.



Davos REG has been extremely focused in recent months. In addition to developing the “Davos CAP Calculator” and the planned series of apps, Davos has also been creating new partnerships with agents on an international scale, with plans to expand their borders to Europe. In the first half of 2016 alone Davos REG has expanded its agents by over 60 percent, resulting in a 75 percent sales increase.



David Osio is the founder and Executive Director of the Davos Financial Group. His understanding of the financial industry has allowed him to create a company that has led the way in the financial field. He has a law degree from the Universidad Catolica Andres Bello, as well as higher education degrees from the New York Institute of Finance and the IESA.



He began his career at the MGO law firm in Caracas, giving legal advice to numerous corporate clients. He moved on management positions at the Banco Latino Internacional, eventually becoming the Vice President of Commercial Banking. In 1993, he branched out on his own, founding Davos Financial Group. This conglomerate is made up of smaller independent companies that offer comprehensive financial advice to a select group of clients.


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Vanilla Lovers Rejoice With Vanilla EOS

Imagine the smooth, luscious layers of vanilla unfolding as you apply a delicious lip balm straight from your hand to your lips. The warm and rich inviting smell of vanilla instantly warms you up and fills your sense of taste and smell with delightful memories of home made sugar cookies and the heady smells of vanilla. Vanilla lovers will also love the unique flavor of vanilla mint swirl to add a fresh dose of cool to that warm vanilla swirl. Pucker up and get ready for this nourished lip smacker!

EOS lip balms are enriched with emollient ingredients from nature that enrobe the lips in all natural nourishment. Shea butter deeply nourishes the lips from the inside out, cocoa butter smooths and tones the lips, and all butters contain essential vitamin E which is necessary for skin elasticity and health. The vanilla flavor is not an artificial one and comes straight from the source, form all natural vanilla bean. The product is healthy and safe to apply to the mouth, and even to let the tongue swipe a little off the lips for a taste. It is harmless to ingest as the ingredients are 100% natural and 95% organic.

The EOS lip balm vanilla bean spheres are not hard to find and can usually be picked up at a local drugstore like Walgreens, Walmart, or a convenience department store like Target. For a more direct and easy way to purchase vanilla bean lip balm, one can simply purchase it on the internet and it can be found on the website or Amazon for little more than $3.00. The website also boasts all of the newest flavor innovations. If warm vanilla isn’t your vibe, try one of the bright and intoxicating summer flavors like summer fruits, or an exotic blend like acai blueberry.

Of Arizona’s Jason Hope And The Growth Of Technology

Technology is a backbone to many things in the modern world and has remained a key to getting many problems solved. Those who have invested in acquiring better technology have been able to enjoy the many benefits that come with new and modern systems of dealing with problems. Every specialty and business that uses technology is able to get better and achieve its goals more easily that those that have been relying on traditional methods of dealing with problems. Jason Hope is among entrepreneurs who have helped to build new technologies and methods of dealing with problems.

When he founded his company more than 10 years ago, Jason Hope was of the idea that getting the world to live free of problems could only be possible through technology that is considerate of tomorrow and developed to offer solutions for the present and the future times. He has been offering the development of internet of things, and his ideas have supported the development of many businesses from across the world. Jason Hope is a technologist whose ideas have allowed the growth of new applications and the development of better ways of dealing with challenges.

As a measure to help make the world better, Hope has been investing in philanthropic institutions and offering support that has allowed many to benefit from projects that are designed to offer them better lives and opportunities for growth. He takes part in many campaigns that are developed to rally for support that will help to alleviate many problems like diseases and poverty among communities based in various parts of the world. Jason Hope has also been working with professionals from different companies, who have been a key pillar to getting new structures developed to help more people access basic amenities.

Take on upcoming entrepreneurs
Being a successful entrepreneur, Jason Hope has also been working on developing the careers of other entrepreneurs from across the world. He has been offering support to these entrepreneurs by allowing them to enjoy the support of successful investors, who offer financial and ideal support to allow the businesses to flourish.

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Learn The Proper Techniques When Using Styling Tools From Donald Scott NYC

Professional hair-cutting shears and straight razors are a big part of the salon world. There are different techniques that come with using the shears and razors and hair salon products from Donald Scott NYC. It is important to learn the techniques if you plan to use these tools in your own salon.


The proper technique for using professional shears is to hold the shears in your dominant hand. Your thumb and ring finger should be placed through the holes of the handle, and your pinky finger should be placed on the finger rest. Use your thumb to move the cutting blades across the hair.


When using a straight razor, you want to hold it lightly in your dominant hand. You are going to carefully move your fingers and wrist to remove the hair. The amount of hair that is removed depends on the angle in which you hold the razor.


The Chop Stik Pro Razor and the Prep and Swivel Kit are just a few of the professional styling tools from Donald Scott NYC. You can use the Chop Stik Pro Razor to add texture, remove weight and soften the hair. The Prep and Swivel Kit includes the Prepare Liquid Tool Glide and Swivel Twist Razor, which can be used to add short shapes and texture to the hair.


