Bernardo Chua Takes Ganoderma-Infused Organo Gold Products Around The World

Organo Gold is a direct sales company founded in 2008 by Philippines native Bernardo Chua. The company offers coffees, teas, nutraceuticals, nutritional supplements as well as OGX body management products made with extracts from the immune boosting, antioxidant-rich ganoderma mushroom. Organo Gold also offers lucrative opportunities to become product distributors. The Canadian-based company has a global network of over 800,000 independent distributors and almost 1% of the world’s coffee market. The company is committed to helping their customers live healthier, more energetic lifestyles. Read more about Bernardo Chua on CajaMediterraneo

Now called ORGANO, the global network marketing company offers premium products that help both customers and independent distributors attain new levels of freedom, balance and well-being. The ORGANO team is known for its beneficial products, loyalty, customer education activities and entrepreneurial spirit. They are focused on bringing the earth’s nutritional riches and their benefits to people all over the world. ORGANO products aren’t available at stores or coffeehouses, only through the company’s independent distributors. The business model used by the company is based on creating an enjoyable, personalized shopping experience.

Bernardo Chua was among the first people to successfully marketGanoderma infused products outside of Asia. He has put ORGANO among the network marketing industry’s fastest growing companies. The company has independent distributors in more than 50 countries. Bernardo Chua’s excellent Ganoderma-infused products, sales training, compensation plan, leadership development activities and global expansion strategy has helped grow ORGANO into a beloved company with a presence on six continents in just over a decade. Plus, his commitment to educating customers about the health and nutritional benefits of ganoderma is worthy of praise.

ORGANO products provides immune system support, antioxidants, advanced detox and nutritional supplements. The Ganoderma lucidum it contains has been an important part of Asian traditional medicine for more than 2,000 years. Bernardo Chua has helped to bring this mushroom to people in the Western world through his ORGANO products. They include dark, bold, black coffee, café latte, café mocha, café supreme, hot chocolate and red, green and black tea. They are all available pre-portioned, easy-to-mix, single packets which you can customizable to suit your personal taste.


Matt Badiali Offers Investment Tips that are Bound to Work

One of the leading publishing houses in the country today is Banyan Hill Publishing. It is a publishing house that has changed the financial destiny of hundreds and thousands of people in the last few years by providing them with the tips and tricks that have proved to be highly beneficial for the investors. Investing in the stock market or any other kind of investment option can be tricky as well as complicated, and it is essential that people have the knowledge they need to make smart investment decisions. Banyan Hill Publishing aims to provide that knowledge to the people and ensure that they are able to achieve their financial goals with ease through the smart investment tips that it provides. Many of the people who have followed closely the investment and stock market tips that Banyan Hill Publishing has provided has made huge profits. Learn more at to know more.

One of the experts at Banyan Hill Publishing is Matt Badiali, who has been in the limelight recently for his ad talking about the Freedom Checks. Matt Badiali is a natural resources expert with Banyan Hill Publishing, and he is one of those finance and investment analysts that actually believes in doing the firsthand research himself by traveling to the sector of his choice, rather than just believe on hearsay. Matt Badiali has traveled extensively to mines and minerals rich region to know more about these industries and provide the companies and the investors with the information they need to make informed investment decisions. The information that he gathers and puts out to his readers and clients has proven to be highly useful, and it has also helped him become a successful investor himself. The main reason behind his popularity in the financial market is because he does not believe blindly in whatever the media has to say.

Matt Badiali works with Banyan Hill Publishing as the natural resources expert and has done bachelor’s as well as masters in Geology. His background in geology gives him the expertise necessary to predict the market trends in this sector. Even though he is from the earth sciences background, it is his friend who introduced him to the world of finance because of his ability to correlate how both these industries are related. The market predictions made by Matt Badiali in the natural resources sector have been true, and it is what has helped him become one of the top investment experts in the natural resources niche.

