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Givers Are Always Choosers at Talk Fusion

Leaving an everlasting imprint on this universe, appears to be the MO at Talk Fusion, since it’s inception in 2007. Founder and CEO Bob Reina and his philanthropic mission, to breathe life back into the creators and leaders, who like him, aspire to translate a new language of possibilities to the world.

Talk Fusion provides video marketing solutions for business and charities that have reached 140 countries with plans to keep expanding their services. This cost effective product is designed to transform the average mind-numbing advertisement, into memorable, thought provoking ideals, through multiple forms of visual presentation. Talk Fusion offers five different video marketing products including: email, newsletters, live meetings, chat and sign-up forms. This personal marketing tool allows any business the opportunity to capture their target markets attention, through a plethora of visual outlets that can be customized to right fit any marketing objectives.

Reina’s ability to build a community of like minded stewards, has formed a depth of vision that has expanded his personal vocation into Talk Fusions mission. This vision has transpired into a manifestation larger than marketing communications, via visual mediums. Reina’s unique business model, also allows users who invest in the products to pay it forward. Allowing associates who purchase Talk Fusions all in one marketing package, to in turn, donate the identical package to the charity of their choice. Creating an ROI that speaks louder in action, than monetary incentives, by giving non-profits the power to crate the same positive change that Reina strives to make with Talk Fusion daily.

Many would consider Reina to have served his civil duty after his $1 million donation to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, among many others. Even with his impact Reina knows that there are voices that have yet to be heard. Talk Fusion serves to be a megaphone for all forward thinkers, to build stronger charities, communities, countries and one day a stronger world, to better the future generations to come.

Talk Fusion Founder & CEO Bob Reina’s Mission to Change Lives

Successes of Eric Pulier in Business and Technology

The business world is known to be very competitive, and only those with elaborate entrepreneurial skills and insight can make a breakthrough in it. Eric Pulier is one of such people who has had great success as an entrepreneur owing to his commitment and years of study and experience. Mr. Pulier has been deemed fit to be one of the thirty e-Visionaries by VAR Business. He is renowned for producing several breath-taking technologies used in businesses and government institutions today. He has been actively involved in the rise of more than fifteen major companies as either founder or co-founder.

In 1994, he launched the interactive agency Digital Evolution, which entered into a merger with US Interactive limited liability Company to form the Star bright world. The company is one of the most successful social platforms for the chronically sick people in the society. Star bright world enables these individuals to connect to the rest of the community and make them feel like they belong.

Currently, Eric Pulier is affiliated to Enterprise Leadership Council as the executive director. Pulier has been actively involved in several premier technology conferences taking place around the world. Among his significant achievements include being chosen to create and lead the bridge of the 21st century which was the most successful presidential technology exhibition ever. This success saw him being nominated by Al Gore health to provide technological policies for better health care.

Besides entrepreneurship, Eric Pulier in also known for his philanthropy works around the globe which he does as a way of giving back to the society. The X-Prize foundation has him on their list of innovators as he actively took part in the establishment and rise of the organization with a goal to provide solutions to prevailing human problems. The People Doing Things group was his idea; he saw it wise to integrate technology into health care services, education and several other social amenities, as a way of improving people’s living standards in the society.

Eric Pulier having studied in esteemed places and has gained knowledge about how things work. He exploits his knowledge sufficiently to bring his innovative ideas to life one after the other.

A Different Kind of IT Staffing Company

The United States has a bevy of businesses in the IT staffing sector but one of them stands out from the rest as a different kind of company. That company is Diversant LLC which is currently the largest African-American owned IT firm in the country. It is also a fully accredited Minority Owned Business Enterprise (MBE) which is an important factor to why Diversant LLC is different from its competition. Part of the value of staffing through Diversant is in the diverse backgrounds and heritage of its consultants and the quality of their placement methodology.

