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Get Your Wiki Shares A Laugh At Surprising, Hilarious Congressional Wikipedia Edits

Professional Get Your Wiki writers specialize in creating and curating Wikipedia pages as informational hubs and reputation-management tools that serve clients ranging from individuals to multinational corporations. For a multitude of reasons, such a one-stop instant encyclopedia of vital information can prove invaluable to controlling an online conversation. Wikipedia’s open-source editing allows for quick on-the-fly Wiki edits whenever developing events call for instant updates or misinformation demands a concise clarification by way of a widely trusted resource. Just as importantly, entries contain annotations noting when certain dubious statements require sourcing and verifiable claims directly to an updated citation directory at the bottom of each page. It’s an easy resource that’s as quickly accessible to Wikipedia editors as it is to a curious information-seeker.

Of course, that’s the consequence of an informational database that anybody can alter: everyone is a potential editor. If the repository Twitter account @congressedits can’t prove the folly of too much trust in strangers on the Internet, it’s hard to say what will. For several years, software developer Ed Summers has used a cleverly written script to ping Twitter whenever Wikipedia’s public tracking traces any time someone will update a Wikipedia page from a congressional computer. For all the alterations reflecting logistical updates, such as documenting reelection or retirement from office, the account has also chronicled such hilariously bizarre changes as adding slain Cincinnati Zoo gorilla Haramabe to a list of assassinated politicians believed to have been targets of vast conspiracies. The account has gained enough of a following to spawn international offshoots from South America to Europe, all dedicated to greater government transparency.

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Stephen Murray Helped CCMP Capital Reach Extraordinary Levels

During his time in the private investment industry, Stephen Murray was a widely recognized and regarded as one of the best, before his passing in early 2015. He was the Chief Executive Officer at CCMP Capital as well as its co founder. His former company recognizes Stephen as a hard working leader who greatly contributed to the overall success of the company to date.

Stephen was not only a hard working businessman, but a generous one as well. He was appointed as a chairperson at the Boston College for the Trustees Board as well as a full council member for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

During the early days of Stephen Murray’s career, he worked at the Manufacturer Hanover Corporation starting in 1984, where he worked on the company’s forecasting project for credit. Following the merge of the of his department and MH Equity Corporation, Stephen was able to work for the new company. In just 7 years, Manufacturer Hanover Corporation was acquired by Chemical Bank.

In 2005, Stephen Murray was able to take up a management position working at JP Morgan, where he was responsible for all buyouts. During his time there the company was able to grow and turn into a widely known private equity.

CCMP Capital first spin off was in 2006, and Stephen was one of the founders. In 2007, Stephen was appointed as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. During the early days of the company, it was made up of equity specialists and the takeover group, all of which were under Stephen’s guidance while it developed to be worth more than $12 billion dollars.

The company is currently and still dedicated to offering their clients quality services relating to private investments. The company also has great experience in leveraged takeovers and expansions. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

CCMP has business offices in multiple locations, including New York, London, Tokyo, and Hong Kong, all employing more than fifty people that are experts in the field of private equity. The majority of their clients are wealthy and high worth groups, corporations, or individuals, all of which want the best information for investing in good businesses.

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CCMP’s Murray dead at 52

Flavio Maluf: How the Brexit Vote Will Affect Global Markets

In June 2016, Britons voted to end their decades-long association with the European Union in what has come to be popularly referred to as the Brexit vote. This referendum has been eliciting diverse opinions across the political and economic spheres. The immediate effect of the vote was a noteworthy stagnation in stock markets throughout Europe. The value of the British sterling similarly plummeted to a record low. This is a pointer to the effects that the vote will have on the global economy.

Brazilian entrepreneur Flavio Maluf has the opinion that though Britain has been making substantial contributions to the European Union, the referendum will have an inflationary effect on the country’s economy. The remaining EU members are likely to be barred from directly participating in trade with the UK. This might result if a sizeable drop in investment that the country receives. Free movement of trade goods and people will be restricted, something that will limit the flow of capital.

