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An Insight on Eric Pulier and His Impact to Bettering Lives across the World

Few individuals are making a positive change to the world through their contributions to various humanitarian courses. One of them is Eric Pulier. Eric Pulier is an entrepreneur well-known for his expertise in technology, public speaking, and publishing. Pulier has founded multiple companies with an estimated number of over fifteen companies. He is based in Los Angeles, California.

In fourth grade, Pulier began programming computers whereby after joining high school he began a database computer company. During his study time at Harvard University, Pulier majored in English and American literature. Pulier also wrote a column for The Harvard Crimson.

Some of the businesses Pulier has been involved in include:

  • Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council
  • Akana
  • Digital Evolution
  • Media Platform
  • US Interactive
  • Desktone

Eric Pulier has invested in charitable organizations as well as venture capital funds. Some of the venture capital funds he has invested in include eCompanies and Trident Capital. Pulier has also invested in many seed level start-ups in media and technology. Most of the startup investments Pulier has been involved in have grown into successful businesses.

In 1991, Pulier founded People Doing Things with the aim of tackling problems involving health care and education using technology. Later, in 1994, Pulier founded interactive agency Digital Evolution that would later merge in 1998 with US Interactive LLC.

Mr. Pulier is notably active in the philanthropic community in works that involve the use of technology. The technology is used to solve problems affecting economically disadvantaged and physically impaired children in the US and across the world.

Pulier has donated financially to the XPRIZE Foundation a non-profit organization that is rooted in designing and managing public competitions with the intention of encouraging technological development. In addition, Pulier is the founding donor of the ACE Foundation, and organization rooted in reshaping how to build software and how they can be applied to challenges facing humanity.


Eric Pulier has played a significant role in development and sustenance of various companies. Pulier through various non-charitable organizations has helped many ailing children across the world access better treatment.


Brian Torchin: An Asset to Healthcare

In order to be an asset to the healthcare industry, you have to be driven, determined, and extremely knowledgeable. Brian Torchin realizes that he is in a rather unique position, because he is not fully enmeshed in the medical field but he plays an important nonetheless. As a healthcare recruiter, here are some ways Brian Torchin can help you:

  1. He can be an asset for rural areas.

Torchin understands the sheer difficulty that rural parts of the country can have when it comes to filling healthcare jobs. These small communities often have a severe challenge when it comes to attaining and keeping medical talent. Mr. Torchin is a healthcare recruitment specialist, and he loves a good challenge! So the next time your rural area is looking for a medical practitioner, perhaps you should give him a call.

  1. He knows how to separate the wheat from the chaff.

An article from The Valanx said that Because Brian Torchin is the President of Healthcare Recruitment Counselors, he has an immense amount of experience at finding talent. He also knows that not all people will work in all positions, so he has become skills at placing the right professionals in the right jobs. It is his job to find driven, determined professionals in many medical disciplines, and he does it very well.

  1. He truly has an interest for what he is doing.

Mr. Torchin started out at the University of Delaware, and he got his degree in the field of chiropractics. He spent a number of productive years in the field, and was instrumental in helping those dealing with ailments such as severe back pain.

Although hew could have stayed in the field and grown very wealthy, he quickly grew frustrated at the fact that finding medical professionals was a difficult proposition. That is why he took his skills and experience and decided to start his own recruitment firm. You will be hard-pressed to find a man who is more dedicated to finding the right medical professional for your organization.

In conclusion, it really doesn’t matter whether you have a multi-million dollar campus or just a small clinic, Brian Torchin can help place the right professionals in your organization in order to help you continue to flourish.

Luxury Meets Beauty: Wen by Chaz

Chaz Dean has taken the world of beauty by storm. Blending natural ingredients and lavish elements together, Chaz created a brand of hair care products that are unmatched. With a wide range of products, Wen has established a reputation of luxury and healthy hair items.

Wen hair offers a healthy alternative for hair cleansing. With hopes of eradicating harsh chemical treatments for hair cleaning, Wen products were designed to be gentle but active. Standard shampoo products strips your hair of natural oils and vitamins needed for healthy hair growth. Wen offers cleansers that act as a shampoo,conditioner, moisturizer and shine product, all in one.

