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Anthony Petrello’s Excellent Leadership Skills

Anthony Petrello has had an interesting career which began at the Baker & McKenzie law firm in 1979. He dealt with corporate law, specializing in taxation and in 1986, he was appointed managing partner at the firm. His excellent leadership and expertise in corporate law saw the firm perform exceptionally well and attract many more clients. His career took an interesting turn in 1991 when he left Baker & McKenzie for Nabors Industries, an oil and gas drilling company.

Anthony Petrello joined the company as Chief Operating Officer and soon afterwards, he also took up the position of deputy chairman. He quickly rose through the ranks and in 1992, Mr. Petrello was appointed president of the company. He worked closely with Mr. Eugene M. Isenberg who was then the CEO and together they helped the company grow by leaps and bounds. In 2011, Mr. Petrello took over as CEO. His tenure as CEO has been a successful one so far as seen from the fact that the price of Nabors’ shares has gone up by over 150% ever since he took over. Anthony Petrello has served on the board of directors at Stewart & Stevenson, LLC and has held this position since 2011. He has held many other high-profile positions in various firms in the US.

Nabors Industries

Nabors was founded in 1968 and has grown exponentially over the years it has been in operation. The company employs seasoned professionals who provide excellent services and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. Besides striving to provide their clients with the highest standards of service, the company’s leadership is also very concerned about its shareholders’ interests. This was evident from back in 2013 when shareholders were not very pleased with Anthony Petrello’s pay package and benefits when he was named among the best paid bosses.

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Mr. Petrello did not take this lightly and had the company’s non-executive directors review his compensation package. His pay was significantly reduced and the proportions of different rewards in the package altered to be in line with the shareholders’ interests. This meant more than half of his compensation would comprise stock awards to ensure he always had his interests aligned with that of other shareholders. Anthony Petrello’s compensation for the 2015 financial year was $27.6 million, with about 60% of this being stock awards. The roles of CEO and chairman of the board were also split and shareholders were given the right to appoint anyone with a 5% or higher stake in the company to the board of directors. The company’s shareholders were pleased with these corporate governance reforms.


Mr. Petrello enjoys what he does and this clearly shows through his numerous achievements. He is married to Cynthia Petrello and they have a lovely 8-year old daughter, Carena. He is also passionate about giving back to the community as seen from his huge donation of $7 million to the Texas Children’s Hospital Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute (NRI) to fund research on various neurological conditions. He was inspired to do this by Carena who suffers from a neurological condition known as periventricular leukomalacia. Anthony Petrello enjoys spending his free time with his lovely family.

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EOS is the New Lip Balm Craze That is as Popular as Contouring

Contouring palettes are all the rage in the beauty industry thanks to the Kardashians and the many beauty vloggers who make videos. Another beauty craze that the Kardashians and beauty vloggers have helped happen is the Evolution of Smooth spheres lip balm. The Kardashians have been spotted using the EOS spheres when they go out or have their makeup professionally done on their reality show. Beauty vloggers have reviewed the EOS spheres and placed the EOS lip balms into their makeup tutorials. The EOS craze has become so strong that the company is estimated to be worth $250 million. The EOS beauty products may even be more popular than contouring!

The EOS company started humbly. The creators didn’t immediately get the backing of the Kardashians and beauty vloggers. They had a rough time getting the product to be sold in stores at all! The hired a sales consultant to assist with the promotion of their product to store management. The big problem was the product did not appeal to male management. They said the product’s round appearance didn’t make sense and wouldn’t appeal to customers who were more interested in familiar lip balm products. A female worker at Walgreens headquarters said that she thought the product had a chance and was appealing to her. Being that women were the target customer of the EOS lip balm, it made sense that it finally broke through with the help of a woman. Walgreens had massive success with the EOS lip balm. It quickly caught on at Costco, Walmart, Target,, QVC and all other retail stores too. Online stores Ulta and Lucky Vitamin are EOS retailers too!

From that success the EOS company was able to ask the Kardashians and beauty vloggers to review the Evolution of Smooth products. This marketing strategy grew the brand even further. Beauty consumers can expect to see the EOS company expanding even further with their lip balm. They have recently added shimmer lip balm to their products. It’s likely they may expand to lip colors with the same hydration as their lip balms. They have also crafted other body care products lately as well. Their new body care products are shaving creams and body lotions. No doubt about it, EOS is the company to watch in the coming years.


Sam Tabar: A Life and Legacy

Sam Tabar is a man of many qualities, the most notable being finance and legal training. He’s been working in the legal and finance industries for his entire career. In his words, he’s always found finance and law interesting. When he started college, it was very clear to him what fields he should pursue. He’s always known a little about law, but finance was new to him. To his surprise, the world of law deals with a lot of financial aspects. Even though his primary focus was law, finance pulled at his passion as well. He has two law degrees; one from Oxford University and the other from the Columbia School of Law.

