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Goettl Air Conditioning Has Hot Weather Advice For Pet Owners

The hot summer months do not only bring discomfort to homeowners, but their pets as well. A super-hot interior and exterior can both prove extremely dangerous to a pet. The good persons at Goettl Air Conditioning have put forth some really helpful tips for keeping pets safe during the summer. Adhering to these tips will help preserve the health of a beloved four-legged family member.

Grooming a pet is a simple step that has a lot of benefit. Too much fur is not a plus during heat waves. Taking a pet to a grooming shop to have a fur coat cut a bit for the summer is not a bad plan.

Goettl Air Conditioning Provides Tips for Protecting Pets from the Heat

And be careful when walking a dog on hot days. Excessively hot cement or asphalt can cause burns. Maybe it would be best to avoid such surfaces until they cool down.

Sunscreen isn’t just for humans. During the next trip to the pet shop, buy dog or cat sunscreen. A pet will be thrilled over the protection from the sunscreen.

Access to water is critically important. A well-hydrated pet is better primed to deal with the summer heat. And keep a doggie bath on standby in case Rover wants to jump in and cool off.

Humans who want to stay cool should check out Goettl Air Conditioning. The company has been in business for many decades. Once a family owned business, Ken Goodrich runs it today. He is doing a great job not only running the commercial end of the company, but also the philanthropic one. Goettl Air Conditioning has provided educational scholarships and grants to those in need. The good name the company has earned is well-deserved.

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Why A Company Needs To Hire A Good Wikipedia Writer

A Wikipedia writer has a special job that helps everyone who wants to have a better Internet presence. A Wikipedia page is usually the default that people go to when they want information on a person, a company or an object. People look up things from songs to movies and companies on Wikipedia, and the Wikipedia page needs to be written the right way. Everyone who needs help can go to assistance, and they can talk to a writer who will work on the article.

The Wikipedia experts for hire who do this every day at Get Your Wiki are prepared to include any information the client wants. They will start molding the article to fit the needs of the client, and the client will review what has been written before it goes live. The clients usually do not know all the rules that have to be followed just to get an article to get published, but Get Your Wiki knows exactly how to do this. They will edit a Wikipedia page to make sure it is perfect, and they will let the client know when it gets published.

Changing Wikipedia articles happens all the time, but working with Get Your Wiki makes it a lot easier to get edits done. The Wiki writers will check the page every so often to make sure it is in good order, and they will alter anything that a miscreant might have changed. The page will look good all the time, and extra pages or content can be added when needed. The writers at Get Your Wiki make it easy to get the page done, and then they watch over the page so the client does not have to. Clients get all the benefits of a Wikipedia page without any of the hassle of trying to write it alone.

My experience with the Wen cleansing conditioner

Wen Hair By Chaz Dean is a Sweet Almond cleansing conditioner that leaves your hair shiny and better than before. You do not need ordinary shampoos and conditioners when you have it because it has very amazing qualities when it comes to cleansing your hair. Unlike other hair cleansing conditioners, Wen cleansing conditioner doesn’t lather but rather it strengthens and increases the moisture in the hair.

Wen hair by Chaz is the best bet if you want your hair to be more healthy-looking and shinier. There are many formulations of this haircare line but the good thing is that, it works with any type of hair. The Sephora Fig version is what appealed when I decided to use Wen By Chaz because it promised a huge return: shine, moisture and bounce in my hair.
I had just had a busy day jumping up and down on planes, trains and automobiles. By the time I got home my hair was so unruly. I couldn’t wait to get into the shower and I thought it was a good time to try out the much vaunted Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner. What struck me from the off is the sheer amount of the product that the brand recommends for use,10-16 pumps was massive by any standards for anyone with short hair.
I had my fears about this may impact my hair but I went ahead and applied ten pumps. I immediately felt the impact in my hair when I applied the conditioner; my hair felt thicker and heavier and unlike other shampoos I was accustomed to there were less strands falling in the shower. The end result was just like I had seen in the commercials, my hair was shinny and bouncy and I felt so clean.
It used the product later on after that first experience and I have learn that it is a great product for those who shower and clean their hair every morning but may not be a great idea for the lazy who can skip a day or two. Wen By Chaz is a go to product if you want an extra post shower shine, moisture and some bounce in your hair.
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Anthony Marsala Identified as one of 2015’s 40 Under Forty Honorees

Anthony Marsala, a co-founder and the present Chief Operating Officer of Madison Street Capital received recognition from the esteemed National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts simply referred to as NACVA. Marsala was recognized in NACVA’s 2015 40 Under Forty program.

NACVA identified 40 nominees who had individually made considerable advances in areas like business valuation, litigation consulting, M&A deals, financial forensics, expert witness testimony and other related industry professions. All the honorees were selected in a thorough process done by top Executive Staff pulled from NACVA and CTI. Judges revealed that the selection process was quite difficult due to the huge pool of potential candidates each qualified in their own right.