You want to make sure you learn the proper techniques before using the shears and razors from Donald Scott NYC.


Marc Sparks: A Hero For Those Without Jobs

Losing a job can be very stressful. For one thing, it is vital that one finds another job quickly. However, the whole process can take a long time. Fortunately, there are other options when it comes to making money. One option is for one to start a business.

This is one of the better ways to not only make income, but to also make sure that one is going to have a source of income that he can rely on. However, starting a business can be very tricky. There are a lot of different things that one has to master in order to get his business off the ground.

Fortunately, there are a lot of heroes that could help people get their entrepreneurial life back on track. One of these heroes is Marc Sparks. He is someone who not only knows how to get a business going, but also knows the frustrations of the trial and error stage.

Marc is someone who has taken a lot of time to learn what it takes to get businesses into success. Therefore, he is willing to share this success with others. In order to do this, he has written a lot for people.

Among the works that he has written are articles, blogs, content for his website and a book in which he talks about his whole journey. One thing that he does not leave out is his failures. This has been a very hard thing for him to write.

This is one of the reasons that he is a hero for those without jobs that are trying to find a way to generate some income. People could read his stories and learn that he is human just like them. They will also understand that he had to learn his way as an entrepreneur.

Hiring a Powerful Lawyer in Brazil

Are you in need of legal advice or guidance in Brazil? There are great attorneys out there. Finding a Brazilian legal adviser who will do an exceptional job, is not difficult if you know how to approach it. There are a lot of general practice law firms out there but it is always advisable to choose a law firm or attorney with experience in putting together and reviewing contracts. Get an individual who is well versed in the type of problem you are facing. It might cost you more, but the outstanding result will be well worth the charge.

If you want to be sure you are getting the right legal representative or law firm to handle your legal matter, you will need to do your research properly. By doing some preparation work before choosing a legal adviser, you’ll certainly have a better chance of getting the best legal counsel for your case. It can often be nerve wracking to meet with a legal adviser, especially if the matter you need handled is highly relevant or emotionally charged. There are resources that can help you effectively ascertain whether a particular legal professional is right for you.

When litigation proves to be desired course of action, institutional and individual clients rely on Ricardo Tosto’s practical legal advice and distinguished courtroom skills to address their high-stakes commercial disputes.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has a great reputation in the legal field due to his outstanding track record. He has been rendering top notch legal representation and advice to clients from a wide variety of industries. Ricardo Tosto is known around the world and has written extensively about business and corporate law.

Ricardo Tosto is known in virtually every court in Brazil, where he constantly appears on matters involving high profile clients. His clients benefit tremendously from expert, cost-effective legal services from one of the reputable law firms in the country. In Brazil, it is extremely hard to get reliable legal representation or guidance that meets Mr Ricardo Tosto’s standards. His clients are very thrilled with his services.

Flavio Maluf’s Achievement as the President of Eucatex

In 1951, Eucatex Group of Companies was founded as a marketer and producer of insulation and liners made from eucalyptus. Currently, Eicatex is serving as the best furniture manufacturers in the country and abroad. It is one of the largest suppliers of industrial companies in the country. There are two main business segments in the enterprise.

The Furniture Industry: Eucatex is the largest producer of MDP, wood fiber plates, and Tamburato. While they use advanced technology, they manufacture their products using eucalyptus wood as one of an environmental friendly products.

The Construction Industry: In this section, the company engages in the production of modular portions, paints, doors, and laminate floors. There are many other smaller products produced by the corporation under this segment.

The current President of Eucatex Group of Companies is Flavio Maluf. In 1987, he joined the family business and started working from the bottom. During his trajectory, he gained enough experience to head a world-class company. For him, he engaged in developing solutions to problems associated with the company. His main vision was to have a smooth-running business free of leader intervention at every section of the company. He worked ta the trade section of the company for more than a decade before moving to the manufacturing industry. In 1996, his uncle invited him to serve as an Executive Board Member. Due to his innovative mind and business-solving skills, he was recommended by the board to become the next president of the company. For this reason, the family came together and decided to endorse him for President in 1998.

When he became president, Flavio Maluf started the process of modernizing the leadership style in the company. This was his main aim. A company that was independent of the leader is what he wanted to make. A company whose motivation is an achievement and not pushes is what he versioned. Flavio has also spearheaded numerous projects made by the company. For this reason, he introduced the largest efforts in the country in 2011. The company has grown significantly due to these exports to gather enough profit. In 2015, the company recorded a profit of more than $20.9 million which was an increase of 30 percent.