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Creating Community With ClassDojo

As technology advances, it has become more common to see advancements in technology used in education, however, products released without teacher backing and approval, are more likely to fail. ClassDojo, a prime example of how technology can benefit teachers and parents, has been successful in seeking educator input at every stage of development, ultimately creating a product that is easy to use and beneficial for teachers and parents.

What Your Edtech Product Needs to Get a Gold Star From Educators,” reviews successful traits for these products. Items that solve problems, such as ClassDojo allowing teachers and parents to communicate regularly regarding grades and behavior, have been tested and have shown to be helpful, and those with effective implementation and adoption plans tend to be the most successful.

ClassDojo is a communication platform that serves to connect teachers, parents and students in a consistent manner. According to its website, ClassDojo is currently used in 2 out of 3 schools in the United States and is used in schools across the globe. A positive culture is created when teachers can share videos, written messages, and pictures to parents, allowing for a better school-parent connection. Students are empowered because they have the opportunity to include their own pictures or work to share with parents, allowing for parents to continue the education at home after the school day ends and creating a community. According to co-founder Sam Chaudhary, the mission of ClassDojo is to change education from the ground up, as parents, teachers and even students have more buy-in to education. The company continues to seek input from teachers to ensure this product stays up-to-date.

ClassDojo is free for teachers and is touted for being easy to use. Teachers create a classroom and invite parents to join the community, creating a school-home collaboration that can transform education for our youth.

OSI Food Solutions In Spain Has Stretch to the Full Production Capacity

OSI food solutions is a food processing company that produces and retails value-added protein things and other foodstuff to catering industry and marketing products. The company has won the opportunity to be one of the Americas top one hundred food companies. The company has other privately hold 60 facilities in 17 countries.

Buying of the former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago

Recently, OSI group purchased a food processing plant and a storage warehouse in Chicago. The new facility is the former Tyson Foods plant and is near the existing OSI facility. It is supposed to provide the organization support for sustained business growth. According to the senior executive vice president of OSI North America, Kevin Scott, the new facility will improve their competencies to meet the quick developing needs of the consumers.

The recent win of the 2016 Globe of Honor by the British Safety Council

OSI Foods Solutions UK was recently presented with a significant Globe of Honour Award for 2016 from the British Safety Council. The award was for the standard management of environmental hazards. The award was also presented to 18 groups internationally. To get the award, groups had to attain a maximum of five stars in the British Safety Council’s environmental management assessment outline in the period of August 2015 to July 2016. The award was presented by Mike Robinson, the Chief Executive of the British Safety Council to the Company’s Kelly Grimwood who is the environmental Manager Europe.

OSI Food Solution expands the capacity of chicken production

The OSI Foods Solutions in Spain has stretch to the full production capacity of over 45,000 tons of chicken, beef and pork products. They added a high-capacity manufacture line to the current operation in Toledo, Spain. This will, in turn, add an extra 20 new jobs to the existing 140 workers. The expansion of the production capacity is a result of the increased demand for the products in Spain and in Portugal.

Purchase of Baho Foods

The company made a choice to buy a key stake in Baho Foods. Baho Foods is Dutch Food Company that focuses on selling deli meats among other food products. Baho Foods is based in the Netherlands; however, it is also widely held in entire Europe. According to OSI Foods, this purchase will deliver them with a wider existence in the continent. OSI Foods bought the company together with the whole management team.

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End Citizens United And Their Key Candidates

We are getting closer to the November 2018 midterm elections, and End Citizens United is still fighting just as hard, supporting candidates of the democratic party in order to take down some of the most prominent Republicans in the House and Senate.

End Citizens United, a political action committee, was created on the heels of a particular Supreme Court Decision – Citizens United. A PAC, short for political action committee, may not have the power to change the Supreme Court’s mind, but they do have the power to support politicians that oppose the Citizens United Decision.

What is Citizens United?