The key financial element he found himself continuously working beside was hedge fund management. The amount of legal presence in hedge funds was what drew him to pursuing a career that would allow him to continue to explore this financial aspect. It didn’t take long for Sam to become an expert in hedge fund management. So much so, that he would eventually become Head of Asia Pacific Capital Introduction. Even though Sam continues his passion for finance, he’s never stopped working in law. He is still a licensed practitioner of law and holds a seat on the New York Bar. Sam finding hedge fund management and the laws that govern them is what made Sam Tabar the experienced expert he is today.

Aside from finance and law, Sam has many charitable passions. He is an advocate for women’s business presence. He was one of the earliest investors in THINX, an organization that supports women in African and Asian nations who are trying to be their own boss. His job has taken him all over the world, exposing him to many different cultures and languages. Sam knows all too well how hard overcoming a language barrier can be, which is why he’s becoming fluent in Japanese and French. Much of the business he’s responsible for is in Pacific Asia. He is most fluent in Japanese.

Doe Deere: Innovation Meets Individuality

Doe Deere has begun to establish her ideology on beauty and cosmetics. The founder of Lime Crime, Doe Deere encourages individuality and uniqueness within her company and products as well. With each product as diverse as the person who chooses to wear them, the leading lady of Lime Crime continues establishing a brand of pure innovation.

Doe was born in Russia and raised in New York City. Exposed to diverse culture and self expression, Doe managed to incorporate distinctive elements into her very own cosmetic brand. According to her, beauty is what feels right in the moment. There is no standard of beauty or particular guidelines to follow.

The once small business quickly grew into an empire. Lime Crime was initially created as a DIY channel for Doe on Ebay. She showed users quick and easy tutorials for clever designs. She modeled all her own products. Originally with a heart for sewing, Doe Deere quickly turned to cosmetics after struggling to find diversifying colors.

Lime Crime was launched in 2008. The company was named after Doe’s favorite color. Also the struggle to find vibrant colors appeared to be “a crime” early on. Combining the two names, Doe birthed the company Lime Crime.

The cosmetic brand specializes in bold and vibrant colors. The crulty free products have grown to include vibrant versions of every cosmetic tool and item available. The once scarce colors are now readily available to consumers.

Doe maintains her same ideology. The entrepreneur and founder of Lime Crime usually dedicates time speaking with other small businesses. Offering advice and tips are just a few of Doe Deere’s daily activities.

Meetings and group talks keep Doe very busy. However, the close relationship with her staff allows for an easy and understanding operation. With all hands on deck, Lime Crime is powered by a group of members who all share the same view and perspective on the importance of distinctive designs.

Doe Deere encourages all entrepreneurs to trust their gut. She insists that following her intuition has lead her down a successful path. Her instinctive nature took years to develop but it is now the driving force behind many decision-making factors within her company .

As Doe Deere and Lime Crime continue down a path of success, she remains excited and optimistic about future endeavors. Driven by innovation, Doe is constantly pushing individuality. She believes make up should not cover flaws but it should express you as you are. Lime Crime was designed to do just that. Help others define their ideology of beauty.

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Getting Online Reputation Management For Your Business

Are you a business person or company executive looking for online reputation management? Do you want to find out what people see when they search your brand or organization online? It is extremely important to take appropriate steps to ensure the best reputation for your your company. That is why you need to enlist the services of a well-established online reputation management professionals.

For many small businesses, even large corporations, the complete lack of reliable reputation management system leaves them open to attacks or threats. With little more than just a website to represent you on the internet, you are in a precarious position if any person produces a website to focus on you or even just publishes something on social networks, as those posts or articles could rank for your enterprise name in search results.

In the case of established businesses, customers may often be searching for you by company name – so as suggests , having unpleasant stuff rank in company search results can directly impact your establishment and your success. This will certainly have a tremendous negative effect on the future of your business.

In online reputation management, typical searches are performed to check for mentions of a company and to have a look at the content of those mentions. Firms typically want to promote favorable references, while covering up unwanted ones by addressing them or wiping out them out with good ones, if possible.

It is vital to understand that why a detrimental comment or review is promoted on any digital page. Try to find out if the individual actually had a bad experience with your service, if it has been posted out of grudge, or if they have a wrong perception of things which caused a bad experience.

The use of online reputation management makes it possible for organizations to directly reach out and interact with dissatisfied clients to clear up their problems, greatly improving customer service while maintaining their appearance online. Most companies use social networking websites to communicate directly with potential buyers with everything from product promotions to solicitations for advice on ways they can greatly enhance.