The first phase of the placement methodology of Diversant consultants is the respectful manner in which consultants are treated and held. The next phase is the pairing of competencies with client needs. Diversant always seeks to place consultants with knowledge and experience in positions that take advantage of that knowledge and experience. Very rarely, if ever, will Diversant force a consultant to take on a whole new skill-set just for a placement for a client. These two factors help ensure stability and reliability with consultant placements and make negotiating extensions with clients easier too.

Diversant LLC didn’t just become a different kind of company to its competitors. These differences were grown over time within the company by the leadership that defined the company. One such leader that has defined the company since they joined it is John Goullet. He has been involved in pioneering the IT staffing sector since 1994 when he formed Info Technologies which later merged with Diversant in 2010. He has experience with consulting, staffing, and being a client. This experience has informed his view and his view has informed the growth of Diversant LLC into a different kind of company. A company that values diversity, respects consultants and forms direct relationships with clients. A different kind of company that supports charitable organizations that help veterans enter the information technology industry and competent and well-trained computer science majors. A different kind of company that cares about the consultants it places.

Additional Links on John Goullet:–1-DwI5js3mzSVtAQ

Highland’s Capital Management Strive to better Its Charitable Activities

Highland Capital Management, an asset management firm based in Dallas, has teamed up with Linda Owen with the aim of giving a strategic direction to its philanthropic activities. The co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero, felt the need to seek the services of a professional to ensure that Highland’s contributions make a significant impact. He felt that Linda’s shared vision of making a difference in the society and her impeccable track record of cultivating helpful public –private partnerships in Dallas made her a perfect fit for the job.

Highland Capital Management contributes to the society through donating funds and offering services. Its employees offer their expertise to firms or people who need it by serving in boards and holding various leadership positions. James Dondero leads by example by offering out his expertise too. In the way of funds, the company donates annually an amount more than $3 million dollars to various organizations. The beneficiaries include the Center for Brain Health, Uplift Education, the Dallas Zoo, American Heart Association, Snowball Express, George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum and the Petrot Museum of Nature and Science.

Linda has had the chance to be involved with some charitable organizations in the past. In the Dallas area, she has worked with Circuit Trail Conservancy, Family Place and Crystal Charity Ball. Despite this, she is excited about the opportunity to work alongside Highland Capital.

Linda currently serves the people of Dallas as a civic leader. Before this, she worked for the Woodwall Rodgers Park Foundation, The Real Estate Council and the law firm Wald, Harkrader and Ross. Her career began at the law firm as a real estate associate. At Woodwall and The Real Estate Council, she served as president and CEO.

James Dondero’s career in the credit markets spreads over 30 years. With the help of his co-founder, he manages over $21 million in assets at Highland Capital Management. James Dondero has also had the opportunity to work for American Express and Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary. His greatest achievement in the industry has been his launching of the first non-bank Collateralized Loan Obligation.

Jim Hunt and VTA Publications Offer a Chance to Make a Fortune

Jim Hunt and his company, VTA Publications, are offering to create wealth for his subscribers and to turn them into millionaires. Is it hype? In his presentation and before he asks the reader to make a commitment, he quotes several important investors in the history of financial investing. Both made their money by investing against the natural direction of the markets.  The same point Hunt makes on his YouTube.

Markets are expected to rise and fall in the short term but overall their eventual direction is upward. But George Soros and Jesse Livermore both made money by betting against the upward direction of a particular market.

Livermore saw the stock market reaching an unsustainable height. His play was to go against the upward climb of the market, and the Stock Market Crash of 1929 proved him right and made him $ millions. Soros took a position against the positive direction of the English Sterling Pound compared to other currencies traded on the Foreign Exchange Market and made more than $1 billion on this single investment.

While most investors are not aware of betting against a market’s upward path, these two investors fully understood the complex psychology of the market; the two tended to be ahead of the times. They were leaders and not followers and in both of these cases they went against the crowd and made fortunes. Jim Hunt seems to be offering the average investor a similar opportunity. Knowledge is certainly power and what Jim Hunts knows could be extremely valuable to anyone no matter what the size of his or her portfolio.  MoreMoneyReview makes a great case for his methods.