The Supreme Court ruled that corporations and business have the right to donate money to politicians of their choosing. This further cemented the idea that corporations should be considered people, despite so many laws that protect corporations from criminal prosecution.

According to, corporations are obviously able to raise much more money than any individual can. This creates an unfair system that results in the common person having less of a voice because they can’t contribute nearly as much in political donations.

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End Citizen United’s Long List of Supported Candidates

Everyone has their eyes on the Texas Senate seat that currently belongs to Ted Cruz. It is almost a sure thing at this point that Ted Cruz is through, but End Citizens United has not ceased supporting their candidate Beto O’Rourke. Like all of the candidates backed by End Citizens United, O’Rourke refuses money from big corporations. Beto O’Rourke, as the first candidate supported by End Citizens United, is leading the charge for Democrats heading into the 2018 midterms.

Another candidate that is supported by the PAC is Jacky Rosen. She is currently representing Nevada’s 3rd in the House of Representatives, but she hopes to win a Senate seat in the upcoming elections. Rosen is attempted to un-seat Dean Heller, a politician that is open about accepting big money from large businesses and corporations.


Coffee: Cultural King

I have one question to ask you:

What can be used to help you stay alert while also helping you to relax?

Give up?

The answer is coffee.

Coffee is widely known for being a natural drink that can give people the solutions that they are looking for, whether they are looking for something to wake them up a bit, for something that will help them to relax, or simply for a reason to ask someone out on a date.

Yes, going out for a coffee is always a great ice-breaker when you are looking to date someone.

However, are you aware that consumers are not the only ones who see how cultural coffee can be?

Big business sees the many reasons that people drink coffee.

Businesses and corporations know that where there is coffee, there is a student seeking a relaxing place to study; they know that where there is coffee, there are a couple of colleagues trying to piece together a very important work assignment; and they know that where there is coffee, there is a book club, knitting club, or friends gathering to hang out or to discuss the topics that interest them. Read more on about Bernardo Chua

Businesses and corporations know that wherever there is coffee, there are customers waiting to spend their money on coffee and what coffee can buy: relaxation, stimulation, quality time.

The Direct Sales industry is filled with business owners who seek great opportunities and great products.

One such business owner in the network marketing field is Bernardo Chua.

He is the founder and CEO of Organo Gold, a company that specializes in gourmet coffees and other natural drinks.

Bernardo saw how beneficial coffee is to the human lifestyle and decided to take part in the coffee niche.

His gourmet coffees are known far and wide. Chua is also well-known for being one of the very first people to ever use Ganoderma in products.

Sure, people in Asia have been using Ganoderma for years, but what sets Bernardo Chua apart is that he is one of the first to ever use this ingredient outside of the Asian continent.

Other products that Organo Gold offers include teas and weight loss drinks. However, coffee continues to be Organo Gold’s real winner.

Coffee has transformed the way people socialize, and it has become a staple in the routines of many.

Coffee will always have a cultural place in the world.



Kevin Seawright Transforming The Lives Of Baltimore Residents Through Affordable Housing Solutions

Despite their differences, most people have one thing in common, and that is owning a home at some point in their lives. Fortunately, if you are in Baltimore, it is now possible to turn your dream home into a reality thanks to RPS solutions LLC. Established in 2015 by Mr. Seawright, RPS is a company famed for going the extra mile in ensuring that first-time buyers enjoy a smooth ride while acquiring their first homes and Anita Blue is perfect proof of that.

Through RPS Solutions, Anita Blue was finally able to get her dream home in 5701 Edge park in Maryland. The property dates back to 1948 and is the perfect fit for any family as it has two bathrooms, three bedrooms and lies on 4350 square feet piece of land offering her family and her expansive space for daily activities. Its interior is also quite spacious as it has more than 1450 square feet of living space and features a long string of rustic features such as granite countertops, hardwood floors, a fireplace and contemporary windows.