Chris Burch: Tech Fashion Trends For The Future

There are two industries, according to Chris Burch, which have worked in close relation throughout their growth strategies in the past. For this reason, he has also attributed their success towards the development of their independent strategy capture Chris Burch is one of the most prominent entrepreneurs in the United States. For all his years of professional experience, he has worked to found more than 50 companies. Chris Burch is a well-experienced person in management, and the world of fashion has become his latest interest in the past few years. For this reason, he has also taken a keen interest in the development of fashion patterns to point out business dealings.


The technological industry, as well as the industry of fashion, has seen many changes and advancements throughout the past few years of its existence. As a matter of fact many cool things can never happen if technology was not present. There is one remaining constant, on the other hand, that which states that all people must work to develop their interest relations through independent factors of production. For all those who work towards the sustainability of fashion and technology, they know what Chris Burch is talking about.


Technology struggles to make itself fashionable with time. On the other hand, fashion grows to become technologically fashionable. This is the constant part of life. The reason why they grow together is not our main business. However, we can never determine the end of matter even when we are here to make business. The fascinating part of this story is how the two industries have managed to complement each other in the growth stories. For us to understand the real issues in the future of the two industries, we must first look at the fascinating past and determine their growth patterns.


When the 70s came to pass, we saw the advancement of technology through the development of the boom box. This technological device allowed the users to carry around their favorite tunes wherever they went. According to the time, this was an advancement in technology. For this reason, the fraction contained two cassettes. While you were using one side to play the music, you could use the other cassette to make a copy of the music through the record. For this reason, we are here to determine that the two technology patterns worked to determine a better position to make things work for everyone.


The benefits Of Online Reputation Management

In today’s extremely business environment, the way people view a brand or an organization has a big impact on its sales and profits. Businesses that are serious about achieving great success should take steps to have an online reputation management system in place.

The rise of social media and the decrease of traditional marketing implies modern businesses should proactively involve customers and concentrate on building a solid online credibility. Many people trust brand referrals and recommendations from friends, and a multitude of them trust consumer viewpoints or opinions more than paid advertisements.

Every entrepreneur, business person or organization leader should have a trusted reputation management system, to monitor how they are perceived online. It is a well known fact that Internet searchers do not look beyond the first page of search results, so you have to push down negative material and push up positive reviews and content to the top position of search results.

To accomplish that, a reliable reputation management firm could help you, by setting up a customized tracking as well as administration system for your internet track record. These specialists often have access to top notch resources and industry connections, which enable them to meet their clients’ specific requirements. They could use search engine optimization techniques and also digital publishing, to suppress negative content and disparaging remarks, while pushing up positive information concerning your firm.

Reputation management on the internet is not just about responding to adverse material and producing positive reviews. It has to do with constructing a credibility that makes a brand synonymous with its core worth and the primary needs of its target audience. This is specifically why businesses have to have a thorough online reputation management method in position.

A good reputation management system provides disappointed clients a place to articulate their worries or remarks without considering tarnishing your track record. If you make communication conveniently available, they will be able to review issues with your business as well as resolve disputes or issues. It develops a truthful, mindful credibility for customer service that will certainly attract prospective clients.


This Christmas, Securus draws attention to many benefits of video visitation

Securus Technologies, a national leader in prison communications and management systems, is getting the word out about its innovative video visitation platform. Since the mid-2000s, Securus has been developing and deploying its video visitation network that connects inmates with their families via a secure, encrypted internet connection. This has proven to be a great favorite with staff and inmates and has demonstrated many benefits to the institutions themselves. But maybe those positively affected the most by this ground-breaking new technology are the families of prisoners who are spared the staggering costs of physically traveling to prisons far from their homes in order to visit with their loved ones for an hour or two.

Almost like home for the holidays

Video visitation has enable inmates to stay in touch with their families in ways that, prior to 2005 or so, simply didn’t exist. For example, take a look at this emotional video to see the kinds of communications possibilities opened up by this new technology. Inmates who, in times past, were previously isolated from their families and friends are now virtually transported home. And one of the most beloved aspects of video visitation is that in many institutions prisoners can interact with their loved ones without limit, so long as they have a sufficient balance in their calling account. This is a watershed in inmate communications that has allowed prison to be a little less dehumanizing for both the prisoners and their families.

Families themselves were too often subjected to the same sort of harsh treatment as the prisoners. Many families new to the world of corrections were simply unprepared for the psychologically tormenting experience of being thrust into the prison environment. Despite wardens and staff doing everything in their power to make for an agreeable atmosphere when conducting inmate visitations, certain exigencies always exist in the management of any situation where prisoners are allowed to come into contact with outsiders.

Prison visits are not just a potential threat to the institution itself through the importation of contraband and communication in furtherance of criminal conspiracies, but they can also become a mortal threat to the visitors. The United States has a long, unfortunate history of visitors to prisons being taken hostage and even killed.   The harsh protocols enacted to ensure the safety of inmates, staff, guests and the institution itself are a necessary, if lamentable, part of prison management. Through the widespread use of video visitation, more innocent family members than ever are being spared the trauma of the prison environment.