The United Kingdom’s foreign trade with EU member countries is also likely to be hindered because it will be subjected to different trade tariffs and quotas on certain commodities. However, Mr. Maluf points out that this might turn out to be a blessing in disguise because the United Kingdom will have the freedom to form bilateral agreements with any trade partner. Such agreements were previously restricted by common tariffs that bind all EU member countries. The award winning Flavio points out that Brazil ought to use this as an opportunity to expand its international trade frontier. There has been an insignificant trade relationship between the two countries in the past. Therefore, the two have the best opportunity to strengthen ties.

Brief Notes about Flavio Maluf

Flavio is the president and chief executive officer of Eucatex, a family owned business. He has served the company for nearly three decades. Mr. Maluf is an attorney, mechanical engineer, and a highly successful businessman. Flavio studied at Sao Paolo’s Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP) and the New York University. He began working in Eucatex’s industrial division in 1987 before moving to the trade department. Since he ascended to the helm, he has overseen an ambitious transformation plan.  Be sure to follow him along in real time via Twitter.

Giving Back To Russia

Alexei Beltyukov attended INSEAD, a business school established in Fontainebleau, France. After graduating with a business degree he quickly used his business sense to becoming one of Russian best known philanthropist and entrepreneur of his time.

He has founded several companies including A-Ventures, New Gas Technologies. In 2013 he founded Endemic Capital, a company that funds startup companies in Russia. He has recently become the Chief Operating Officer of Solvy, which is an online education system for high school students.

Alexei Beltyukov is all about helping companies get their start. He also believes in giving back to his country and started a scholarship at INSEAD, to help students financially while attending the university. He gives his time and knowledge as vice president of the Skolkovo Foundation, which helps the government with providing support for companies that are starting up in Russia, which in turns helps the overall economics in his homeland.

He is said to be a man to watch when it comes to paving the way for future companies that are just getting off the ground. He is a man that believes knowledge is powerful and sharing that knowledge is even more powerful.

Alexei Beltyukov has never forgotten where he started. He has helped others find their way in the business world with his expertise and financially backing them on how to build a successful company. He is a true example that when you help others, you in turn help the world become a better place, financially and well-rounded as a whole.

A Lip Balm Like No Other

If you haven’t heard of the cute little spheres of lip balm made by Evolution of Smooth then you have been missing out. Better known to most people as EOS lip balm, this company has created a lip balm that is like no other. Available in spheres and sticks, this lip balm comes in a variety of sweet flavors that is sure to win you over. There is a flavor for everyone, no matter your taste. If you want a little shimmer to your lips then you choose the shimmer sphere to add the shine you desire. If you more into organic products then they offer an organic line of spheres also.
You know you are getting a wonderful product with EOS because all of their products are dermatologist tested and contain ingredients that are hypoallergenic. These little spheres and sticks are loaded with vitamin E, Shea butter and jojoba oil which offer an antioxidant-rich way of moisturizing your lips and protecting them at the same time.

You can be certain that you have a product that hydrates your lips and one that is safe for you to use when you choose EOS lip balm. It stands alone in its design and its effectiveness. For more info, visit their Facebook page and the EOS company profile on Linked In. Check out their website:

Kevin Seawright Is Back In Baltimore Helping Families Find Homes

Kevin Seawright has come back to Baltimore to make sure that he can help families that want to get into affordable homes. He has had a great career where he has spent almost all his time just helping people. He wants to make sure that the people that need services get them, and he looks for creative ways to give these people services. Everything that is done with the help of Kevin Seawright puts people in affordable homes in Baltimore.

Kevin Seawright has been all over the place as he tries to help people get the best homes and services, and that includes transportation and schools in the Baltimore area. He has also helped to build up Newark, New Jersey, and he is back to a place that he feels really strongly about. That is something that he wants to see change because Baltimore can rise from its own ashes to make sure that the people in the city who need better housing will get it.