It is thanks to the unique leadership acumen of RPS solutions director, Kevin Seawright that Anita Blue and other members of the community can now make their homeownership dreams a reality. Mr. Kevin Seawright is dedicated to improving the quality of lives for the community which is why he steers the company towards the provision of affordable housing facilities. Unlike most companies which only focus on people with a six-figure income, RPS takes a unique approach by focusing on individuals who crave for safe and modern homes but with limited resources and less knowledgeable about the process involved in the home acquisition. Read more about Kevin Seawright at

To further enhance its ability to achieve this objective, RPS solutions entered into a partnership with the National community stabilization trust. This move has helped fuel the rate of home acquisitions by average income earners in Baltimore and, Anita Blue now joins the list of homeowners in Baltimore thanks to this partnership. Commenting about the matter, Mrs. Blue attributed the success of the entire process to the partnership as it not only helped speed up the process but also made it less hectic for her because she has little to no knowledge about the process of procuring any property leave alone a home.

While announcing about the partnership to the public, Kevin said that it comes at the right time as it will benefit the entire community and help fuel Baltimore’s economy. Established in 2009, the NCST is committed to restoring and renovating abandoned homes throughout Baltimore hence improving the quality of life for all locals by offering affordable housing solutions. So far it has helped more than 23000 people get their perfect homes and the recent alliance with RPS solutions will help it achieve even more milestones for the residents of Baltimore.

More insight on RPS solutions LLC and Kevin Seawright

RPS solutions is the brainchild of Kevin Seawright. The company has been in play since 2015. Within the short span that it has been around, RPS solutions has helped turn around the fortunes of myriads of needy individuals in Baltimore. This is made possible by a team of highly proficient and experienced professionals led by Mr. Seawright. Its primary aim is to improve the quality and economic status of as many people as it can through affordable housing projects and in return strengthen the unity of community members.

Kevin is an Almeda University graduate with extensive knowledge of the commercial and residential real estate scope. He boasts long-term experience and a string of academic accreditations in areas such as human resource, accounting, and management which is why he comes up with innovative strategies every day. His resume is quite rich having worked with various prominent facilities such as the Babe Ruth Museum and being part of major public education projects. It is through this knowledge and experience that Mr. Seawright empowers the community around him.

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Randal Nardone, the Investment Expert

Randal Nardone is a name that is common to the lips of investment entrepreneurs. However, he sits in the big leagues of the likes of Shervin, owner of Sherpa Capital Group. Mr Randal is the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group LLC in the year 1998. He has been Principal of Fortress Credit Corporation since 1998; however, in August 2013 he was named Chief Executive Officer of the company since that time to date. The CEO also chairs the presidents’ seat at Ncs 1 Llc group as well as Springleaf Financial Holdings.

Randal has experience in the financial investment sector as the details above explain. He has delegated several forums in the industry. The person is also the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Fortress Registered Investment Trust. He has also served as secretary of Newcastle Investment Corporation since June 2002 to September 2016. He holds Bachelors in Arts in English and Biology from the University of Connecticut and a J.D from Boston University School of Law, (Bloomerang). Randal Nardone estimates to be worth at a whopping 1.8 billion dollars. The billionaire resides in New York, married with one child. Since he started his company in 1998, he has served in various forums in the investment Group sector as Chief Executive Officer of many corporations sealing loopholes in the industry legally as he was a lawyer by profession.

Randal Nardone has collaborated with Peter Briger, Michael Novogratz, Robert Kauffman, and Wesley Edens all brainstorming to be self-made billionaires. Fortress Investment Group worked with Japanese investment firm Nomura for 890 million dollars last December. Randal Nardone then earned an additional 100 million cash payouts since 2005, (Forbes).

Randal Nardone, Fortress Investment Group
Randal Nardone, Fortress Investment Group

On the date of December 28, 2017, Softbank Group Corporation announced it has officially purchased Fortress Investment Group LLC at a whopping price of 3.3 billion dollars in cash. Following this trade, Softbank now owned the shares previously belong to Fortress at 8.08 dollars per share. Following this merger, the CEO of Fortress maintained he and his co-founders would still lead the company.