JustFab Potential Blockbuster Expansion

The Wall Street Journal has reported that the fast growing company Just Fab has hired Todd Tappin as the finance chief and president. JustFab is the company behind several fashion subscription services that has over 4 million monthly subscribers. Learn more about JustFab: and

Tappin is known for guiding companies seeking to become public and expand across the market. JustFab Inc. is currently valued at $1 billion and is anticipated to have over $650 million in revenue this year. Although Tappin is known for helping companies become public he insists that JustFab is fine as a privately held company. Only time will tell what direction this growing company will take with Todd Tappin at the helm.

JustFab, a personalized clothing accessory service, is the main company to several subscription services. JustFab is the parent company to the following services: ShoeDazzle, focused on women’s shoes, fabkids, specializing in children clothes and shoes Fabletics, which specializes in activewear for women, FL2, activewear for men and recently launched P.S. JustFab that includes curated clothing services.

All are a subscription based where members begin by taking a style quiz and based on those results are sent items monthly that match their preferred style. VIP members are also allowed exclusive daily deals available for purchase along with their monthly package.

Members are allowed to skip months, with no charge to them, if the curated box is not needed. Having international stores also allows for global customers and curated boxes that match the style or needs of the particular country.

JustFab is well known for its quality clothing and accessory options at an affordable price. The company is also well known for its celebrity endorsements including a Kate Hudson curating Fabletics.

You can easily find any type of JustFab product in a celebrity magazine, from celebrity wearing their clothes or style suggestions in fashion magazines.

The main website provided all of the information listed as well as contact information for all of its subscription services.

The Manse on Marsh: The Best Assisted Living Care Home

Are you looking for a home to have your loved one stay when they retire or grow old? The Manse on Marsh is a great place to have your loved one stay and get treated with the care that they need and deserve. The home has been named one of the best in the nation and it has one of the most vibrant living experiences for its residents. There are benefits of having a family member staying at the Manse on Marsh for a number of reasons. Here are some of them.

The home provides assisted living and care for its residents. They get residents from all over, some of who have medical conditions and have difficulty performing even the most basic of daily activities such as dressing and eating. It is for this reason that there are experts in Manse on Marsh to ensure that the residents are cared for by professionals. They not only have the usual caregivers but also medical technicians who have been duly trained and certified to administer medication and other medical issues.

Apart from being cared for by the caregivers and medical technicians, Manse on Marsh residents are also provided with facilities that ensure they are comfortable. They have options in relation to accommodation. Accommodation options include cottages, one-bedroom units and studio accommodation. They also have laundry services among other comforts. The facility also has a restaurant-like dining experience for its residents.

The Manse on Marsh is recognized for being one of the best assisted living care homes for a reason. They not only accommodate residents from all over but they also ensure that their residents get the most form staying with them. For example, they arrange activities and events which ensure that residents are integrated into the home and that their social lives are enhanced. They do this through sports, exercise programs and even communal activities such as watching television and interacting over meals.

If you are thinking of the best place for your loved one, choose Manse on Marsh and make their lives blissful. They will be taken care of and their personal needs catered for.  Contact them online for more information, or check out the Twitter feed @TheManseonMarsh.

ClassDojo: The Star Pupil of Education Apps

ClassDojo is a communication platform that encourages communication between instructors and parents. It is an app that allows for immediate updates in the classroom instead of forcing parents and teachers to rely on semi-annual conferences. The app is currently used in two in three schools, mostly by instructors teaching kindergarten through grade eight. ClassDojo was founded by Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary in 2011 and has recently garnered twenty-one million dollars in funding. Don and Chaudhary plan on using this funding to bring in new employees and to further develop the app.

ClassDojo allows teachers and parents to communicate with each other quickly and on a regular schedule. If a student fails a test, the parent can be immediately informed. This allows the parent and the teacher plenty of time to help the student improve before one bad grade becomes a pattern. If a parent has a concern of any kind, they can contact the teacher easily without having to sit through a long and frustrating automated phone system before they reach their child’s teacher.