The assortment of natural fruits used in the Wen’s cleansers are vital in assisting this healthy cleanser. The cleanser gently removes excessive hair oils while conditioning and shining the hair. Packed with the necessary elements of healthy hair essential, Wen products replace the need for extra hair products.

Chaz established his products with the general purpose of creating and maintaining healthy hair care. The New Jersey native was inspired early on by his grandmother’s love for fabric. Determined to capture the same beauty he witnessed growing from a child, Chaz established products which can be used to create the same sense of beauty. Chaz sells his products exclusively on eBay and Guthy-Renker online.

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Avi Weisfogel Advances Sleep Apnea Research

Connecting The Dots

Avi Weisfogel and his research team at Dental Sleep Masters are making major breakthroughs in the research of sleep apnea. Weisfogel’s research has challenged the view that sleep apnea is nothing more than a nuisance with no connection to any serious health issues. According to the research conducted by Avi Weisfogel there is a strong connection between sleep apnea and numerous chronic illnesses. Sleep apnea patients are much more likely to suffer from diseases such as diabetes and stroke than the general population. Taking this into consideration he created Dental Sleep Masters to help dentists and physicians work together to develop new treatment options.



The Dream Team

The key to the research of Dental Sleep Masters is the combination of dentists and physicians. While Wiesfogel’s background in dentistry has helped him immensely in his treatment of sleep apnea there are aspects of sleep apnea that are beyond the scope of his practice. Working with physicians allows him to use the knowledge of experts outside of his field to build a better understanding of exactly what sleep apnea truly is. Much of Dental Sleep Master’s discoveries of the comorbidities of sleep apnea are attributed to the work of physicians.



The Man Behind It All

After starting his dental practice in 1999 Dr.Avi Weisfogel has spent the last 16 years acquiring an intimate knowledge of sleep disorders. He has devoted himself to developing better ways of treating sleep apnea patients and more recently in 2014 sought the assistance of phyisians for his current project Dental Sleep Masters. Thanks to his research he has developed more efficient and less invasive means of treating sleep apnea. Weisfogel hopes to use these new means of treating sleep apnea to improve the success dentists have when trying to help patients.


Securus Technologies Sends Out Press Release Concerning GTL

In the technology industry, there are many issues that arise related to technology. Issues such as what company developed certain technology, when technology was developed, and how technology is designed. One of the ways that many companies make announcements regarding technology is to send out press releases to inform the public of recent developments.


In recent months, GTL has sent out multiple press releases concerning technology that the company has a vested interested in using. The technology is currently wrapped in patent ownership discussions.


Securus Technologies also has interest related to the same technology. As a result, Securus Technologies felt compelled to respond to the recent press releases sent out by GTL concerning the technology in question. The primary purpose of the press release sent out by Securus Technologies is to point out misinformation included in GTL’s press releases.


The press release sent out by Securus Technologies mainly list the claims made by GTL and shows the responses to the claims by Securus Technologies. In general, Securus Technologies feels that GTL has stated claims that are not accurate. The press release by Securus Technologies points out what is wrong with each claim made by GTL.


I believe that the recent press release by Securus Technologies in response to the GTL claims make it clear that the claims made by GTL have various issues that need to be addressed. In addition, I think that Securus Technologies handled the situation in a professional manner and is trying to make it clear to the public what GTL has done related to earlier press releases concerning the technology in question.


Securus Technologies is a company that is widely respected in the technology industry. The company provides an array of products and services that help organizations in fields such as public safety, law protection, and corrections.

Kate Hudson’s strong team; Fabletics

Kate Hudson is most well known for her acting career in movies such as “How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days” and her new movie “Deepwater Horizon”. However, in recent years Kate Hudson has taken her career down a different path. In 2013, Kate Hudson released her athletic clothing line, Fabletics. Hudson’s clothing line was an instant success and after only three years Fabletics is bringing in $250 million annually.

Hudson never expected to have such instant success, saying “you do a startup company and you kind of cross your fingers and hope for the best”. Even after the fast success on Youtube, Hudson just now she feel that her company is hitting its groove and moving in the direction she would like to take it.