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Felipe Montero Jens; Link Between Public And Private Sectors

Felipe Montero Jens is an individual who believes in the growth of the economy of Brazil. He takes a keen interest in the merging of both public and private partnerships of entities to better the lives of his fellow Brazilian citizens, evident through investments that he has done.He deals with taking initiatives and planning strategies, being the chairman of the Centro council. He was Chief Director of Braskem and Energia in South Africa.

On 24th March, the Governors of IDB held a meeting in Argentina’s city of Mendoza, a time when Dyogo Oliveira, supported the growth of Brazilian projects dealing with the infrastructure to be conducted privately, gaining support from Luis Caputo. Felipe Montero reported that Garrido, a Spanish State Secretary, saw Brazil’s markets as a priority for investment due to its ability to have continued change. Visit to learn more

Felipe Montero reported that according to Albert Moreno, President of IDB, the challenge of Americans of Latin origin, referred to bringing together infrastructure and improving links with other countries to promote growth. IDB has developed policies of reinforcing equality of gender and sustainability of the environment in the process of carrying out the projects.He emphasized that Brazil made PPPs as was reported by Oliveira, set up at the Caribbean and in Latin America. According to an assessment done by the Planning Ministry, despite acquiring a rich history, most projects are unable to gather capital privately.

BINDES was to go into partnership with the Brazilian government, leading to the improvement of sanitation within the country. However, Edison Carlos stated that the bank needed managerial and structural changes, emphasizing the citizens’ importance in the participation of initiatives conducted by private sectors towards their wellbeing.

According to Felipe Montero, private companies dealing with water thrived in its shortages because they have resources. In return, this has led to the development of infrastructure and growth of the economy in comparison to the government sector. The government should form partnerships with private entities to seamlessly perform during demands for infrastructural growth. It should also ensure its agencies inspect all projects carried out by privately sponsored enterprises.



Jeff Yastine Highly Qualified Financial Expert who Loves Sharing Investment Tips

Investing in the financial markets can be a complicated process, and while there are many investment options available, it can be difficult to comprehend which one is best suited for you. The availability of so many investment options is as confusing as it is good for the investors, and it is where the need for the seasoned financial and investment analysts come in. Investment experts are often seen on television and radio news network, sharing their expertise with the people about when to invest and what to invest. He is one of such reputed investment experts from the United States, based in Florida.  Visit to know more.

Jeff Yastine has more than two decades of experience in the financial sector and has in the past worked as a financial correspondent and news anchor at PBS, hosting Business Nightly Reports. As the news anchor at PBS, he has had the opportunity to meet some of the famous personalities from the business world, including Sir Richard Branson, Michael Dell, Warren Buffett, and many more. In an interview, he said that meeting some of the biggest businessmen and the owners of Fortune 100 companies have helped him become a seasoned investor himself. As a financial news reporter, He was nominated for Emmy Award in the category of financial and business news reporting in 2007. The news report for which he was nominated for Emmy Award was for the underfunded architecture and infrastructure system in the United States.

Jeff Yastine is currently happy as editorial director at Banyan Hill Publishing and helps people identify investment opportunities in the stock market. Many mid and small cap stocks are primed for growth, but people are unaware of them. Jeff Yastine is engaged in in-depth financial research and helps the people realize the true potential of the stock market by giving them names of the stocks they can invest in. Many of his readers’ reports and newsletters have profited generously over the last couple of years. It has earned Jeff Yastine considerable reputation in the market as well as a financial expert.

Jeff Yastine has made some memorable market predictions in the past as well that has helped him shot to limelight in the financial world, including the real-estate crisis in the late 2000s and the dot-com bubble. He continues to share his market predictions from time to time in the newsletter he is editor of by the name of Total Wealth Insider.