The RPS LLC difference is that the company is made for people who have no advantages in life. They are stuck in a place where they do not feel comfortable, and they think that they will never be able to get the help they need. Kevin Seawright wants to make sure that people can get a better place to live even if it looks like they cannot afford it. His company is there to place people in homes, give them hope in Baltimore and to help them get on with their lives.

Kevin Seawright has been helping people for his whole life, and he plans to keep doing that with RPS LLC. It is a very good thing for people to do when they are trying to get into a better home. Kevin Seawright knows how to help people get into the right homes, and he does it as his job today.  From his position at the NCEDC as Vice President, to his work with other government agencies, Kevin has always given his all.

Tips From A Financial Professional When Renting Out Property On Air BNB

A sluggish economy today is leading many property owners to rent out their homes to tenants on venues such as Airbnb. Websites like Airbnb allow a property owner to list apartments, homes, vacation homes and other properties for rent. Airbnb even allows a homeowner to rent out a room or several rooms to guests in a format of a bed and breakfast. Many people could use the money these days. Some even rent out their homes or a few rooms out to cover their expenses or profit. While this may seem like a good idea, it does not come without drawbacks. Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions offers you some tips to avoid pitfalls.

The first thing to take into consideration when renting out on Airbnb or any other similar rental listing site says Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is to know the risks involved. You need to acknowledge that property damage, lack of payment, vandalism and lawsuits can arise from renting out your property to unknown tenants. While there is little you can do to screen out potential troublemakers, you will be responsible for any liabilities that arise from your tenant’s behavior. This includes complaints by neighbors as well as property damage to yourself.

Richard Blair says that even if you have homeowner’s insurance you need to take a good look at your homeowner’s insurance policy. A typical homeowners insurance policy will not cover short term occupants. This means that if damage occurs during a rental to a guest, the insurance company may deny your claim and fail to reimburse you for damages.

Speak to a financial professional like Richard Blair ahead of time so you know exactly what your insurance policy covers and does not include. Consider adding an additional policy for short term occupants if you are constantly renting out rooms or property out on Airbnb. You may pay more for on your insurance policy, but the protection it offers you in case of damage may be well worth it.

Richard Blair Wealth Solutions is a financial planning and wealth management company that was founded by Mr. Richard Blair. Working from Austin, Texas Mr. Blair advises and manages clients on how to best secure and grow their wealth. It is estimated that Richard Blair Wealth Solutions has over $55 million dollars in assets under its management right now. Another service that Richard’s company Wealth Solutions provides is retirement planning. Speak to Richard Blair today by calling 855-308-9999.

Andy Wirth, a Valuable Asset to Squaw Valley Community and Ski Industry

Andy Wirth has been serving as the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holding since 2010. His dedication to developing and improve Squaw Valley has seen him appointed as the chair of Reno- Tahoe Airport Board. The airport will leverage his vast experience in hotel and Ski resort industries, as well as his strong eldership qualities. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Mr. Wirth is expected to help the airport make important decisions regarding development planning that will see an expansion of ski resorts and hotels in the Squaw Valley. Wirth is considered as a valuable asset both to the community and ski industry.

Mr. Andy Wirth was born in 1963, in Germany. He went to Colorado State University where he graduated with a science degree. All his career life has revolved around ski resort business, where he has served on numerous boards including National Ski Areas Board.

His career in ski industries has accorded him rare opportunities of being involved in send-off celebrations for various American Olympic teams before heading to official Olympics.

Squaw Valley is one of the most famous ski resorts in the region. Through a commitment to improve the area and attracts more visitors, Mr. Wirth has evidently demonstrated his passion in ski resorts. He has even appeared on Television “Undercover Boss” where he vividly expressed his vision for Squaw Valley and ski resorts.