Fabletics is an unique clothing line because it helps the customer choose clothing that would be best for their specific body type. The Fabletics website starts by having the customer take a short quiz; this quiz helps narrow down the clothing possibilities that could work best for the customer. Than the customer can shop from thousands of options best suited for their body type. When the customer is ready, they can checkout as a guest or a VIP. If the customer becomes a VIP, they are able to get tons of deals, bonuses, and savings.

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Fabletics works to create clothing that will look good on any person no matter their body type. Hudson shared that she wants her company to reach anybody and not just a certain body type. This year, Fabletics is expanding their line to fit extended sizes. The hope is to make clothing that will be comfortable and attractive on those buying extended sizes. In addition to having a huge line of clothing for women, in 2015 Fabletics started a men’s clothing line.

Hudson says she feels she is under a microscope because of her fame and new found entrepreneurship on Fabletics has 400 general employees and 1000 customer services employees; many could say that running a business this large, guarantees that she is indeed under a microscope. Yet it is Hudson’s team that is her key to success, “it’s about the team you create around you… you can only really be as strong as the people that you have around you”. By looking at the performance of Fabletics, one can only speculate that Hudson does indeed have a strong team around her. Source:

Why You Should Contact Martin Lustgarten

Investments can be very tricky for the average person. If you have ever lost a lot of money because of a bad investment, this can completely give you the bad idea of what an investment can do for you. This is why it is so important for you to make use of an investment banking expert like Martin Lustgarten. Many have been using Martin Lustgarten services for many years and have had nothing but great success with their professional investment options. Make sure to contact Martin Lustgarten if you are interested in beginning work with this team as well so that you can begin the investing that is perfect for your needs.

Once you begin to work with Martin Lustgarten, it is important that you see that he is able to do everything for you so that you do not have to do the investing yourself. You will find that working with the professionals like this expert can truly transform the way you view investing and it is definitely something that can change your life for the better. After all, you will find that you will get a lot more money from your investment money than if you were just keeping the money in a bank account.

Because of the fact that many have been using Martin Lustgarten and his services for a while now with great success, people have been recommending him to people of all ages and types in order for them to make better investment decisions themselves. You will find that by investing your money into great quality stocks and bonds, you will be able to earn a lot more over the long-term as opposed to not investing that money at all. Lots of people are investing their money with Martin Lustgarten and having great success with this as well. The key is for you to contact Martin Lustgarten so that you know he can take you on as a client and begin doing all of the investing that you so desperately need in order to make an income that you would not otherwise have been able to make.

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College Betting: The Art of the Spread

Betting on sports goes hand in hand with actually watching the different games. Sure, people are passionate about the games but they are also passionate about winning money as well. As far as passionate fans go, college football pretty much takes the case. Today we are going to talk about how you can bet on college football, make the games more exciting, and get more involved every Saturday afternoon. There are no guarantees in sports betting but it’ll be a ton of fun!

The first thing that you need to understand about betting on college football is the spread. When you talk about the spread you are talking about the point differential between the favorite and how much they are projected to win over the underdog. Let’s say that Alabama is -17 against Tennessee. That number means that Alabama is the 17 point favorite against Tennessee. When you bet AGAINST the spread you are betting that the number is going to be different than the 17. This is the kind of bet that most people make. You can get all of the information that you need regarding the spread at a website like

Just understanding the spread doesn’t mean that you are going to suddenly be great at sports betting. You still have to go ahead and get more information before making your final bet. Again, referencing a website like will be a great way to stack yourself with the kind of knowledge that you are going to need. You will see the spread information, how often teams perform well against the spread, and other minor gambling details. Along with this information you can actually go ahead and place your bets, as well. When you are ready to place your bet that is when we move onto the next step.

Okay, so you finally have enough information at your side and now you are ready to make your bet. You can’t jump straight into laying down your money. First you need to establish some good housekeeping habits. Before you lay down a bet you will want to reference any sort of breaking information that might be dropping. Use Twitter feeds and other ‘breaking’ social media outlets in order to get the latest news. If a star player is sick and suddenly pulled from the game you are going to want to be aware of it. Follow this info up until the last moment before locking your bet.