Traditional parent-teacher conferences are ineffective and obsolete. Unless something serious happens to a student, a teacher can’t schedule a conference right away. A conference requires parents and teachers to alter their busy schedules, which isn’t always feasible. ClassDojo allows teachers and parents to keep each other updated conveniently and easily. Instead of the parent just becoming another faceless entity the teacher has to sift through during conference week, they become an engaged party in their child’s learning experience. With the app, teachers can send parents a schedule of class activities, photos of assignments, and reminders of upcoming school events.

ClassDojo also goes to great efforts to include parents who struggle with English as a second language. The ClassDojo website advertises the option for users to translate a message in 35 languages. This option is available to both teachers and parents. This feature can help reduce feelings of embarrassment and isolation in students whose parents are unable to speak English fluently by keeping their parents involved in the classroom.

ClassDojo is facilitating swift and necessary changes in the school system. It’s a tool that will foster connection and empowerment in teachers, parents, and students. The app will facilitate some major changes in the parent-teacher relationship and in classroom dyanmics. If ClassDojo continues to develop, the app will do more than just improve parent-teacher communications. Creating a sense of community and a positive culture with classrooms and schools are two ideals that we can expect to see ClassDojo make a reality.


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The Wen By Chaz Difference

The Wen hair by Chaz difference has been covered by people around the Internet, and there was a review online of the shampoo by It is very nice for most people to just have one shampoo that they can use to wash their hair, and it is even more important for people to make sure that they are using something that will help them keep their hair thick. They are going to see the difference when they are using the right shampoo, and their hair can start to get thicker than it was before. It is very hard for people to take care of their hair unless they are able to use something like Wen by Chaz.

The TotalBeauty available shampoo is a great thing for all women who want to make their hair get thicker, and the review shows how everyone is supposed to use it. It makes a difference for people who are trying to look their best, and it will prevent all the shedding that has been going on in the past. Women need to get their hair as thick as they can, and then they need to be sure that they are washing as much as they can with this healthy shampoo.

The best part of this is that anyone who is trying to take care of their hair is going to be able to follow the plans for the shampoo when they read the review. They will learn all that they need to know about the shampoo when they get started, and then they will be able to make a change to the way that they are managing their hair. That means that styling can be done, and even the girl who did the review was able to show that her hair was much easier to style. For more info, visit

Wen hair FAQ page:


Lovaganza Celebrates Diversity

The Lovaganza Foundation was founded by Genevieve Gagnon and J.F. Gagnon with the dream to start the mother of al foundations. Lovaganza’s mandate has been to bring a universal quality of life to all of humanity through the empowering, uniting as well as inspiring other organizations and foundations on the globe who want to achieve similar goals.

The first milestone of Lovaganza is to achieve a certain quality of life for all children on the face of the planet by the year 2035. The Lovaganza Foundation has a for profit branch in order to fund their projects. This for-profit branch is the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise which is responsible for the making of certain productions in order to provoke awareness and at the same time generate substantial funds to finance the Lovaganza foundation, campaigns, programs as well as research for the documentaries that are being made. The events that are launched are provided on an international platform in order to create awareness, fund, empower as well as provide guidance for other organizations and foundations who find themselves on a similar path.

One of the newest productions was a film shot in the town of Frigiliana in Spain. The film is known as Follow Your Sunshine and is based in the 1950’s. The movie is one of 2 others that are part of a trilogy which will be released in cinemas in September. The team shooting the film is the Lovaganza Foundation and is spear headed by J.F Gagnon and Genevieve who are also directing the movie. The team is made up of 50 staff as well as 25 extra’s that were chosen from a group of 500 local candidates.

The film evoked a sense of nostalgia as actors and actresses walked through the streets in their period costumes. Roads were closed to the public in order to make a success of the filming process. The head of tourism of the town, Maria Caravaca said that she saw a huge benefit to the town having the film shot here. She went on to state that their mission was to promote the town for it’s unique looks throughout the whole year but are very honored to have had the film based in their town. It is an important production which required the rental of several cars as well as interior spaces which saw a cash injection of Û33,000.

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