His effort is often noticed, over the years, Mr. Wirth has received numerous awards that recognized and celebrated his accomplishments in various fields. They include Citizen of the year by Disabled Sports USA due to his work along with his Ironman team. He is also a holder of the prestigious Chairman’s Outstand Award that recognizes strong leadership skills.

If I were to describe Mr. Andy Wirth, I would feature him as a man who knows what it takes to face adversity and consider it as a challenge when it happens both in his personal life and in profession. This can be inferred from near fatal skydiving accident that left his arm reattached and called for several surgeries.

Nevertheless, due to his Ironman nature, he was back to work and went on to co-found an Ironman team, which focuses on raising money for Navy Seal Foundation.

NYC Attorney: Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar has recently become a top attorney in the state of New York. Pursuing success, Sam has managed to reach the top of the chain.From humble beginnings to leading attorney, Sam is now the ideal representation of hard work and life long determination.

Graduating from Oxford University with honors, Sam Tabar pursued a legal degree in New York City, New York. Sam attended Columbia Law School where he excelled as a student. He managed to become an Associate Editor for Columbia University’s legal review team. Staying true to his goal, Sam graduated shortly after and continued to pursue a career as an attorney. He earned a position at New York City’s well known law firm

Skadden,Arps,Slater,Meagher & From LLP.

After dedicating his service to his law firm, Sam Tabar advanced his career even further. Sam became an advisor at PMA Investments. Sam earned a promotion at PMA Investments becoming the Managing Director. At PMA Investments, Sam Tabar became one of the best financial strategist in the state. Sam worked closely with the Asset Raising Team and together they raised over a billion dollars in assets collectively.

In 2013 Sam returned to his original career of law. He joined the law firm of Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP. At this particular law firm Sam became the Senior Associate. He specialized in hedge funds.

Sam Tabar spent time with many other nations across the globe. He studied Sam has become a modern idol of those in the investment industry. He has managed to continue his hard work and dedication thought the years. He is still involved in various investments.

Don Ressler’s Success

Don Ressler is an innovative business mind behind some of the internet’s great direct to consumer commerce sites. His first company was which he sold to Intermix Media back in 2001. This was validation for his hard work and it also allowed him to form an important partnership with Adam Goldenberg while the two worked together at Alena Media. Don poured his soul into Alena Media and as a result, it earned hundreds of millions in profit for Intermix, its parent company. Seeing the great success and talent at Alena Media tempted News Corp to purchase the company in 2005. However, News Corp didn’t understand the true value of Alena Media and its team of experts and Don Ressler knew they were being underutilized. He then decided to go out on his own and found new companies with Adam Goldenberg.

With a strong belief in himself, Don and his partner brainstormed and came up with the idea to create a brand marketing company. This company came to be Intelligent Beauty. Its purpose was to be an autonomous brand building empire like no other the world had ever seen.

DERMSTORE was the first project that Don Ressler launched through Intelligent Beauty. It was the internets premiere ecommerce store for cosmetics and women’s skincare products. Don followed up by launching the weight loss system SENSA one of the first weight loss systems to be marketed primarily through the internet. However, Don’s third company was to be his greatest idea yet. In 2010 Don Ressler and his partner launched JustFab. It was to become one of the internet’s most successful online fashion retailer. Investors were fascinated by the idea, and they had confidence in Don’s team so they put $33 million into the company early on. Don was able to form key strategic partnerships to get JustFab off the ground. He brought celebrity Kimora Lee Simmons onto the team as the Creative Director and President and by April 2012 JustFab had 6 million members who purchased items from the company at

JustFab was experiencing historic success and so it sought new ways to reach consumers who wanted fashionable clothing for themselves and their family. In 2013, Don’s company launched Fabkids, and a shoe company The Fab Shoes. This gave it a strong lead in the European Market where no one had yet witnessed the marketing prowess that Don and his team could bring. It went on to create the brand Fabletics with the help of celebrity Kate Hudson.