The two accounting bodies, CTI and NACVA, are established on a solid foundation of excellence a pioneering spirit from industry leaders and superior quality across all fields of finance and accounting. What’s more, recognition surpasses affiliation with either of the two professional bodies. The recognition program (40 Under Forty) was specifically designed to offer the next generation of visionary leaders an opportunity to shed light on contributions and innovations made in their communities, professions and the entire industry at large.

Selected honorees were shortlisted from a professional pool of over 125 candidates that had been identified by a special panel of Executive Staff from both NACVA and CTI. According to Brien K. Jones, the Executive V.P. OF CTI and NACVA, nominees will be featured in various promotional programs set up by the two bodies. This includes press releases, featured profiles in publications like The Value Examiner and other distributions.

Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a premier global investment banking company based in Chicago, Illinois. The firm is highly dedicated to excellence, integrity and service delivery to all its clients. The firm offers financial advisory services, financial opinions, vital valuation services as well as expertise in mergers and acquisitions. All services offered are top-notch, highly researched and poised to place clients with top industry services to allow them succeed in the global marketplace.

Today, Madison has offices is Accra, Ghana, Chicago Illinois (headquarters) and Haryana, India. It serves both private firms and publicly held companies. The company insists on learning the business model and operations of all its clients before offering financial solutions. This allows them to know their client’s unique financial demands and enabling them to come up with a customized action plan. This business approach coupled with its success has made Madison Street Capital a preferred financial partner for many businesses globally.

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Helanie Morrison Helps with Hall Capital

One thing that people need to help them in their goals towards financial success is money management firms. They need firms that are ethical and honest in how they handle business with their clients. They also need firms that are highly experienced and knowledgeable in how they handle finances in different market conditions. Hall Capital is one of the firms that are trustworthy. Kathryn Hall is the CEO of the company. She shares leadership with a couple of other women which include compliance officer Helane Morrison. Among the issues they deal with in their company is diversity. They understand the importance of diversity in companies like Hall Capital. Helane Morrison works to make sure that there is not only diversity, but fairness among different people.

Helanie Morrison has a lot of experience dealing with unethical actions in business, especially when it comes to financial matters. She definitely wants to make sure that people are dealing with businesses that are willing to recognize and honor basic ethics. She has been on the look out for entities that are very exploitative with their power. She has exposed many people that run their firms and businesses in ways that take advantage of their clients.

When the economic crisis of 2007 hit, a lot of firms have been exposed for their unethical ways of handling business. One thing that the 2007 crisis has revealed was that many institutions needed bailouts from the government in order to continue to operate. Helane Morrison has received a lot of advice from a mentor that she was under for a while. The mentor was Harry A. Blackmun who was very passionate about what was right. He himself has gotten a lot of threats and opposition from people who didn’t agree with him in his stance on sexual conduct and abortion. Helanie has learn a lot about the nature of the business and has developed the character that she needed to proceed towards her goals of bringing forth a more ethical industry.

Talk Fusion Video Marketing Solutions For All Businesses


Talk Fusion provides a team of talented artists, developers, marketing specialists, and IT personnel. They provide superior marketing services to customers using video as the medium. Today video marketing is very popular because of advanced technology and the Internet.

Video email provides your customers with one of the most inexpensive powerful tools for marketing your business and services. Sound and pictures provide a powerful marketing message to customers. Customers can visually see why they would want to dine at your restaurant or use your cruise lines. A short video is a powerful sales tool for companies and businesses to use.

By using Talk Fusion, video emails you will generate more qualified sales leads and get more new customers. It will set your apart from other businesses because of its unique design. Emails with videos can provide testimonials a look into the ambience of a retail store or restaurant. This service is used by nonprofits, small business, retail, corporations, food service, healthcare, and all segments of industry.

The staff at Talk Fusion can design custom email for your customers. Video emails are another tool that have coupon, news about new products, personal announcements combined with the power of video. They have sign up forms, and live meetings where you can talk with employees or clients from any location. Video Chat is a service that lets your staff talk to customers and clients resolving problems and providing great customer service.

Talk Fusion services are easy to use and adapted to mobile phones and tablets. Bob Reina the founder of the company worked at several jobs while attending the University of South Florida. After graduation he entered the Tampa Police Academy and graduated first in his class. He began working in direct selling part time in 1990 and his passion for marketing lead him to give up a steady paycheck.

Bob had a clear vision of the type of business he wanted to create. The idea for the company began when he tried to send an email of his new home and could not attach it. He wondered why sending a video email was so complicated. He saw the potential of email video marketing for businesses. Talk Fusion has over 200,000 distributors and is in over 114 countries.